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Version 2.66

On Wednesday, July 23rd, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.66.


  • As already announced, we will open the Hero Worlds and the former Hero World features are now merged to all newly opened worlds:
    • If you have the "Master of the World" award for winning any world, you now can store 50 additional (max) favor on every world
    • The award "Heroic Tactician" has been removed completely
    • The research Stone Hail has been adjusted: catapults now can't damage special buildings anymore
    • All hero world related restrictions have been removed, it's now possible to invite players to hero worlds as long as the registration isn't closed. Any player can now join the existing hero worlds
  • Buying gold is now easier than before with the new EasyPay functionality. It allows you to save the payment related information and just re-use them for the next purchase without having to insert them again
  • All effects from the island quests and the ingame events have been added to the simulator so that it's now possible to simulate your fights more accurately (suggested by Gonetxa from Spain)
  • The movement speed of Atalanta has been increased to 40 so that she doesn't slow down attacking units anymore
  • New graphics for the Phoenician trader have been implemented
  • Removed the "2.0" marker on from the list of worlds


  • The wall of the last farming village on an island was reset on the next attack on the farming village
  • When losing the last city on an island, the remaining troops in the farming villages weren't reset correctly
  • Quest towns were clickable in siege info window and called "Ghost town"
  • There was an invalid player name in reports if a quest was attacking a city under siege
  • An exception was thrown if the player was still logged in when logging in with invitation link
  • In the purification report,the tooltip for the removed spell was missing
  • Moving the city overview wasn't possible if grabbing onto the right of the construction bar
  • Moving the map wasn't possible on a Surface
  • In the simulator the tooltips for the bonuses were created twice
  • The Phoenician Trader window was not part of the window queue
  • The payment module had race condition in rare cases which resulted in internal errors
  • Moving messages via drag & drop didn't work after deleting a message
  • The cancel invitation button was missing when inviting an alliance with a long name to merge alliances
  • Long customized command names could break the layout of the command overview
  • The silver amount was reset in cave overview when clicking the help button
  • The Daily login bonus window was shown with 2 pages when popping up during gameplay
  • Switching between strategic map and island view with the Esc hotkey didn't work correctly
  • The pop-up to assign a color to a player was sometimes opened twice
  • Cities weren't shown in spell reports anymore after the arrival of the attack
  • The buildings in the city view couldn't be opened on a Surface
  • The Layout of Invite Friends window was broken
  • The edit function for own attacks was missing in shared attack plans
  • The tutorial quests, in which you have to recruit units, weren't validated when not all units were in the town when the last unit got recruited
  • The badge indicating the amount of unread reports sometimes showed wrong values

Version 2.65

On Wednesday, July 9th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.64.


  • Buildings that can't be built yet are now shown in the town overview even though requirements are still missing (this change affects only the Harbor, Academy, Cave, and special buildings)
  • Adjusted the limit of open windows at the same time from 10 to 20. New windows like Heroes or events are however not affected by this limit. Setting 0 now allows you to open an infinite number of windows
  • Windows opened upon game load are now queued which means that the first window has to be closed to see the next one and so on
  • Added a new push notification when the last building upgrade in the queue is completed
  • Added a confirmation window when activating or extending one of the premium advisors
  • Improvements have been made to the tutorial:
    • The arrow is now displayed again and pointing at the quest icon after closing the first quest window without accepting it
    • Adjusted the quest that rewards the app users for trying the browser version, it does not trigger on mobile browsers anymore


  • Treasures of the underworld reports didn't show resources
  • Flag colors weren't consistent in map, reports and town info
  • Points of ghost towns weren't recalculated after decomposition of special buildings and wall
  • Messages couldn't be moved back to Inbox
  • Map colors window was showing a needless scroll bar
  • When having open several windows to cast spells simultaneously, the spell was sometimes cast on the wrong destination
  • Third person version of the award descriptions for profiles from different players didn't work anymore
  • Reset button in caves overview didn't work
  • Vacation wasn't calculated correctly
  • When 2 towns are under siege,the info window was not updating
  • Island quest window was not opening on click
  • In the simulator it was possible to choose attacking mythical units even if the text input box was not visible
  • Siege information window could be closed via "close all windows" button
  • Draggable element in new windows like Heroes events were too large
  • Premium confirmation window showed up even if disabled
  • Jason's loot bonus wasn't added on attack screen
  • Heracles defender lost resources weren't centered
  • Lower part of letters in circular menus were cut
  • Incorrect loss values were displayed in battle report
  • Pressing Enter when changing message list name was causing an internal error
  • It was possible to start Theater plays and City festival at the same time
  • In the troops outside overview, the sorting by supported player didn't work
  • Cave window was staying in the background but not yet for Internet Explorer
  • Heroes were stuck in traveling state after they were injured in a successful takeover
  • Heroes were stuck, because they were sent as support
  • Hero's help was triggered if another hero was assigned
  • There was a missing space character in the mood tooltip of the farming villages
  • A confirmation request was shown even if advisor can be activated for free
  • Button to activate the captain was missing in the island info window

Version 2.64


On Wednesday, June 25th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.64.


  • The Grepolis toolbar that could be hooked to the web browser is no longer supported and has been removed from the game
  • Improvements have been made to the tutorial:
    • The first quest of quest line "Tutorial quests" is now automatically accepted when closing the quest window
    • Added a new quest that rewards browser users for trying the app
    • Increased the amount of resources the first town has when starting the game to 250 wood, 250 stone and 250 silver coins
    • Reduced the construction times for the first levels of the senate and storage
    • More tutorial quests are now hinted by the yellow arrow pointing on the quest icon
    • Reduced the recruitment times of the first units of the barrack
    • The quest "Build faster" now requires to upgrade the senate to level 2 instead of 3
    • Removed the guidance for the quest "Expanding Your Influence"


  • Mood of the non conquered farm villages was recovering faster than conquered farm villages
  • When opening a player profile via alliance profile, long names were shortened in the title of the player profile window
  • In the trade overview, the list of trade activities were considering farming villages as normal towns and not as farm villages
  • There were some layout issues for the reports of expired island quests
  • Long player names were covering information in the alliance members list of the alliance profile
  • When assigning a color to a player, the tooltip for the button was missing
  • The fields of the farm weren't changed upon upgrade level in the town overview
  • When there was no free population, no windmill was shown in the town overview
  • Graphical elements were missing on the last upgrade level of the warehouse on hero worlds
  • New messages to a player, who has blocked you, weren't indicated as blocked although they weren't sent
  • After turning from negative to positive population, the population was still shown in red color
  • Advertising for the captain was missing in the loot window
  • The "Go to" function of island BBCode didn't lead to the island view
  • The building level shown in the tooltip of the town overview when mouseovering it was incorrect
  • Information about the resources that ones get when canceling a building order was missing in the tooltip
  • The militia was clickable in units menu on the right, although it has no travel time
  • The shared connection entries list in the settings was empty in some cases
  • Units selection in island quests sub-windows was shifting to a wrong position if the text is too long
  • City foundation state name was not consistent in movements and command overview
  • Confirmation request for spending was displayed even though disabled
  • Jump to current city was centering the island and not the city
  • Messages in the inbox were never deleted
  • There was a JavaScript error when closing sub-window to dispatch units to an island quest
  • Opening the notes, saving locations and buying new inventory slots was not possible when the city is under siege
  • The alliance window was too big
  • Too long alliance name was overlapping the curtain in the profile window
  • The orders list was not working
  • The save location window was empty

Version 2.63

On Wednesday, June 11th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.63.


  • Not yet built buildings weren't shown in construction mode while erecting them,
  • Storing the maximum amount of silver wasn't preselected in the cave,
  • Windows were sometimes opened without content,
  • Players sometimes received 2 or 3 reports for one purchase,
  • The radial menu was broken in the maximized forum,
  • The construction buttons in the town overview were staying greyed out although *Administrator was activated and 5 more building orders could be queued,
  • Heroes window got empty when switching tabs with coin exchange open,
  • Layout of coin exchange got broken when switching towns with coin exchange open,
  • Reports in which Heracles were involved didn't show the booty correctly,
  • The coin exchange didn't work when inserting a negative odd value.

Version 2.62

On Wednesday, May 28th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.62.


  • Adjusted the tutorial quest arrows and adapted the guidance to the new full screen town overview.


  • A wrong error message was show when trying to cast multiple negative spells on speed 3 worlds
  • There was no guidance for the quest asking players to assign a hero
  • The attack warning didn't disappear after cancelling an attack order from a city during occupation
  • Building orders were not completed correctly when keeping the confirmation window for time reduction or order cancellation open
  • "Level" in the "Train your hero!" window was not localized
  • It was possible to tear down the farm or reset the research plow if population is negative or would become negative
  • Siege information window wasn't disappearing when a siege is canceled
  • When not having the administrator active and trying to activate the "All" city group, an internal error was occurring
  • When having the thermal baths built, a corner of the academy was covered in the new town overview
  • There was a white pixel over the agora in the new town overview
  • It was possible to continue halving the building construction time when remaining time was 00h 00m 00s
  • The animation for the olympic games were misplaced on the new town overview

% character was missing in the error message when trying to trade with mood below 80%

  • It was possible to provoke an attack from an Island Quest while a city is under siege
  • The mini-map in the User Interface was not completely showing the ocean number
  • The confirmation pop-up for gold spending was showing wrong information when trying to use the build time reduction without having enough gold
  • The quest arrows were displayed under the notepad icon when pointing on the city view button
  • When you click the cancel icon from a building in the construction queue, a wrong error message was displayed when the cancellation was confirmed after the building order has been finished

Version 2.61

On May 15th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.61.


  • Added the possibility to attack Island Quests with the Divine Envoy;
  • Adjusted images for Odysseus;
  • Shortened several quest texts;
  • Improved the Alliance Finder:
    • Players now have an option to display their alliance in the alliance finder or not;
    • Alliance leadership can set a point threshold new players have to meet to apply for that alliance.
  • The amount of coins players own as well as a button to access the coin exchange screen are now shown on all screens where coins can be spent;
  • Unlocking a hero slot in the Hero Overview Screen now brings up a premium confirmation box;
  • Unit counts in the barracks now show the current unit count instead of total.


  • Fixed a bug where error popups would be incorrectly initialized;
  • Icons for ongoing revolts were wrong in the command overview;
  • Unit numbers were not correctly updated after attacking island quests;
  • The footer of the attack screen had some inconsistencies when using the "Select all units" checkbox;
  • Marketplace didn't update correctly after town-change in the create offer screen;
  • The resource selection bar in the market was not updated correctly after switching towns.

Version 2.60


On Wednesday, April 30th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.60.


  • Added the fullscreen city overview: the fullscreen city overview will replace the small window to provide a better overview and improved functions to manage your city. This way you can observe your city upgrades more easily.
  • The "Go to" function has been replaced by the "Select town" function in corresponding radial menus.


  • Returning transport ships of a besieged city simply vanished without generating a battle report stating the loss of these units.
  • Report filters disappeared when moving reports to custom folders.
  • The effect Lost Loyalty was not named properly in all places.
  • The alliance overview remained highlighted when another tab had been selected.
  • Players were not properly displayed as offline in the chat when they were not online.
  • Heroes had not been unassigned properly when their assigned city was under siege.
  • Pressing the Enter key while in an alliance forum survey had caused internal errors.
  • The conquer image on conquest attacks was missing.

Version 2.59


On Wednesday, April 16th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.59.


  • A few improvements have been made to the alliance finder for recruiters:
    • The dependency that alliances need to have their contact buttons enabled in order to appear in the alliance finder has been removed;
    • Instead of this, a new option that will handle whether an alliance appears in the alliance finder or not has been added to the alliance settings;
    • Also, a points requirement has been added: if a player doesn't have the required amount of points required by an alliance, the "apply" button will be greyed out for that player and for that alliance.
  • Improved the way in which exclusive heroes such as Andromeda are handled in the game:
    • Exclusive heroes are now listed in the council, but with chains above them in case you don't own them;
    • Exclusive heroes may never appear in the recruitment as long as they are considered as exclusive;
    • Players who own exclusive heroes, will have their maximum amount of slots increased for each owned exclusive heroes and each hero given out with the hero reward, will give a free additional slot;
    • Considering that Andromeda is an exclusive hero by definition, she now behaves like one in terms of extra slot gained: the start amount of slots per player is reduced by one, so new players will only have 1 free slot at the beginning. As Andromeda is exclusive, she will automatically come with her own slot, which means that the initial free slot will stay free.
  • Heracles now also grant favor when injured if battle was honorable and player won.


  • Switching towns wasn't updating all data in the UI;
  • In the troops overview, expanding several town info simultaneously didn't work correctly in Internet Explorer 9;
  • Sounds were played multiple times simultaneously when disabling and enabling them;
  • The background picture was not loading in the hall of fame;
  • The size of the heroes assignment progress bar didn't adjust to the length of the content;
  • When forwarding a message, the subject was missing;
  • There was a javascript error when closing alliance window;
  • The visual indicator of the farm population was not accurate after recruitment;
  • The rewards for completing 100% of the tutorial (Andromeda and production boost) were misplaced on the window;
  • In some cases, awards were not displayed in profile window.

Version 2.58


On Wednesday, April 2nd, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.58.


  • The Hero Banner has been removed on worlds without the Hero feature, as it is not planned right now to release heroes on old worlds.


  • The revolt icon on published reports was missing;
  • After being invited to an alliance, the confirmation message to accept the invitation was not disappearing properly;
  • In some cases it was possible to generate too many culture points at once;
  • It was not possible to spy on cities belonging to players who have been banned (attackable) but are currently on vacation mode.

Version 2.57

On Wednesday, March 19th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.57.


  • New: the Alliance Finder! Have you ever started on a new world willing to join an alliance, but have been unsure about your choice of alliance? The alliance finder will help make your choice easier by providing an overview of all nearby alliances, also displaying the most vital information. This feature is mainly designed for new players who want to get into an alliance more easily.
  • Support units can now be returned again to original city if this city is currently being conquered.


  • Fixed several Windows 8 app bugs:
    • The app was not always loading;
    • The publish report button was not working;
    • Alliance forum links were broken;
    • Recruiting units was not always possible.
  • Searching for a player in the "Sea Players" ranking returned results from the normal "Players" ranking;
  • Fixed some visual email issues;
  • Fixed an issue where militia was activated after the start of a siege;
  • Importing mythical units into the simulator from attack reports was not working;
  • Mythical units were not removed when player was changing god;
  • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to send resources if info window of a ghost town is minimized;
  • Looted favor was shown in the booty field of defense reports in Hero Worlds.

Version 2.56

On Wednesday, March 5th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.56.


  • Descriptive text for the award "Experienced Ruler" has been slightly changed;
  • Adjusted the tooltip text for the "town overview" button in the UI.


  • Changed inaccurate description of the "Weakened defense" effect;
  • Confusing text for meteorology and cartography was changed;
  • Problem with plural forms in effect descriptions resolved;
  • There was a JavaScript error after clicking on a report notification;
  • Hint for transport ships did not disappear after selecting transport ships in the attack/support window;
  • Cancel button in commands list of a town didn't disappear after 10 minutes;
  • In the commands overview, the icons filter were not working correctly in combination with drop down filter;
  • Published reports sometimes gave an error;
  • Trading was no longer possible with a global banned player;
  • Opening thread with published report in alliance forum was demaximizing the window;
  • Alliance limit could be exceeded;
  • Links for apps in the settings window weren't opened in new tabs.

Version 2.55


On Wednesday, February 19th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.55.


  • Player account is now also deleted from the world after town deletion if the town didn't reach at least 176 points withing 3 days
  • Current accounts without any towns due to the town deletion made over the last days will also get deleted
  • After a player got deleted and if the biggest town of an island has 1500 points, new players will not be settled on the island
  • Players who support another player's town with troops from multiple own towns, the support reports will be merged in case of an attack instead of one report per town
  • All game mails have been redesigned with a new graphic style.


  • Players under vacation mode and global banned couldn't be attacked;
  • The conqueror of a town was benefiting of the effect "Trojan defense";
  • The game was rewarding existing player invitation with gold although only newly created players should be rewarded;
  • After changing password on mobile device, the session login session on the startpage was not reset;
  • Displaying support troops in the outside tab of the agora was refreshing window's position;
  • The mythical units inserted in the simulator were removed when switching towns;
  • The research icon for Stone Hail was black in the academy;
  • The hints of the tutorial quest "Country Bumpkins" was not pointing on a farm village;
  • When conquering a town, it was possible to generate multiple "favor boosts" on towns;
  • Some island quests were not expiring after 24 hours without interaction;
  • It was possible to open multiple times the recruitment overview information by clicking multiple times the question mark button;
  • The report for the player who suffered from "Zeus rage" was misleading in case no units were killed;
  • In the simulator, it was possible to see the current god of a town by inserting mythical units of an old report.

Version 2.54

On Wednesday, February 5th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.54. This update includes some game feature changes and fixes several bugs.


  • [Tutorial] Quest window layout has been improved
  • [Tutorial] Building times have been adjusted
  • [Tutorial] Silver Mine and Temple have new building requirements (Timber Camp Level 1 and Quarry Level 1, respectively)
  • [Tutorial] Helping arrows are now displayed only once per quest
  • Friend invite descriptions have been adjusted to make it clear that gold is granted for newly registered players only


  • Sound for incoming attacks is now working properly
  • Extending powers via Mass Recruit is now possible and will show the correct tooltip
  • When demolishing the wall completely, the tooltip is now displaying the correct amount of population that will become available
  • The Island Quest The Tournament of the Chariots will no longer expire 24 hours after it has been accepted and units have been sent to the event
  • The welcome mail that will be received after having created an account on the InnoGames *Portal will now contain your correct password
  • Players should no longer experience a state of having an invalid email address after having it validated already
  • "Cheiron" should now read "Chiron" in English
  • Message and notebook content that could freeze the browser for a period of time has been removed
  • Once the Wisdom spell has been caste on an Illusioned Attack, the command should not be displayed anymore
  • It should no longer be possible to exceed the alliance limit
  • Fixed an issue where commands could no longer be canceled from cities other than its origin
  • The icon for the technology Stone Hail is now visible again.

Version 2.53

On Wednesday, January 22nd, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.53. This update includes some game feature changes and fixes several bugs.


  • Changed the way in which recruit and build time bonuses are applied to the game, in order to avoid unfair situations where players can instantly recruit units. They are now multiplied instead of added (formula: build_time * [1 * bonus_1 * bonus_2 * ... * bonus_n]);
  • Added a detailed population overview to the farm (Russian suggestion from Gizmo244)
  • Restricted mass-forward functionality to prevent spam. Players are now required to have at least 800 points before they are able to use this function;
  • The god is no longer automatically set by the system when founding/conquering a new town with mythical units;
  • Reduced traffic caused by sounds;


  • The support tool link was not working;
  • Some email validation inconsistencies have been fixed;
  • Some bugs related to alliance forums have been fixed:
    • It was possible to create threads even though no forum was created, in case another alliance offered you to share a forum;
    • After cancelling the editing of a forum post, the forum was jumping to the last page of the current thread;
    • When trying to enable "Check for new posts" option, an internal error was occurring;
    • When having shared a forum with many alliances, it was not possible to manage the shared alliances properly.
  • It was possible to use HTML in the personal invite text when inviting players to play Grepolis;
  • The recruiting overview was not updated correctly after switching towns;
  • The drag & drop function in the reports didn't work after deleting a report;
  • Town name was not changed after switching towns while renaming a town;
  • In some cases, windows opened in the game are empty after playing for some hours in row;
  • The entered values of selected units in the attack screen were not centered in the field;
  • There were some layout issues in the settings windows, notification tab;
  • The favor productions were not updated in the tooltip when mouseovering the god portrait after activating the High Priestess;
  • The game was sending a message that you could claim your gold reward for inviting an existing player to your world, although this type of invite is not rewarded;
  • The border and text of advisor tooltips were sometimes cut out;
  • The building completion time in tooltips didn't update after cutting the construction time;
  • The "Go to city" function was causing an internal error when using it from a city under conquest;
  • Spying multiple times without closing window caused the game to resend the same amount of silver even if manually changed;
  • The slider in the cave was not working smoothly;
  • The commands list was not updated after sending a town foundation;
  • In some rare cases, it was not possible to create attacks in the attack planner;
  • Sorting options by number of troops in troops outside overview didn't work;
  • "Add surviving troops" function to the simulator didn't work;
  • The peace time was not correctly applied if attacks are delayed by the anti-timing variable;
  • Deleted reports could still be accessed via town info window and cave;
  • The messages window was sometimes opening in the rankings window;
  • The default value for sending a spy was not displayed in the game as long as the value didn't get altered once;
  • Some texts were not translated in the world wonders tab of the alliance window;
  • The island quest "The Chariot Tournament" was expiring 24 hours after start even if some units were sent from time to time.

Version 2.52


On Thursday, January 16th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.52. This update includes a game feature change and fixes several bugs.


  • Changed the way how inactive accounts are handled: accounts that did not reach 176 (or more) points within 2 days will now be removed from the game in order to make room for new players. The town of these accounts will be instantly removed from the map and the slot will be available again for new players.


  • Some data didn't update correctly when switching between towns very fast;
  • Vacation mode couldn't be stopped when last world account was deleted;
  • The text of the tooltip for recruit time reduction was wrong;
  • The font size of town name was not always adjusted in the header;
  • The culture overview was not considering Tyche's Celebration of Joy correctly.

Version 2.51


On Wednesday, December 11th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.51. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Deactivated parallel login into mobile and browser: it is no longer be possible to be logged on mobile and browser at the same time ;
    • Community requests:
    • Exact time for the end of a siege is now displayed in a tooltip
    • Alliances can now invite other alliances to merge together.


  • Some data were not updated correctly when switching towns;
  • The delivery time displayed in Own offers tab of the Market was wrong;
  • Mythical units were not deleted when deselecting god in the simulator;
  • Writing text in "Info about world wonder" window was moving the map;
  • The militia could be regenerated after less than 3 hours in some cases;
  • Not all Grepolympia awards were shown in the Awards tab of the Profile window;
  • Silver coins value were not fitting into the button of the spy Screen;
  • In the trade overview, the towns were not ordered correctly by default and by name with numbers;
  • The first city of the list was always selected when switching cities in trade overview;
  • There was a JavaScript error after opening report notifications;
  • Revolt was shown as a white number in troops movement icon;
  • In the caves overview, island production bonuses weren't shown;
  • The city groups could not be used in the attack planner;
  • New commands did not update automatically in the commands overview;
  • Windows were opened at the wrong position on small screens;
  • Notifications were covering the spell menu;
  • The cursor was jumping to the end of the word when editing the town name;
  • In the inventory, option names were cut off at the bottom;
  • There was a layout issue in the demolition screen with the reduce construction costs button;
  • Sounds did not play after turning them on in the UI;
  • There was a wrong icon used for troops outside in the overview list;
  • It was no longer possible to rename incoming commands in the commands overview;
  • Own attacks on own towns were called "Returnee" in the commands list;
  • In the city overview, some construction buttons were active even if it was not possible to upgrade any building;
  • The font size of town names was not always adjusted;
  • Incorrect data field numbering when sending resources to another player;
  • "Victim" award was no longer given to players;
  • Switching towns didn't always update the data in the UI;
  • "Show awards from other worlds" was showing awards from other players;
  • When withdrawing or sending back units, the player and town names were not clickable;
  • The notification "Info about World Wonders" was showing the wrong date;
  • The player search option for moral was not available anymore in the simulator;
  • Some translations were missing;
  • In some cases more than 300 battle points were required for next victory procession;
  • In the troop movement, city under siege: support arrival was not updated;
  • Calculate moral with search player tool was not showing whole numbers.

Version 2.50


On Wednesday, November 27th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.50. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Players now should only receive one "construction queue" email until they login again once their construction queue is empty;
  • Building notifications are now disabled by default.


  • No email was sent when receiving a new in-game message;
  • The amount of free population was not calculated correctly;
  • In some cases the quick bar was not displayed properly after it had been edited;
  • Attack and support commands were not clickable in the commands overview;
  • The duration of the spell "Call of the Ocean" was not properly displayed;
  • Deselecting a group didn't perform any action.

Version 2.49


On Wednesday, November 6th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.49. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Navigation via browser back/forward function has been removed.


  • A lot of bugs for the New User Interface have been fixed:
    • The dropdown menu for premium list was disappearing when slowly mouseovered;
    • Clickable items in the box below the quick bar were difficult to click;
    • First city of the list was selected when switching cities in trade overview.
  • Incorrect alliance forum message counter for kicked players has been fixed;
  • The sorting by free population function did not work correctly in the premium recruitment overview;
  • Island Quests were not accessible when using Internet Explorer;
  • The position of culture points was wrong in the premium culture overview;
  • Sometimes a scroll bar appeared in the "Spells" window;
  • It was not possible to send support to own towns that would arrive after the start of the vacation mode.

App Bug Fixes:

  • The CAPTCHA message was not completely displayed.

Version 2.48


On Wednesday October 23rd, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.48. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • New User Interface: after several months of work together with the community and several weeks of test, polishing and improvements thanks to the feedback of many players, the new user interface is ready to be released! For record, here are its main characteristics:
    • Optimized interface for our minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 px;
    • Reorganized elements in a more logical and intuitive manner;
    • Improved integration of the latest features, i.e. inventory, heroes, quests;
    • Visually improved design of the interface.
  • Removed the 7 days login bonus (players who acquired a population boost through that feature will still have it until the town gets taken);
  • The challenging factor of the island quests has been reduced.


  • Sometimes, the text displayed in the command overview was wrong when town foundations or sieges were sent;
  • In some rare cases, players were not able to organize as many triumphs as they should;

Some players were not able to use the menu bar;

  • The remaining duration of spells and effects was not decreasing correctly over the time.

Windows 8 App:

  • The email address was not automatically validated after registering.

Version 2.47


On Wednesday October 9th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.47. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Added a "Mark as read" button for messages and reports. The button will mark all selected unread messages/reports as read.
  • A lot of code has been cleaned up in order to improve performance and enlarge our possibilities in the future;


  • The button "Move threads" had a wrong text ("0");
  • When a forum was shared and hidden, the icons were misplaced;
  • Some awards were not pushed correctly to the game;
  • System message for sending request in reservation tool didn't consider the number of requests when there was only one;
  • Filters for reports didn't work in own folders;
  • There were some positioning of the windows when switching tabs;
  • In some special cases, some players were missing in the hall of fame;
  • In the reports, the button opening the simulator was not working;
  • In the alliance window, world wonders tab, there was a progress bar displayed even if the world wonder was already level 10;
  • Some files were missing on the servers;
  • There was no delete button displayed for system messages;
  • The favor tooltip was not updated;
  • There was an inconsistent behaviour of the fields when editing the alliance authorizations;
  • It was possible to cast any effect you like without being allowed;
  • In some cases, players couldn't stop their vacation mode;
  • The reserve town button was not displayed in the town info window;
  • Resource and favor production spells were not calculated correctly;
  • The scroll bar was missing when editing the alliance profile;
  • Start dates of the worlds were wrong;
  • The support screen had a scroll bar in some cases where it was not needed;
  • You were not able to buy vacation days when you're account was on vacation mode;
  • The unread messages/reports counter was not updated correctly;
  • The reports filter was not working with endless scrolling;
  • The reports filter was disappearing after deleting reports.

Version 2.46


On Wednesday September 25th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.46. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Zeus has been replaced with his new visual representation;
  • Island Quest are now displayed in the Town list only if they are not accepted yet;
  • Ongoing sieges are now distinguishable from take-over attacks in the Command overview;
  • The Island Quests have been improved (challenges, calculations, current quests):
    • The challenge factor is now multiplied by a factor that depends on the game stage;
    • The needed points for each challenge factor have been rebalanced;
    • Some quests have been rebalanced: some have new parameters and challenges.


  • A small border surrounding the resource icons was missing in the market, create offer tab;
  • The militia was automatically regenerated after ending of Trojan defense effect;
  • The illustration used for the spies was not the same everywhere in the game;
  • Some effects were not shown in published reports;
  • Some spells were shown multiple times in published reports;
  • The Quest window had a wrong size;
  • Some parts of the user interface were missing under Internet Explorer 9;
  • In the Senate, the button to upgrade the warehouse was active even if not enough resources were available.

Version 2.45


On Wednesday September 11th, Grepolis was updated to version 2.45. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Farm villages are now lost when the player get his last town conquered on an island;
  • The default order for sorting towns in the recruitment overview has been changed from descending to ascending;
  • Community requests:
    • Added filter options for reports (Italian suggestion from eman1991);
    • Added the name of the town being attacked in incoming attack notification (German suggestion from KrachBummEnte).


It was not possible to cast more than two units production effects on the same town after refresh.

  • The effect icon for units production in the recruitment overview was not correct;
  • The progress bar displaying the maximum amount of resources per day when demanding or looting more resources than the maximum amount of resources per day is not working correctly;
  • In some rare cases, the tutorial was asking players to loot a farm town even if the player didn't have any farm towns;
  • The text of the tooltip over the gold button in the demolition queue was wrong;
  • There was a response error when switching between towns very fast;
  • The units withdrawn were appearing again in the troops outside overview when changing towns order;
  • A space was missing between "Silver coins" and the values "(x/y)";
  • Looted favour was not shown in the booty in command overview and command info;
  • There were some synchronisation issues with the Heroic Tactician award;
  • The description of the notification "Jinxed" was cut off;
  • Two different pictures were used to represent spies in the game;
  • Founding city reports showed wrong duration when playing on a world with foundation time other than 24h;
  • Effect icons were duplicated in the city list when scrolling;
  • City overview was coming to the foreground when switching towns;
  • Button to summon Phoenician trader was too big with long town names;
  • The progress bar of the world wonders screen was broken;
  • The quest helper for farm villages trade was misplaces;
  • The trigger for the "A sinister hideout" quest was wrong;
  • Gold was needed to complete the Resource supplies;
  • In the trade overview, the order of trade movements was not correct and the order was changing after arrival of each order;
  • In the trade overview, the order of towns was not correct when sorting by names;
  • In the trade overview, the trade capacity was not shown;
  • It was not possible to jump to pages in the ocean alliances ranking;
  • In the quest to confirm email address, one step was missing;
  • A few localisation bugs have been fixed:
    • The description for "Olympic sword" was confusing;
    • Text in the help window for the recruiting overview was displayed partially and a comma was missing;
    • There was a spelling mistake in rewarded effect for skipping the tutorial (relevant for Germany only);
    • There was a spelling mistake in premium window, advantages tab (relevant for Germany only);
    • Some effects rewarded from the island quest have a wrong description;
    • The window "Settings" was triggered by the button "Options" in the menu bar which is not consistent.
  • The close button in the takeover window had no function;
  • The delete all notifications tooltip was not fully displayed;
  • It was not possible to delete notifications with the "x" button;
  • Changing thread properties was leading to endless loading;
  • (De)selecting the option "check for new posts" in the alliance forum was leading to endless loading.

Version 2.44


On Tuesday August 20th, Grepolis was updated to version 2.44. This update included a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • The top bar on the startpages have been exchanged with the portal bar;
  • The Facebook like button is now available in the login box on startpages;
  • Community request: the travel and arrival time are now displayed when returning units partially in the new supporting units town info window.


  • A few Grepolympia bugs have been fixed:
    • The format of the effect duration for rewards was wrong;
    • The title and the description of the Athletic Hoplite Racer award was wrong;
    • Grepolympia was not accessible and not working properly on Internet Explorer.
  • There were some synchronization issues with awards;
  • While on the demolition tab, the senate was going back to the upgrade tab when activating the curator;
  • Players were not correctly registered to the game when joining the game via invite feature;
  • In some cases, the farm village was over someone's town on the map;
  • Login via Facebook was not available;
  • An attack from Island Quest could validate two open Island Quests at once;
  • The algorithm picking random islands for Island Quests was not working correctly;
  • There was a typo for demanding units in the farm villages;
  • There was a typo in the Chariot Reinforcement reward for Island Quests;
  • The error message displayed when a player tries to activate the same effect twice was wrong;
  • In some cases the Island Quests window was not completely displayed;
  • The farm village icon on the map was getting smaller when expanded instead of getting bigger;
  • Failed town foundation was leading to wrong image in the command info screen, and details about units were missing;
  • Closed worlds were still displayed in the worlds list;
  • The option "Visible to everyone" for awards was not working;
  • The state of the tutorial quests was not always correctly updated;
  • The ocean ranking was not correct from time to time;
  • The recruit time for units was turning negative after using gold;
  • Alliances were sometimes missing in the alliance ranking;
  • It was not possible to close the map via ESC after using the jump to coordinates function;
  • The description of the effect "Accelerated recruitment" was wrong;
  • The alliance tabs were not working properly;
  • Some data were not updated correctly after switching towns really fast;
  • The improved favor and resource production were not calculated correctly.

Version 2.43


On Tuesday July 30th, Grepolis was updated to version 2.43. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs.

Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • Changed the description of two effects you get in the island quests (recruit time and build time boosts);
  • Community request: there is now an option to recall support from selected city in the town info window.


  • Bot users were sometimes banned twice in a row for the same bot usage;
  • Maximum amount of resources per day for the farm villages were not reset;
  • It was possible to erect a building in demolish window;
  • The Quest "Troop transporter" was not validating;
  • Heightened Senses was not shown in all cities;
  • Values were not fitting into the button in the spy window;
  • Fixed issue where awards for one player are shown in another's profile;
  • Fixed double global awards;
  • Fixed massive amount of requests after unit order finished and quest satisfied;
  • Fixed issues with invited players.

Version 2.42


On Tuesday July 9th, Grepolis was updated to version 2.42. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs.

Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • When sending an attack for an island quest, the report title now shows Quest town instead of Ghost town;
  • When losing against an island quest attack the units only plunder resources now (it was plundering resources plus halving the storage before);
  • It is no longer required to write a comment when sending feedback answers in the game;
  • Added a new category of awards, Global Awards, displayed apart from World Awards. This category will be used for the Heroic Tactician award as well as new upcoming awards.


  • In the conquest window, the five-digit numbers were not correctly displayed;
  • Some popups were sometimes broken in the island quests;
  • It was necessary to relogin in order to get island quests;
  • In the recruitment overview, NaN building times and "No gold, no harbor" message was displayed even if the requirements were met;
  • The performance of the game was reduced after sending many spies;
  • The go to page button disappeared from the alliance forums;
  • Town owner of ghost town were linked in reservation report;
  • There was a map error stopping island quest creation on the islands;
  • In some reports, the town owner name was missing;
  • Wrong effect icons were sometimes displayed in the god overview;
  • It was possible to cast spell on attacks from island quests;
  • Spells and effects were sometimes not displayed anymore in the city list;
  • The tooltips for effects were incorrect in the city list;
  • Scrolling in the city list was not working properly;
  • A wrong tooltip text was displayed in the menu when all sounds were disabled;
  • In the command overview, only three-digit numbers could be displayed;
  • The wrong message was displayed when trying to send a message to leader/founder for alliances with only one players;
  • There was no quest hints for the "Recruiting" quest;
  • The new spoiler BBCode was not supporting published reports;
  • The new spoiler BBCode was not supporting tables;
  • In some cases, multiple radial menu were open and it was not possible to get rid of them;
  • The island quest icons was showing the "Tasks finished" text;
  • The certificate for finishing the 4/7 world wonders was not sent out;
  • There was a line break in the award notification "Heroic death";
  • It was not possible to change pages in the city list when a group was selected;
  • It was not always possible to open the farm when the barracks or harbor were open;
  • The attack window was getting oversized in some cases.

Version 2.41


On Tuesday June 18th, Grepolis will update to version 2.41. This update includes a few game feature changes and fixes several bugs.

Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • The wall levels of the eighth farm village are now removed once the village has been conquered;
  • A few changes have been made to the Island Quests :
    • The spawn timers of the quests have been modified from 2, 3, 4 hours to 2, 4, 8 hours;
    • The attack and defense boost rewards have been adjusted from 30% to 10% (attack) and from 30% to 5% (defense);
    • The brothel has been replaced with a tavern in the corresponding quest;
  • The spawn probability of storyline quests have been slightly adjusted to the spawn timers.
  • Community request: added a spoiler bbcode for messages and alliance forums.


  • Fixed some JS errors: 'Object' is undefined;
  • It was not possible to move an alliance forum to the lowest position;
  • Fixed several award synchronization issues;
  • Fixed an issue where the cancel button was covered by the units list in the command overview;
  • Option for resetting researches was disappearing upon research time reduction;
  • Queue did not get updated automatically in the barracks;
  • Sometimes the effects on a city were not displayed;
  • Fixed a bug where an error message,"island quest expired", was appearing during rotating;
  • The icon of the survey type was sometimes wrong;
  • There was an error upon validating e-mail;
  • Chose location check field was slightly misplaced when starting or restarting the game;
  • The wrong icon was shown when hovering over mythical units in temple;
  • The wrong world wonders were displayed in the hall of fame sometimes;
  • The farming village overview was not considering forced loyalty;
  • Improved favor production was not properly shown in premium overview on all towns;
  • There was a graphical issue in the survey window;
  • Island quest icon was missing and leading to an empty window during takeover;
  • Fixed inconsistency between tooltips if quest requirements fulfilled;
  • Attack Planner did not update when units were removed;
  • Fixed deadlocks during nightly cron;
  • Directional arrow was not updating correctly when changing towns;
  • Fixed an error in the distribution of the award "Great Power of the Day";
  • Filter for attacks in command overview did not work;
  • The menu was unresponsive on iPad;
  • There were duplicated lines in the player invite window;
  • A space was missing between renamed command and the cancel button;
  • The performances of the game were reduced a lot after sending many spies to the same town;
  • The Phoenician merchant was not visiting all towns owned;
  • Fixed some layout issues in the simulator;
  • Fixed a case where towns should have been conquered, but weren't;
  • Fixed a wrong calculation of resources during happenings;
  • Fixed wrong information in reports when withdrawing units;
  • A German survey was sent out to all players instead of the German market only;
  • You could get negative research points by demolishing academy.

Version 2.40


On Tuesday May 28th, Grepolis was updated to version 2.40. This update brought us several bug fixes and a few minor feature changes. You can find a discussion thread for the update here for .EN and here for .US.

Below is a full list of changes included in 2.40.

New Features/Changes:

  • To make sure that updates of game state will reach the players browser correctly, only one tab per game account is allowed. If a second tabs gets opened the first one will be logged out.
    • This only applies for one world. I.e. You could be logged into Alpha and Beta in two different tabs, but not Alpha in two different tabs.
  • The beginners protection is showed as a power under the town name.
    • You can now see a BP icon under your city name, just like you do when spells have been cast on your city.
  • Players can now send mass-mails only after reaching more than 800 points in order to prevent server spam.
  • Community request: ability to rename commands.


  • When a player gets a new town, spells like favor boost or acumen were not applied to the new town.
  • Command overview was showing commands that are not from current town group.
  • Corrected some layout issues in the global settings of the landing page.
  • The tabs in buildings were reset after switching towns.
  • Alliance Conquests and Pact Events were in German.
  • When using the mass recruit if current town didn't have a harbor, there was an error
  • There was a bug with plural and singular form of the chariot reward in island quests.
  • Special building data were wrong in the building overview.
  • Cancelling building demolition was sending wrong response message.
  • Trojan defense applied to militia twice, it is now decreased correctly again after spell ends.
  • The inventory was not reset after player restart.
  • The In-Game announcements were not sorted correctly.
  • Attack boost was not working on all units.
  • Forced Loyalty was setting the mood to 100 before.
  • When sending multiple colonization commands to found towns on multiple spots with only one free culture level left, the last command was starting the process instead of the first one.
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