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Transport Boat

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Transport Boats are the main way of carrying troops from one Polis to another, whether this be for attacking purposes or support purposes. They are one of only two types of ship which can carry land units, with the other being Fast Transport Ships.

In a battle they are unable to damage ships or land units, which means you need to send either troops or other naval ships alongside them if you want to attack or defend. Their only purpose is to carry land units.

Also, if you launch an attack on a Polis with only Transport Boats and land units, there is a high chance of all your units dying if the defender has defensive ships. This is because Transport Boats are unable to damage ships or land units, and because land units cannot attack ships. In addition, if you send unguarded Transport Boats and if they are destroyed in a naval battle, then all the troops that they are carrying will also die with them.

The difference between Transport Boats and Fast Transport Ships is that Fast Transport Ships travel at a higher speed. However Transport Boats can hold more land units in each ship.