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Game Rules

You can find the Games Rules on the Grepolis website. If these rules are broken, sanctions may occur.

§1) One Account per player

Each player may have one account per world. Each account may have only one owner and may not be logged into or played by any other person. A player may give his account to another player if he is leaving the game. Both parties must submit tickets to Support stating their intentions before the transfer occurs or they will be banned. Player A will give his account password to Player B. Player B (the new owner) will set his account to delete and then log in to his new account and immediately change the email address and password of the account. Player B must not thereafter log into his old account. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a ban. It is not permitted for a player to advertise that he is giving his account away. If a player has gifted his account away and wishes to return to the game on a new account within 30 days he must contact support before taking the new account, failure to do so will result in a ban. Accounts may no longer be gifted to players that are either globally banned or players who have received a permanent ban on a world the gifted account plays on.


  • It is allowed for two players to use the same Computer, provided each player only controls the actions of his/her assigned account. Every player sharing a computer must abide by rule §2.
  • It is forbidden to play for another player, if he is temporarily gone
  • It is forbidden to log into the accounts of other players. The attempt alone is forbidden.

§2) Declaring a shared connection

Players sharing an internet connection and operating accounts on the same world must declare the shared connection. This is done on the Settings page of the game. Players sharing an internet connection are not permitted to support each other or to send or trade resources or to cast Divine Powers on each other. Players sharing an internet connection are not permitted to engage in a joint interaction with an unconnected player within a 48 hour period. This includes attacking, supporting or sending or trading resources, or casting Divine Powers. Each player at an internet connection has to enter all of the accounts known to him.


  • Players who use the same internet connection may not attack the same player. This is only allowed if the attack from Player A is 48 hours before the attack of Player B.
  • If Player A and Player B want to send resources to player C, they will also have to wait 48 hours between their resource shipments.
  • Players sharing a connection may attack the same alliance.

§3) Communication

Insults against other players are not allowed. Using profanity in a profile or a private message is not allowed. User names, city names and alliance names that are profane or otherwise considered inappropriate are not allowed. Politically extreme, pornographic or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate material is prohibited in the game, as well as links to such material. Advertisements or links to other web based games, referral systems or money making schemes is forbidden. This concerns every area of the game where players can post their own text or graphics. The use of profanity or threats of violence when communicating with Support staff will not be tolerated. Players who do so may be faced with a Support ban and/or expulsion from the game.


  • It is allowed to call a player a novice(noob).
  • It is allowed to blackmail another player for resources.
  • It is not allowed to blackmail a player for Premium.
  • It is forbidden to call your alliance offensive or inappropriate names (KKK or NSDAP).
  • Glorifying terrorist acts is also not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to post pornographic links.
  • It is forbidden to insult players in the ingame chat and mail system.
  • It is forbidden to post chain letters or spam mail.
  • Posting advertisement links and referrer-links are forbidden.
  • Player profiles must be completely in English. Other languages are forbidden.

§4) Account Sales

It is forbidden for accounts to be involved in any commercial activity. An account cannot be offered for sale. Offering gold coins to other players in exchange for in-game activities such as attacking other players is prohibited.


  • It is forbidden to buy or sell resources( for example on E-bay)
  • It is forbidden to sell your account, or to sell playing rights to your account.
  • It is forbidden to advertise gold or resources for sale on your profile.
  • It is forbidden to complete or accept game services for gold.
  • It is forbidden to ask a third party to conquer your enemies in exchange for gold.

§5) Bugs

It is against the rules to use game bugs to advance in the game. This is punishable by ban. If you find a critical bug it is your duty as a player to report it.

§6) Bots, Scripts or Macros

The use of illegal scripts is strictly forbidden. An approved list of scripts may be found in Grepolis Forum: List of Approved Scripts.


  • It is forbidden to use programs that click for you automatically, or reduce the amount of clicks you have to make.

§7) Language

This Grepolis server is the International server. Player or alliance profiles must be written in English or have an English translation of any texts. Private communications, including alliance forums, are allowed to be in any language. It is forbidden to refuse to allow a player entry to an alliance based on his/her nationality.

§8) Account deletion & other

All inactive world accounts will be deleted after 2 weeks. This will not occur if Premium is active. The Master account however is never deleted and will stay active in case the player wishes to continue his/her adventure. The purchase of gold coins provides ingame benefits and does not entitle the player to violate any of the Grepolis Rules. There will be no refund of premium if an account is banned for any reason. These rules can be changed or adapted at any time. A change in the rules will be announced in the forum and on the home page of Grepolis.


  • You do not have a right to recuperate your gold, if an account is banned on a world.
  • The Rules may be changed at any time. Any changes will be displayed on the forum or the Grepolis login page.

§9) Fair-play

It is expected that each and every player acts respectful towards other players, and the Innogames staff. This means following the rules and creating a fun and fair environment for players. The administrators of Grepolis.en are the final arbiters of any rules dispute. Their interpretation of these rules is final. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. All players have the right to appeal via the Support System.


  • Mistreating the support team or abusing the support tool can also result in an account ban.
  • These rules can be altered or adapted to different cases, at the discretion of the CMs and Co-CMs.

Forum Rules



  • English only. Please limit other languages to well known quotes or provide a correct translation.
  • Anything deemed politically extreme, pornographic, illegal, or unsavory in any way is prohibited.
  • Racist or ethnic bashing comments are forbidden even if used in jest.
  • Comments that play down the use of illegal drugs or promote the use of said substances are strictly forbidden.
  • No use of profanity will be permitted (including masked profanity). If it's something a moderator feels is inappropriate, it will be edited.


  • Treat each other with respect and remain polite. You are able to use tactics to prove your in-game opponents in the world forums (See P&P)
  • Personal insults are not allowed anywhere in this forum, including reputation and private messages.
  • Users are not allowed to impersonate moderators.
  • Spam and off topic comments will be deleted. This includes comments such as “In before Lock” and one word posts. If you wish to let the poster know you approve or disapprove of their post, please use the reputation system.
  • Do not attempt to provoke the moderators.
  • Players who deliberately act against the building of the community will be denied access to these forums.
  • Do not use copyrighted materials of any kind in your posts.
  • It is not allowed to rebuke another user concerning his grammar/spelling. If the grammar/spelling of a user is that bad, report the post.
  • Do not include lots of unnecessary quotations.
  • Each Grepolis player may only use one account for Forum use, regardless of the number of accounts he or she has ingame.


  • Maximum size images you are allowed to post are 640 by 640 pixels in dimension.
  • No animated images are allowed.


  • Please ensure you are creating topics in the right forum.
  • Avoid repetition of topics. If you post a repeat topic, please alert a moderator!
  • Please choose appropriate topic titles. A bad example would be “Help!” or “Question”.

P&P (Politics and Propaganda)

  • The idea of P&P is to post about ongoing conflicts in the attempt to spread information, ideas and even rumors in order to help yourself or harm your opponents. P&P can be a valuable tool on the forums and bring a new element to the game.
  • For a thread to qualify as P&P, please ensure when creating the topic the P&P prefix is used.
  • All P&P should be done in character. No personal attacks or flaming are allowed. For example “Player Joe is a coward because he hides his troops from our attacks.” or “Metropolis is full of noobs who can't shoot their slings straight”
  • Unacceptable examples: “Player Joe has a court ordered psychiatrist and really needs to get a life. “


  • Topics and/or posts that are created solely for the purpose of advertising other websites without connection to Grepolis or InnoGames GmbH are forbidden.
  • "Referrer-ID's" and thief-game-links are particularly unwanted. Discussions relating to other non-browser games are allowed.

Signatures and Avatars

  • Avatars can be 80 x 80 pixels.
  • Signatures can be 120 pixels high, and 700 pixels wide. This also includes any lines of text added to the side or underneath the signature.
  • They both must comply with all other rules.
  • They may not be animated.



Information about the types of moderators and who to contact for a given purpose can be found on the Board FAQ.

Guidelines For The Forum

  • If you have a query or problem with any of the moderation, do not create a topic about it. Please PM Tyrion.
  • If you wish to create a topic regarding moderation, please contact the relevant moderator first.
  • Do not insult or degrade any of the moderators in any way. Treat them as you would a normal player – remember they play Grepolis too!
  • The moderators have the right to edit or delete posts and close topics. Please follow their instructions.
  • If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. * Do not rewrite it. If need be, PM the moderator in question about why it was removed.


  • When you breach a rule, you will receive a warning. After this initial warning, infractions will be handed out.
  • In some extreme circumstances, the warning will not be given.
  • If you are banned from the forum, you are not allowed to create an account to evade this ban. Doing so will result in a month added to your ban, and the ban evade account permanently banned.
  • Arguing against the Grepolis team who uphold these rules will be punished and topics that seek to create or worsen existing problems will be deleted.
  • Repeated violations may result in probation or permanent removal from the forums.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to ban or infract players even if they haven't violated the stated forum rules.


Private messages

  • Conversations, discussions and arguments between two people should be done in private. Please use the private message system in this forum or other applications (e.g. IRC, skype, …)
  • Do not harass other people through use of private messages. Repeatedly spamming private messages for personal gain or to irritate other users will result in infractions. All forum rules also apply to private messages unless stated otherwise.

Do not discuss in-game bans.

If you are unsure as to whether something is against the rules or not, please contact a moderator before you go ahead with it! We will advise you as soon as possible on whether it is allowed on the forum or not. {[FlagsRules}}

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