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Updated List of approved scripts

Below is a list of all approved and forbidden scripts. Each of these scripts have been reviewed by the Product Manager for Grepolis, if you do not see a script on the list that you wish to use then it is not approved.

Approved scripts:

  • Attack alarm - Sets off an alarm when you receive a new incoming attack.
  • Report Converter (GRC) - Converts a report into BB Codes, also includes several other small features.
  • Offline tool - A collection of tools such as a map viewer, travel time indicator as well as more.
  • Dio Tools - the updated version
  • Grepodata Indexer - Including its accompanying plugin. (This website requires registration to use the Indexer feature).
  • Grepotools - Description: Draws a grid on the strategic map and the island overview that makes navigating within an ocean easier.

Please note Mole Hole and Quack Toolset were previously on the approved list and remain approved for existing users but we no longer provide the link.

Forbidden scripts:

Forbidden scripts: All scripts for the game which are not listed above are not allowed, and the use of such will lead to penalties up to global exclusion from the game.