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Swordsman Costs
WoodWood 95
RockRock 0
SilverSilver 85
FavorFavor 0
PopulationPopulation 1
Unit Info
Weapon TypeWeapon Type Blunt
Attack DamageAttack Damage 5
Defense against bluntDefense against Blunt 14
Defense against sharpDefense against Sharp 8
Defense against distanceDefense against Distance 30
CarriesCarries 16
SpeedSpeed 8


  • None, they are available from the start of the game


The Swordsman is a very cheap defensive unit with a low movement speed due to it's heavy armor. Its strength is defending against ranged unit, which is useful when fighting the next available unit to most players - the Slinger. It's weakness is attacking, as it has the lowest attack of all the units (aside from the Colony Ship). While farming with Swordsmen is possible, it is the weakest of the ground units for that purpose.

Each ruler begins the game with six Swordsmen to assure the defense of their city.