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Grepolis Jargon

If you are new to the game of Grepolis, then you may come across a few terms which don't seem to make any sense. Well hopefully this short guide should help you out. Whilst there is no shame in not knowing the meaning of jargon, and we've all been there, this list can let you avoid those sometimes awkward situations where you have no idea what is happening.

Game mechanics

  • Def - Defense/Defensive (eg. an Archer is a Def unit).
  • Off - Offense/Offensive (eg. Cavalry is an Off Unit).
  • Def city - A city with only defensive units.
  • Off city - A city with only offensive units.
  • FV - A term for a farming village.
  • Farm vill - A farming village, may also be called NPC Village (Non-player controlled) or barb(arian) village.
  • Farm - A city controlled by another player which you attack for resources.
  • Suicide - Kill your own troops in order to free population.
  • Res - Resources.
  • PA - Premium Account. Do not confuse with Personal Alliance.
  • PP - Premium Player, an alternative to PA to avoid confusion.
  • Spell - An act of divine favour from the Gods, eg. Poseidon's 'Kingly Gift'.
  • Bolt - Zeus' 'Lightning Bolt' favour, also referring to a strategy of having many alliance members 'bolt' an enemy city without sending any real troop attacks.
  • BP - Beginners protection, the first few days after joining a world when you cannot be attacked.
  • BP - BP can also mean battle points which are gained from killing enemy units.
  • ABP - Battle points attack, BP gained from attacking.
  • DBP - Battle points defense, BP gained from defending.
  • Wall Spy - To check your wall before a battle, where the units you have killed are listed, and to check after the battle (if none of your troops survived), to see how many more troops you killed.
  • VP - Victory Procession



  • PA - Personal alliance, another player you are personally allied to independent of your alliance. Do not confuse with with Premium Account.
  • Ally - An alliance you mutually co-operate with.
  • NAP - Non Aggression Pact, an alliance you mutually agree not to attack.
  • Enemy - An alliance you are at war with.
  • Spy - A player who joins an enemy alliance to secretly gather intelligence.
  • MM/mass mail - A mail sent to multiple players.
  • Leaders - The founders and leaders of an alliance.
  • MRA - Mass Recruiting Alliance, an alliance that invites lots of players irrespective of their experience or points.
  • Ceasefire - When two alliances agree to stop a war for a time.

Battle System

  • Siege - Damage a city with catapults.
  • Clear - Kill all troops defending a city.
  • Clearing Wave - An attack designed to clear a city. Also abbreviated to CW.
  • Fake - An attack consisting of a single unit to scare or deceive an enemy.
  • Scout/Spy - Act of performing espionage of another city.
  • Timed Attack - Multiple attacks that arrive in close proximity of one another.
  • Dodge - Temporarily move units out of a city to evade an incoming attack.
  • Timed Support - Units that arrive during the middle of a timed attack.
  • Rim - The edge of the world where new players and refugee players are sent.
  • Rimmed - Sending someone to the rim by conquering their last village.
  • Nuke - An attack consisting of one type of unit (eg. a Slinger nuke of 1000 Slinger's only).
  • Turtle - A player with several defensive cities on one island and who is thus very difficult to conquer.


  • Grepo - Grepolis. Also abbreviated to GP.
  • TW - Tribal Wars. (Germans use in reference to The West.)
  • West - The West.
  • Wiki - The Grepolis Wikipedia (where you are now).
  • Pure - A player who only builds military buildings and troops.
  • Point whore - A player who focuses on building up cities and gaining points rather then building troops (also known as a Sim player).
  • Gold whore - A player that excessively uses gold in-game.
  • Mod - A moderator of either the external forum or in-game.
  • Mod Alliance - An alliance with several mods in (mods have no powers in the world they play).
  • Rep - Reputation on the external forum
  • Simmer/Sim Player - A player that builds up cities for points rather than for troops

Internet Jargon

Here is a list of more general internet jargon. It is in no way a comprehensive list, but these are some of the more common terms in the Grepolis community.

  • RL - Real life
  • PM - Private message
  • IG - In game
  • Noob, N00b, Newb, Newbie, Nub, and Nub Cakes - Derogatory terms for a new or inexperienced player
  • IE - Internet Explorer
  • FF - Mozilla Firefox
  • GC - Google Chrome
  • idk - I don't know
  • idc - I don't care
  • ty - Thank you
  • np - No problem
  • nw - No worries
  • imo/imho - In my (honest/humble) opinion
  • afaik - As far as I know
  • fyi - For your information
  • btw - By the way
  • atm - At the moment
  • iirc - If I remember correctly
  • lol - Laugh out loud
  • rofl - Rolling on the floor laughing
  • k - Ok
  • b2t - Back to topic
  • gfx - Graphics
  • :) - Smiley face, there are many varieties
  • bbl - Be back later
  • brb - Be right back
  • ttyl - Talk to you later
  • cya - See you
  • <3 - Love/heart
  • If you would like a more comprehensive list, please see this list.


There are a few general tips to follow when communicating with people online, again this is not a comprehensive list, but follow these and hopefully everyone can have a more enjoyable time playing on Grepolis.

  • Using capital letters for a whole word/phrase is like shouting, avoid this as much as possible.
  • Irony and sarcasm can be detected through a change in tone of voice, not so online, remember someone could think you are being rude.
  • You are talking to real people, if you wouldn't say something to their face don't say it to them online.
  • This is a game and everyone wants to have fun, so be gracious in defeat as well as victory.
  • Avoid excessive acronyms, the may be faster to type, but can be a lot harder to read.
  • If you want to write messages to other players as if you were a Greek king, then do so, that's what this game is about.