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Grepolis Guides Library!

Grepolis Guides Library!

New to Grepolis? Want some advice? Or just want another opinion to refer to whilst building your polis? These guides will help you in your quest throughout Grepolis, with opinions from experienced players.

Here you will find a list of all guides written by the Grepolis community on subjects ranging from how to conquer your first city, how to run a successful alliance and how to manage multiple cities effectively. These guides aren't just for newbies, the guides listed here can also help the most seasoned Grepolis players learn a few new tips and tricks.

So, whether you are a new player or one with experience just wishing for an opinion, these guides are sure to help you out.

Clicking on the title of the guide category (e.g. Beginners Guides or Strategy Guides) will open a page where you will be able to find out more information about the guides within that category.

Note: Please read the Wiki Guides Disclaimer before copying any of these guides.

Beginners Guides
About: These guides are aimed at newer players. They will help you to get to grips with some of the basics in the game.
BulletBlue.pngFigtree2's Guide to Grepolis
BulletBlue.pngHow to get CS Ready
BulletBlue.pngHagop's Grepolis Simplified
BulletBlue.pngBuilding a City

Farming Guides
About: These guides are aimed at both newer players and those with a bit more experience. They will help you to get to grips the farming system in Grepolis, both with regards to NPC farming villages and other player-controlled cities. If you are wondering how the farming system (with the NPC farming villages) works, click here.
Bullet.pngTotal War Resources
Bullet.pngFarming Villages Guide

Defensive Guides
About: These guides will help you when defending against attacks from other players.
Bullet.pngCS Sniping with Anchors
Bullet.pngSurvival Guide
Bullet.pngGeneral Defense Guide

Offensive Guides
About: These guides are aimed at helping all players to develop their offensive strategies. Whether you're a complete novice or old vet, you're likely to find something here that makes you reconsider how you do things.
BulletBlue.pngThe Big Attack Guide
BulletBlue.pngNaval Combat Guide
BulletBlue.pngUnit Guide

Strategy Guides
About: These guides are guides that are to do with different strategies that one could employ.
BulletBlue.pngMultiple Cities Strategy
BulletBlue.pngBattle Strategy
BulletBlue.pngHandy Hints
BulletBlue.pngThe Guide to Grepolis

Premium Guides
About: These guides are guides that will help you use some of the game's Premium features.
Bullet.pngAttack Planner Guide
Bullet.pngOrganising Messages
Bullet.pngQuickbar Tutorial

Leadership Guides
About: These guides will help you to become a mighty leader! There are tips on how to actually set up an alliance through to what it takes to lead a world-winning alliance. All three are excellent. (For basic info on Alliances, click here
Bullet.pngAchilles' Leadership Guide
Bullet.pngNod's World Winning Alliance
Bullet.pngOsl's Ultimate Leadership Guide

Forum Guides
About: These guides will help you to use the in-game forum and messaging features.
BulletBlue.pngAlliance Forums
BulletBlue.pngMessaging and Forums
BulletBlue.pngBB-Codes Page