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Pandoras Box logo.png


It is known by all Greeks that in ancient times, Pandora’s Box was opened, releasing all evils into the world...
One day, as dawn breaks, an ominous box lies in front of the temple. Next to it, the High Priestess kneels, in tears: "Mighty gods, hear me! Help us to get rid of this foul artifact, and do not let the evils that lie within torment our citizens." As she ends her prayer, the box opens and dark spirits escape.

Pandoras Box Story.jpg

Only one of great power can open Pandora's Box... Who was it? It doesn’t matter now, you must capture whatever came out of Pandora's Box and close it again!

Pandora's Box

The event starts with a mysterious box opening and setting free all evils to the world. In order to close the box, 7 evil spirits have to be captured that escaped out of it. The spirits can be snatched by troops sent on different missions.

Pandoras Box 2018.png

By actively participating in the event, many great benefits can be achieved. Every closed box grants a powerful reward effect. The top 50 players in the overall ranking additionally receive very special rewards.


Missions 2018.png

Missions can be started in the mission tab. There are three different types of missions: attacking, escorting and scouting missions. These missions take different amounts of time and have different base chances of success. Each mission requires different units for optimal success. Mission descriptions offer hints on which units to send. Unit selection and -ratio are very important because they determine the Unit Bonus, which adds to the overall success rate. Each mission has a fixed set of units required, so once good combination was found, it's worth sticking to it. Either of the two available missions can be exchanged for another, random mission using premium.

Only one mission can be active at a time. It is not possible to cancel running missions, but the mission duration may be halved for gold with the costs increasing each time this function is used. The ritual to halve the mission time can be performed for free every 8 hours.

Pandora Halve.png

Units sent to capture spirits are all defeated by the evil forces, but if the mission is successful, the priests will make the sacrifice worthwhile by capturing the spirits and returning them to the box.

How to get event units

Although you already start your path of conquest with a handful of loyal volunteers, you shouldn't rely on such a small force. The following activities in the game will demonstrate your power and prompt a random group of warriors to join your army:

  • Attacking and defending
  • Recruiting units
  • Research
  • Construction of buildings
  • Casting of spells

If a group of volunteers joins your ranks you will receive 20, 25, 35, 45 or 60 random event units, (Swordsmen, Archers, Slingers, Riders, Hoplites, Chariots). Keep in mind that you can find a maximum of 10 groups of volunteers per day. You may also buy volunteers for gold. The gold price for one type of unit increases by its base price every time you make a purchase. The price will reset at midnight every day.

Sending units

Each mission has a set unit capacity that cannot be exceeded. This unit capacity is affected by game progression and box progress. The harder missions become, the higher the capacity will be in the end.

Sending units 2018.png

In this scenario, units with a total of 20 population can be sent. Reminder: Some units have higher population values than others and will deplete the available capacity faster.

Every mission has a base chance. This value cannot be increased or decreased but it varies from mission to mission. While figuring out the best unit combination, it can pay off to pick a mission with a higher base chance for better success.

The unit chance is increased by choosing the best fitting units for this mission. Hints in the mission description help determine them.

Missions window 2018.png

In the example above, the maximum unit chance could rise up to 30%, but only 20% were reached due to the units selected. Thus, the total chance of capturing a spirit in this scenario is 62% out of 72% possible. In this case the likelihood of a mission success could be increased greatly by selecting different units.

Formula: Base chance + Unit chance = Total chance

After a mission is completed, a mission report is created, showing success or defeat for the endeavor of capturing a spirit. Additionally the honor points are displayed. Honor points are important to determine the winners.

Closing the Box

Once all 7 spirits are captured, the missions tab is blocked. Now is the time to close the box and get rewarded!

Pandora top 2018.png

After a cooldown period of 5 hours, the box reopens and the evil spirits have to be captured once more.

Pandora Cooldown.png

Every time the box is sealed again, the dark spirits grow angrier and stronger. Stronger and more units will be required to defeat the foes and close more boxes.

Event Rewards

Sending units on missions to capture Spirits and close Pandora's Box is rewarding in multiple ways. Each closed box brings valuable rewards. Additionally, the leaders of the ranking can look forward to alternating rewards. Finally, there are several awards to achieve in this event.

Box Rewards

Every time one of Pandora's Boxes is closed, a new valuable reward is unlocked, with boxes 10, 20, 30 and 40 containing special items that are only available through this event:

Box Reward Name Reward Image
10 Pandora's Wisdom Effects pandora 2017 res.png
20 Pandora's Guidance Effects pandora 2017 recruit.png
30 Pandora's Blessing Effects pandora 2017 favor.png
40 Pandora's Revenge Effects pandora 2017 bps.png

The full list of rewards for closing up until the 40th box can be reviewed by clicking "more rewards" at the bottom of the event screen. Any previously earned box rewards that have not yet been collected can also be retrieved from this list. Exclamation marks indicate new rewards, checkmarks show that rewards have already been collected and the hourglass marks the current open box.

Upcoming rewards 2018.png

Exclamation mark: new reward
Checkmark: reward was collected
Hourglass: Box in progress

For each subsequent box after the 40th closed, more rewards can be collected. They are chosen at random from a pool of additional rewards.


When completing missions, Honor Points are gained. These honor points vary by how successfully a mission was completed - the better the chances, the more honor points can be obtained.

The top 3 players who manage to obtain the most honor points ascend to the Hall of Heroes and are rewarded with one of the rewards for their position in the ranking.

Hall of heroes 2018.png

Additionally, the awards Pandora's Champion, Pandora's Hero and Pandora's Servant can only be unlocked by scoring in the top 3 of the ranking.


Those sending their troops on adventurous missions are rewarded for their courage with several awards that can be obtained over the course of the event.

Closing the Box

The following awards become available when closing a certain amount of boxes.

Closing the Box
Closed Pandora's Box.
10 times 20 times 30 times 40 times
Closing the box lvl1.png
Closing the box lvl2.png
Closing the box lvl3.png
Closing the box lvl4.png


The following awards can be obtained by capturing spirits while on different mission types.

Spirit Hunter
Captured spirits from Pandora's Box with attacking missions.

5 spirits 25 spirits 50 spirits 100 spirits
Attack lvl1.png
Attack lvl2.png
Attack lvl3.png
Attack lvl4.png
Spirit Trapper
Captured spirits from Pandora's Box with escorting missions.
5 spirits 25 spirits 50 spirits 100 spirits
Escort lvl1.png
Escort lvl2.png
Escort lvl3.png
Escort lvl4.png
Spirit Finder
Captured spirits from Pandora's Box with scouting missions.
5 spirits 25 spirits 50 spirits 100 spirits
Scout lvl1.png
Scout lvl2.png
Scout lvl3.png
Scout lvl4.png

Ranking Awards

By scoring in the top 3 of the ranking, the following awards can be achieved.

Pandora's Champion
Finished 1st in the Pandora's Box ranking.
Pandora 2018 lvl1.png
Pandora's Hero
Finished 2nd in the Pandora's Box ranking.
Pandora 2018 lvl2.png
Pandora's Servant
Finished 3rd in the Pandora's Box ranking.
Pandora 2018 lvl3.png