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Worlds in Grepolis is another word for a game server. Each world contain the same fundamentals of Grepolis except for minor changes to settings. A player can join multiple worlds with the same account, but can not play the same world with two accounts.

There are many worlds with many settings at the moment. Below is a list of them, with their respective settings and additional information. If you are unsure of the settings or what they mean, click here.

We have the worlds listed here for both the International (.EN) and the American (.US) servers. Use the contents below to help find the world that you are looking for more easily.

International Server (.EN) Worlds

Warrior Worlds

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Hero Worlds

Elysian Fields

Speed Worlds

American Server (.US) Worlds

Warrior Worlds

1st genenaration

2nd generation

Elysian Fields

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