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World Wonders (often abbreviated as WW) brought a new team-play aspect to Grepolis after the 2.0 update. Once the world is in the "Era of World Wonders" stage, alliances may build world wonders on islands they completely own. World Wonders are built by collecting up resources. You can accelerate the construction of your world wonder by using 400 favour from all of the gods.

The Era of World Wonders

After a world has met certain requirements, the whole world will enter "The Era of World Wonders" together. Once in the The Era of World Wonders, alliances must race to build these world wonders on islands they own. When a world enters this stage of the game, new players cannot enter that world; the world becomes closed to new registrations.

World Wonders Prerequisites

  • The world must have been in existence for at least 6 months (with each month being 30 days).
  • The sum of the top 50 alliances points must be at least 250 million.
  • If the world is not in the "Era of World Wonders" after 6 months, a new amount will be calculated by the system based on the settings of the world.
  • If the new target points have not been reached by month 10, the value will then begin to decrease every 30 days until the target points is reached.
  • This new target value is calculated by reducing by half of the difference between the current objective and the current sum of the top 50 alliances.
  • Some specific examples are shown in the table below:

World Wonder era start requirement
World Setting Top 50 Alliance Points Current target Multiplication New target
Fast 150 million 250 million x 1.2 180 million
Regular 150 million 250 million x 1.5 225 million

Construction and Resources


When an alliance has complete control of the island on which they wish to build their Wonder, then the Founder or Leaders of the alliance will be able to select which of the 7 Wonders will be built there. Once chosen, the choice cannot be changed. This is done by clicking on the sandpit construction sites on eligible islands.

The amount of resources needed to build a Wonder will require alliances to set aside vast amounts if they wish to complete the Wonder first. Resources are sent to the Wonder via the marketplace and the needed resources for the current level will be stored there until all of the necessary resources are collected for that level. The following table provides the amounts needed for Levels 1-10 in a Speed 1 World. Construction of Wonders can also be accelerated with the use of 400 Favor from each god. You cannot reduce the construction time after half of the total build time has expired. So if the level takes an hour to build, you cannot reduce the time past 30min.

Level Cost Time
Wood Stone Silver Contruction Time Favor Reduction
1 200,000 200,000 200,000 01h 57m 00s 00h 01m 40s
2 400,000 400,000 400,000 03h 57m 00s 00h 02m 30s
3 600,000 600,000 600,000 07h 37m 00s 00h 03m 20s
4 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 13h 07m 00s 00h 04m 10s
5 1,600,000 1,600,000 1,600,000 20h 33m 00s 00h 05m 00s
6 2,800,000 2,800,000 2,800,000 30h 00m 00s 00h 05m 50s
7 4,800,000 4,800,000 4,800,000 41h 34m 00 00h 06m 40s
8 8,200,000 8,200,000 8,200,000 55h 17m 00s 00h 07m 30s
9 14,000,000 14,000,000 14,000,000 71h 13m 00s 00h 08m 20s
10 23,800,000 23,800,000 23,800,000 89h 26m 00s 00h 09m 10s

To calculate the needed resources for other Worlds, multiply the resource amount by the World Speed (ie: 200,000*2=400,000 or 200,000*3=600,000)

Demolition of Wonders

There are two types of ways in which a Wonder can be demolished. The first type is partial demolition and is through loss of control of the island. The second type is total demolition and is through the disbanding of an alliance.

Loss of Island Control

Should an alliance lose control of one or more cities on an island with a Wonder under construction, the current level on which the Wonder is being built will be lost. For example: If Alliance A is building Level 7 of Wonder X, and have put 10,000,000 resources towards its completion; if Alliance B comes in and takes a city on that island, then all of the resources for Level 7 will be lost and the Wonder will remain at Level 6 with construction halted until control of the island is regained.

If the island contains a Level 10 Wonder, loss of a city will result in the Wonder being knocked down a level to Level 9. At this point, other alliances with the same Wonder can then attempt to complete their Wonder.

  • Note: This is also the case if a city on the island ghosts. However, unlike the loss of a city through conquest, the alliance will still be able to continue building the wonder, though at a loss of the last completed level and resources.

Alliance Disbanding

Should an alliance disband, or be disbanded, all Wonders under its control will be lost. This is total demolition of the entire Wonder and all built levels. Additionally, the merging of two alliances will also result in this happening. The alliance merging into the other alliance would have to disband in order for its members to join the newly merged alliance.

Also, if the alliance building the wonder loses all of its cities on that island, then the Wonder will be completely demolished as well.

World Wonders and Bonuses

There are 7 different world wonders to be built. The WW construction spots can only be seen if the player has more than 5000 points. Note that each alliance cannot build more than one of each type. Once a WW is constructed it also gives the alliance who built it a small bonus.

Great Pyramid Of Giza

This great pyramid stands tall amongst its surroundings, surviving harsh summers and stormy winters.

Bonus: + 1500 in the warehouse

Wonder great pyramid of giza.png

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The fragrant trees and abundant plants bring smiles to the sick and pleases the poor.

Bonus: +3% Resource production

Wonder hanging gardens of babylon.png

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

The Greeks ultimate tribute to the king of the gods, people often come to worship at this sacred monument.

Bonus: + 5% Favor production with Zeus

Wonder statue of zeus at olympia.png

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

This marvel stands tall, with the sun gleaming down upon its brilliancy. It was built in dedication to Artemis.

Bonus: +5% Favor production with all gods

Wonder temple of artemis at ephesus.png

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

A beautiful tomb sculpted to perfection for the heart-broken people of surrounding towns to pay their respects.

Bonus: Mythical units cost 5% less resources

Wonder mausoleum of halicarnassus.png

The Colossus of Rhodes

Built after a monumental victory, this statue is the greatest acknowledgement of a wonderful triumph.

Bonus: Reduces the duration of victory procession by 10%

Wonder colossus of rhodes.png

The Lighthouse at Alexandria

This loyal lighthouse guides hardy seafarers through even the most stormy seas.

Bonus: Reduces the costs of the Phoenician trader by 5%

Wonder lighthouse of alexandria.png

Victory Conditions

When one alliance completely builds up and controls 4 of the 7 World Wonders then they will have 'won' that world. The alliance that does so will receive the Victor of X award, and also be given a 10% increase in their favor cap. An alliance can then go on to complete the remaining Wonders to achieve the Master of X award.

While an infinite number of Wonders can be built in a world, only 1 of each of the 7 Wonders can be completed. This means that is Alliances X, Y, and Z are building Wonder A, only one of those alliances can complete Wonder A. The remaining alliances can build theirs up to Level 9, but no further.