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Reports can be found by click the Reports button on the menu at the bottom of your screen

Report tabs


This tab in the Reports section contains all reports in which you attacked another player or abandoned city, supported another city, recalled support from another city, sent back support, etc.

Battle Reports

What you get after you have attacked a player or you have been attacked. Contains the following information:

  • Wall level
  • Luck
  • Morale
  • Attacker's and defender's city
  • Attacker's and defender's names
  • Attacker's and defender's alliances
  • Attacker's naval troops and losses
  • Attacker's land troops and losses
  • Defender's naval troops and losses
  • Defender's land troops and losses

If the attacker losses the naval and land battles, then they will see a question mark instead of the troop numbers and losses of the defender. If the attacker only losses the land battle but not the naval, then they can see the defender's naval troops and losses, but not the land troops. If the attacker wins the land battle but not the naval, then they can see both the naval and land forces of the defender.

Espionage(Spy) Reports

When you spy upon a city, you will receive a report. If you used less silver then the defender had in their cave, then you will receive a report saying the the espionage failed, if you succeeded then you will receive the following information in a report:

  • The troops of the defender's city that were in the city at the moment (if some troops of the defender are out on an attack or out supporting, then they will not appear on the spy report)
  • The buildings of the defender's city
  • The resources of the defender's city
  • The silver that you used in spying on the city

Support reports

When you send support, then you will receive a report saying what troops you sent and to where. In the following situations you will also receive a support-like report:

  • You recall some/all of your report which contains:
    • what troops you recalled from the city
  • If your support is sent back, then you receive:
    • A list of the the troops sent back and from what city
  • If your support is attacked then you receive:
    • what troops you had
    • what losses you received
    • what city it occurred in

Colony Ships

the following reports are related to Colony Ships:

  • Conquered city
  • Colonized city

attacks on Colony Ship appear as normal battle reports

Farming village resistance

If you send an attack on a farming village and it resists, then you receive a report with the following:

  • the defending farming village
  • the mood
  • your troops
  • your troop losses
  • defending troops
  • defending troop losses

You can not receive Battle Points for attacking farming villages that resist.

Demanding Troops

Contains troops received


Contains all trade occurrences

Publishing Reports

You can publish reports by clicking the publish button in the bottom right-hand corner of a report. you can choose to display all portions of the report, or you can choose to display or exclude any of the following:

  • your troops
  • opposing troops
  • Booty

Once you have published a report then it will appear in the published reports tab in the reports page and you can then put it into BB-Codes for display in messages or on your alliance forums. In the case of Espionage reports, you can choose to display the silver used, the troops, or the buildings of the Espionage victim.