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Culture is probably one of the most important aspects of Grepolis. Culture is required to gain additional cities through colonizing or conquest (Conquest or Revolt). Due to its expense Culture is the only thing that has prevented greater rates of expansion in Grepolis.

Cultural Levels

As you receive culture points, you advance in cultural levels. Every cultural level allows for ownership of one city and you start out at a cultural level of 2. So once you have reached cultural level 4, you can own 4 cities total, once you have reached cultural level 10, you can have 10 cities total, and so on. Here is a table of the first few culture levels:

Culture Level Culture Points needed Additional culture points you need to earn
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 3 3
4 9 6
5 18 9
6 30 12
7 45 15
8 63 18
9 84 21
10 108 24

For higher levels, the total amount of CP needed to reach cultural level N can be calculated according to this formula:
CP = 3/2(N^2-3N+2)
If you are already at level N-1, you will need to add 3(N-2) cultural points to reach level N.

Ways of Receiving Culture

There are several ways of acquiring culture points throughout Grepolis; by holding City Festivals, Olympic Games, Victory Processions, Theatre Plays. All of these events take place in the Agora and all accumulate 1 culture point each time they are used/held. To access any of these events you should click on the Agora and then go to the Culture tab.

Victory Processions

This is the main method used to accumulate culture points as it does not cost any resources or any gold. This method involves using accumulated battle points (BP) - both offensive and defensive to hold little processions in your cities. Each of which increases your bank of culture points by 1.

You are allowed to hold one Victory Procession per every 300 battle points that you earn. These battle points can be both offensive, where you attack a player and kill troops/ships, or defensive, where you are attacked by a player and you kill troops/ships. Also, you are only allowed to hold one Victory Procession in a polis at one time, however you can hold several at once as long as you hold them all in different villages. For example, say you had 5 cities and you had 1500 battle points that you had not already used on Victory Processions. You would be able to set up 5 victory processions, 1 in each city, at the same time using up 300 BP per Procession. Then once they had all finished, you would have an extra 5 culture points.

Victory Processions can vary in length depending on how fast the world you are playing on is. On a 1 speed world, a Victory Procession takes 8 hours to complete. Whereas on a 2 speed world, this time is halved to just 4 hours since the world moves at twice the speed.

City Festivals

Holding City Festivals is the way to go for players who find it easier to raise enough resources, rather than accumulating battle points. This method, like the other 3, increases your bank of culture points by 1 for every time you hold a Festival.

In order to celebrate a city festival you must have a level 30 academy. This is the maximum level of the academy. Alongside this each time you hold a City Festival it costs you 15000 Wood, 18000 Stone and 15000 Silver.

This method of accumulating culture points takes 12 hours to complete on a 2 speed world and 24 hours on a 1 speed world. You are only allowed to hold one Festival per city at a time.

Olympic Games

Organizing Olympic Games is the only method of accumulating culture that needs gold for it to work. This method is unlike the rest as it does not use either resources nor BP to complete, just gold.

For every Olympic Games you organize you must pay 50 gold and also must have the academy in the selected village at level 30, just like when performing Theatre Plays and celebrating City Festivals. This method also accumulates 1 culture point per time that it is used.

An Olympic Games lasts 24 hours in a speed 1 world.

Theatre Plays

This is the special way of gaining culture points as it is only possible if you decided to build a Theatre as one of your two special buildings. However, this method involves no gold and no battle points.

If you decided to build a Theatre as one of your special buildings then congratulations, you are now able to hold Theatre Plays to gain culture points. To hold a Theatre Play you must also pay 10000 Wood, 12000 Stone and 10000 Silver each time you hold one.

You are only allowed to hold one Theatre Play per city at a time. Each Theatre Play takes 5 days to complete on a 1 speed world and only 2 and a half days on a 2 speed world. Each Theatre Play accumulates 1 culture point on completion.

Uses of Culture

Culture has two uses: Resetting spent Research points and increasing your cultural levels.

Resetting researches

Resetting of researches is not done very often due the only method of doing so being with a culture point (not level), so it should be done so sparingly.

Increasing cultural level

By increasing your cultural level, you can gain new cities either through Colonizing or Conquering


Restarting in your world will have as result that your culture points are reset. You'll keep only 3 city slots of your total amount of slots.