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Ares is the god of war! Entire armies collapse at his feet in fear, his skills in combat know no equal. His most devout followers give their lives not only for the glory of a good death, but in the name of Ares himself, feeding his might and fury. A master of military tactics, he imbues warriors with the power of his most devoted martyrs, granting them unparalleled strength.


Much like his fellow deities, Ares introduces 4 new spells. However, he also introduces a new and unique resource type, Fury. Fury works similarly to god favor, but is unique to Ares. Fury can be gained by using Ares' spells listed below, and utilized to make the most of his devastating powers. Check out the table below for full details of his 4 spells. Fury is capped at a maximum of 5000.

Fury icon.png

Ares' Divine Powers

Ares Sacrifice

Ares Sacrifice

True warriors of Ares show their devotion to him by sacrificing themselves once their training is complete.

Sacrifice up to 100 population's worth of non-mythical units you own in this city and gain 1 Fury for every 1 population sacrificed.

100 Favor.png
Ares Army

Ares Army

Ares calls upon his most devoted warriors who have given their lives to fuel his Fury.

Consumes the entire fury pool. For every 10 points of Fury consumed this way, add one Spartoi to the offensive command (rounded down).

380 Favor.png 100%
of Fury icon.png


Ares channels his Fury through your warriors improving their combat strength with the might of his most dedicated subjects.

Improve offensive ability of all attacking units by 5% + 1% for every 200 Fury available. Additionally, 50% of your dead unit's population return to you as Fury once the battle has ended.

100 Favor.png 50%
of Fury icon.png
Spartan Training

Spartan Training

Inspired by Ares strength, warriors rush to the field of combat, to show they are worthy to stand by his side in battle.

All recruitment orders in the barracks are accelerated by 70% + 1% for every 100 Fury available for 6 hrs.

80 Favor.png 10%
of Fury icon.png

Ares' Mythical Units

Name Description/Passive Stats


Units passive icon.png

Attacking targets with higher population than the combined population of all Ladons, increases all Ladon’s offensive power in this attack. For every 10 population difference, Ladon’s offensive power increase by 30% (up to 150%). Additionally, all other units in this attack gain 1% attack power per Ladon (up to 10%; this does not stack with Ladon’s offensive power increase).

Weapon Type Weapon type: Ranged

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 2530-6325

SpeedSpeed: 100

PopulationPopulation: 180

FavorFavor: 490

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 2390

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 1950

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 2100



Units passive icon.png

Spartois take only 1 population space each in transport ships.

Weapon Type Weapon type: Blunt

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 205

SpeedSpeed: 16

PopulationPopulation: 10

FavorFavor: 60

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 100

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 100

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 150

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