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What are Quests?

The Quests are a relatively new game feature, they replaced the old tutorial. Players are presented with these quests and if they complete them, they are rewarded with things like troops, spells, resources and even culture points.

There are many many different quests, they are separated out into their type here. I.e. There is a whole group of quests that are just about getting you into the game, they are the "Tutorial Quests", there is a group of quests that are all about showing you how to attack and what not, these are the "Warfare Quests".


Below you are able to see the advisors who give you the quests, there is no set rule regarding them and the quests, in that the red advisor doesn't do all of the "Warfare Quests". However there is a table below that shows that they are predominantly responsible for.

Image Role
Quests1.png The Red advisor is mainly responsible for all things to do with resources. Trading, building resource buildings, etc.
Quests2.png The Yellow advisor is mainly responsible for all things to do with warfare. Attacking farming villages, building up your army, etc.
Quests3.png The Green advisor is mainly responsible for all things to do with getting you off of your island. Build transports, conquer another city, etc.
Quests4.png The Blue advisor is mainly responsible for getting you going. He handles almost all of the tutorial quests and does crop up every now and then with quests to generally aid you, i.e. many of the culture quests.

Do I Have to do the Quests?

Once you complete all of the quests on 1 of your worlds, you will be able to turn them off for the next world that you play. (Note: Many players recommend against skipping the tutorial quests as you gain invaluable resources and troops.) There is no option to skip individual quests - even after completing all of them on one world, you won't be able to skip individual quests on another.


The quests are in chronological order within the groups, but the groups themselves are not. What this means is that within each group, the order is correct. You will move from one to the other in that order. However, you could do the Tutorial quests and then the Warfare ones, it is all to do with which requirements you have met. It is also highly likely that you will be doing quests from many of these groups at the same time.

Tutorial Quests

Name Description Requirements Reward
Lay Cornerstones The most important things you will need to help your city grow are resources. Open the city overview and select the building in the city center, the Senate. There you can assign construction orders for buildings. First, construct a timber camp. Construct a Timber Camp. 20 Holz.png
Start Quarrying Rock Let's expand the city's basic supply by constructing a quarry. Construct a Quarry. 20 Stein.png.
Food for the People You not only need resources but also food to supply your workers and troops. In the top right edge of the screen you can see how many residents you can currently feed. Now expand the farm so that the city can grow. Expand the Farm to level 2. 20 Silbermünzen.png
Wood for Mine Expansion A lot of wood is needed to shore up the mines in the mountains. Expand the timber camp to level 3. You can issue multiple construction orders at the same time. These are then completed one after the other in order. Expand the Timber Camp to level 3. 25 Holz.png 25 Stein.png 25Silbermünzen.png
Underground Set up a silver mine to be able to mint valuable silver coins. Construct a Silver Mine 30 Holz.png 30 Stein.png 30 Silbermünzen.png
Securely Stored The bigger the warehouse, the more resources it can store. It also protects a portion of them from enemy looting. Resources that cannot be stored are simply lost. Expand the Warehouse to level 2 50 Holz.png 50 Stein.png
Build Faster The Senate is the growth engine of your city. It is the prerequisite for many buildings and also reduces their construction times.

(The higher the level of your senate, the faster buildings will be completed).

Expand the Senate to level 3. 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png
Growth Upgrading the farm by one more level will allow you to build barracks. Expand the Farm to level 3. 50 Holz.png 50 Stein.png 50 Silbermünzen.png
Building a Military Force Another cornerstone of a mighty empire is a strong army. Build barracks to be able to recruit troops. Construct a Barracks 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png
New City Name The foundation for your great metropolis has been laid. You should now give your city a name. Double-click on the city name at the top left. Change city name. 50 Holz.png 50 Stein.png 50 Silbermünzen.png

The Island's Farmers

Name Description Requirements Reward
Demanding and Looting Your island has a few farming villages, one of which has already been subjugated. Here you can demand a regular tribute of resources. If you decide to loot, you will get more resources but this can also lead to a revolt. First, demand some resources as a tribute from the village. Demand or loot some resources from a farming village on the map. 6 Swordsmen.
Conquer Farming Villages Conquer more farming villages by defeating the local defenders. As soon as you order an attack, the troop movement is displayed in the upper bar. Directly after the attack is carried out, you will receive a report on the outcome of the battle. Conquer your second Farming Village. 2 Slingers.
Recruiting The more farming villages you control on your island, the more troops you will need to conquer additional villages. Invest unused resources in training your troops. If you don't have enough resources, demand more from your farming villages. Recruit Swordsmen until you have a total of 7. 5 Slingers.
Expanding your Influence As their ruler, a portion of each farming village's resources belong to you. If they refuse to pay their tribute, then you must take the resources by force. Conquer your third farming village. 5 Hoplites.
Tribute Conquer more farming villages to demand tribute from them. Remember to pay close attention to the defender's defensive stats. Slingers possess minimal defense against distance weapons, and swordsmen are weak against sharp weapons. Control 5 farming villages. 5 Hoplites and 5 Horsemen.
Hiring a Captain The greater your sphere of influence is, the more demanding the management of collecting tribute from all your villages becomes. The captain can alleviate some of this burden. He has decided to offer you his services free of charge for three days. Activate or extend the services of the captain. (You are given 3 days for free). 5 Horsemen
Village Management The captain's farming villages overview allows you to demand tribute from all the farming villages on an island at the same time. Demand resources from your farming villages using the overview. 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png

Resource Supplies

Name Description Requirements Reward
Basic Provisions Increase your supply of resources so that you always have enough building materials available.
  1. Expand the timber camp to level 4
  2. Expand the quarry to level 4
  3. Expand the silver mine to level 4
450 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 450 Silbermünzen.png
Stock Supplies Always make sure your warehouse is large enough so that no resources go to waste. Expand the warehouse to level 5 1 Happiness Spell (enacted on your current city).
Marketplace The market opens trade between the farmers and other players. It is a very good way of compensating for shortages of specific resources. Construct a Marketplace 500 Holz.png 500 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png
Country Bumpkins Trading with the farmers is normally profitable. But if you do it too often, their offers become progressively worse. If their mood drops below 80%, they will refuse any trades with you. Trade with a farming village. 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png
Trading You can also trade with other players at the market. Do so by placing your own offer or by accepting another player's offer. Remember, for each level of your market, you can trade a maximum of 500 resources at one time. Trade with another player. 300 Holz.png 300 Stein.png 300 Silbermünzen.png
More Building Materials Resources are the key to growth.
  1. Expand the timber camp to level 10
  2. Expand the quarry to level 10
  3. Expand the silver mine to level 8
1 Happiness Spell (enacted on your current city).
Storage Site A bigger warehouse allows you to construct buildings with higher resource costs Expand the warehouse to level 10. 500 Silbermünzen.png
Prosperity The merchant optimizes your economic cycles and increases your resource production. He has decided to offer you his service free of charge for three days. Activate or extend the services of the Merchant. (You are given 3 days for free). 1 Happiness Spell (enacted on your current city).

Account Management

Name Description Requirements Reward
Email Confirmation Please confirm your email address by clicking on the link that was sent to your registered email address. You will receive valuable gold as a thank you. Confirm your email address. 100 Featureicons02 2.08.png

City Management

Name Description Requirements Reward
Progress You must first expand the Senate to unlock more buildings. Expand the senate to level 5 800 Holz.png 800 Stein.png 800 Silbermünzen.png
The Burden of Administration Managing an entire empire is a lot of work. The administrator can help you with this burden, for example by overseeing the construction of up to seven buildings. He has decided to offer you his services free of charge for three days. Activate or extend the services of the Administrator. (You are given 3 days for free). 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png
Metropolis You city is slowly becoming a flourishing metropolis. Expand the Senate so that it is appropriate for the size of the city. Expand the senate to level 10. 700 Holz.png 700 Stein.png 700 Silbermünzen.png
Expanding the City Faster. Starting at a certain level, it takes a very long time to expand a building. However, for a little gold, extra workers can be hired to halve the construction time. I think I may be able to persuade a few workers to work for you for free this time. Reduce a building's construction time. 100 Holz.png 100 Stein.png 100 Silbermünzen.png
Landmarks Special buildings, such as the lighthouse or the divine statue, are the landmarks of a city. There are two groups with four construction projects each, and you can erect one building from each group. Consider carefully when choosing so you can profit from the unique benefits of these buildings. Construct a Special Building. 2000 Holz.png 2000 Stein.png

2000 Silbermünzen.png

Together we are Strong

Name Description Requirements Reward
Joining an Alliance An alliance is a federation of players who support each other against such things as enemy attacks. You can find alliances in your vicinity in the ranking list under "Ocean Alliances". Read the alliance profiles for any membership requirements and then write to the founder that you would like to join the alliance. Once you have been invited, you can accept the invitation under menu item "Alliance". Join an alliance.

Note that if you don't want to join an alliance, you could simply found an alliance and then disband it after claiming your reward.

5 Swordsmen, 5 Slingers, 5 Archers and 5 Hoplites

City Defence

Name Description Requirements Reward
City Guard The bigger your city becomes, the greater the threat of your enemies' envy becomes. Make sure you are always well defended. Swordsmen are a good defensive unit, particularly against slingers and other troops armed with distance weapons. Establish a military force of 10 Swordsmen. 10 Swordsmen
City Wall A defender's main advantage is the city wall. Minor attacks are thwarted by the basic defense it provides. During larger battles, it provides your soldiers with a bonus. Construct a Wall 500 Stein.png

The Power of the Gods

Name Description Requirements Reward
Temple A flourishing metropolis needs a temple where the citizens can worship and make sacrifices to the gods.
  1. Expand the quarry to level 3
  2. Erect a temple
100 Holz.png 200 Stein.png 150 Silbermünzen.png
Favour of the Gods You can worship one god for each city. Right now you should go to the temple and select Hera as your god. Her divine powers make her especially helpful for city constructions. You can switch gods later, but this will result in your losing all of your favour. Select Hera as your goddess. 15 Favor.png (Hera)
Ambassador to the Gods There are chosen warriors who can give your army access to the gods. Recruit a divine envoy in the barracks. Recruit a Divine Envoy. 250 Favor.png(Hera)
Power of the Gods Select a Divine Power and use it on your city. Don't forget that each Divine Power costs favour with that god. When you are not at war, you should use Divine Powers to expand your city. Enact a divine power. 250 Favor.png(Hera)
Favourite of the Gods You should expand your temple to produce more favour. The greater its expansion level, the more favour the gods will show you. Expand the Temple to level 3. 100 Favor.png(Hera)
Ancient Rituals The ancient rituals which earn the gods' favour are known only to the high priestess. Giving her charge of your temple increases production of favour from the gods, as well as the fighting strength of your mythical units. She has chosen to offer you her services free of charge for three days. Activate or extend the services of the High Priestess. (You are given 3 days for free). 200 Favor.png(Hera)

Among Friends

Name Description Requirements Reward
Invite Friends All great rulers of history have had powerful friends and allies. You should also encourage your friends to start an empire and become your allies. Friends you invite will automatically start their empires near you - if that is what you want.

Remember: You will receive 200 gold for each friend who reaches 3000 points.

Invite a friend and wait until he or she accepts your invitation 200 Holz.png 200 Stein.png 200 Silbermünzen.png


Name Description Requirements Reward
Knowledge is Power Those who possess the most advanced military units are always a step ahead. They can be researched in the academy. Construct an Academy 200 Holz.png 200 Stein.png 200 Silbermünzen.png
Offensive Unit With every level of the academy, you get 4 research points that can be invested in technologies. But you can never unlock all of the research. You should therefore take great care in deciding what you want to research. Slingers are important offensive units that you should definitely explore. Research Slingers. 200 Holz.png 200 Stein.png 200 Silbermünzen.png
Attacking Force Swordsmen are not very suited to an attack. Slingers on the other hand, have a high attack value. You can recruit them at the barracks, just like the swordsmen. Establish a military force with 10 Slingers. 10 Slingers.
First Attack You can get additional resources by looting other cities. But you will also risk losing your troops or falling prey to acts of vengeance. To start an attack, click on an enemy city on your island. Then select the attack symbol: two crossed swords. Now you can choose the units that you want to fight with and finally issue the command to attack. Attack another player. 10 Hoplites
Reinforcements Even if you win, some losses are inevitable. That's why you should get reinforcements on a regular basis. Establish a military force of 20 slingers. 5 Horsemen
Tactical Planning Now that you have an espionage report about the enemy city, you can simulate the battle in the simulator located at the agora. Enter the defensive and offensive units and click on "Simulate". If the results are positive, you should attack the city as soon as possible. Win an attack on another player's city. 5 Horsemen
Looter You can loot regularly if you have a powerful army. But keep in mind that the resources for your lost units have to cost less than the looted resources to make the attack worth your while. Loot a total of 10000 resources from other cities. 10 Horsemen
Leadership for the Troops The commander is an experienced officer and your troops are much more powerful under his leadership. Since you are an excellent strategist, he has decided to offer you his services free of charge for three days. Activate or extend the services of the Commander. (You are given 3 days for free). 5 Slingers

Secret Service

Name Description Requirements Reward
A Sinister Hideout To minimize your losses during the warfare, you need more information about your enemy. You can get this from spies who usually hide out in dark caves. Construct a Cave 1000 Silbermünzen.png
Greedy Agents The spies demand high payments for their services. Before you can give them an order, you have to store at least 1000 silver in the cave. Store 1000 silver in your cave. 500 Silbermünzen.png
Know Your Enemy You can now use the stored silver to spy on an enemy city. The more silver you pay, the greater is the chance that the spy will succeed. As soon as the spy has arrived, you will receive an espionage report. Spy on an enemy city. 500 Silbermünzen.png
Counter Espionage You can protect yourself against being spied on by the enemy by storing silver in the cave. If the spy was paid less silver than you have in the cave, the paid amount is deducted from your cave and you will be informed that you have warded off an enemy spy. Store 2000 silver in your cave. 1000 Silbermünzen.png

Beyond the Horizon

Name Description Requirements Reward
Broadening the Horizon You currently only have power over this island. If you want your empire to grow, you have to construct a harbour where ships can be built. Construct a harbour 3 Transport Ships
Phoenician Merchant You can hire warriors or trade merchandise with the Phoenician Merchant. When you trade merchandise, you will receive twice as much as you pay. Trade merchandise with the Phoenician Merchant. 1 Transport Ship
Construction Plans Greek ships are a marvel of engineering. Have your engineers create the construction plans for biremes at the academy. Research Biremes 3 Biremes
Harbour Defence The bireme is perfect for defending your harbour. As long as your enemies are unable to break through your harbor defense, they will be unable to land warriors to loot your city. Construct a fleet with 10 biremes 5 Biremes
Expansion To found additional cities or conquer enemy cities, you need a colony ship. This has to be researched at the academy first. You also need a level 20 harbor in order to construct such a large ship.
  1. Research the colony ship
  2. Expand the harbor to level 20
  3. Construct a colony ship
5 Transport Ships
Procedure Now you can decide whether you want to found a city or conquer one. The latter requires you to research Conquest at the academy. If you would like to found a city, you should find a free place on a surrounding island. Click on the hammer icon there and send your colony ship to this spot. As soon as it has arrived, it will start founding the city, which will take 24 hours. From then on, you will be the ruler of two cities.
  1. Found a city


  1. Research conquest
50 Swordsmen
Claim to Power To conquer a city, you have to start an attack and send a colony ship. The siege begins as soon as you win. However, you will have to defend the colony ship against attackers during the siege. Keep in mind that you have to use the "Support" command to send units to the target city to defend the colony ship. Protect the colony ship until the siege has ended to take over the city. Conquer a city. 50 Archers

Culture Points

Name Description Requirements Reward
A Place for Philosophers You need culture points before you can found and conquer more cities. This means you need an academy at level 30. Philosophers and poets can contemplate the important things in life here and thus create the foundation for a magnificent culture. Expand the Academy to level 30. 2000 Holz.png2000 Stein.png

2000 Silbermünzen.png

Olympic Games A peaceful competition is an important cultural feature of Greece. You can start the Olympic Games at the Agora for a little bit of gold in order to get culture points. This time, to celebrate the opening of your magnificent academy, you can host the Olympic Games free of charge. Organise the Olympic Games. 2000 Holz.png 2000 Stein.png

2000 Silbermünzen.png

A Large Festival A large city festival attracts many strangers to the city, who share their customs and traditions with your residents over a cup of wine. This is another opportunity to get culture points and can also be found in the Agora. The more cities you own, the more culture points you need to found another city. Organise a City Festival. 1 Culture.png


Name Description Requirements Reward
Troop Transporter Before you can loot distant cities, you first have to get your troops there. That's what transport boats are for. The fast ones are best, so that the enemy has as little time to react as possible. Construct a fleet with 5 Fast Transport Ships 5 Fast Transport Ships
Inferno As everyone knows, ships are made of wood, and wood is a good combustion agent. This means that light ships are an excellent method to destroy the enemy's harbor defense. Construct a fleet with 10 Light Ships. 5 Light Ships
Terror of the Seas Now you can attack a city on another island. To do this, you will need light ships for the sea battle, offensive units for the land battle, and enough transportation for the soldiers. It also wouldn't hurt to spy on the city first so that you know what you're dealing with. Loot a city on a foreign island. 5 Biremes
Victorious You receive battle points for every battle in which you defeat enemy soldiers - one battle point per resident used by the defeated units. For example, swordsmen and slingers each result in one battle point, while a rider yields three and a bireme even eight. You can use these battle points at the agora to start a victory parade. Organise the Victory Procession. 1 Culture.png