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On new worlds with the battle points village feature, a new spot (Bandit's Camp) will be available on your first island where you can fight NPC units. This is a rally point for all insurgents, and it’s up to you to knock down their forces. This Bandit's Camp is only available on the first island where you start. We will offer 100 battles in total, with a cool down time in between.

Why should you fight against these agitators? Well, on the one hand you will get great rewards for your city, and on the other hand you will need the battle points to build and upgrade farming villages. You may think that you won’t have enough units to fight all of these enemies, but we will also grant you instant units in the Bandit's Camp from time to time (even units you haven’t researched yet). After each successful fight, you have to wait a cool down period before you can attack again. The waiting times get longer with every successful fight. Fights get harder fight by fight, but you will get also instant units in the beginning as rewards.

General Conditions

The following rules have been imposed on the Bandit's Camp:

  • The Bandits Camp contains 100 fights in total before it vanishes completely from the map. After completing the last fight you will be granted 100 gold coins.
  • You will receive battle points for every enemy unit you have defeated. The amount of battle points you will receive is equal to the enemy units population cost. Check your fight reports to find out how many battle points you've gained.
  • To have equal conditions, every city on the island has the same travel time to the Bandits Camp independent of the visual distance.
  • After every successful fight it takes some time until you send another attack. The cool down timer starts as soon as you cleared the Camp, and not after accepting the reward.
  • You can send multiple attacks simultaneously from any city on this island, but as soon as the Camp is cleared, all still outgoing movements will return immediately.
  • The Bandit's Camp is only placed on the island of your first city. If you lose all cities on this island, you can not further interact with the Bandit's Camp, until you reconquer a city on the island.
  • If you restart on a world, the Bandits Camp will also be reset, and be resettled to your new island.
  • The Bandits Camp is not clickable if you have a city selected that is not on the same island.
  • The window of the Bandits Camp should close itself as soon as you switch to a city on a different island.
    • This does not apply to the victory screen. You are able to collect the reward from any selected city.

Travel time

  • The first 10 fights have a fixed travel time of 5 seconds.
  • After the 10th fight, the travel time will be calculated like this: (int) (50 * 50 / unit-speed) + 300

Losing Cities on Island with Bandit's Camp

  • The Bandit's Camp is connected to your first island. As soon as you do not own a city on the island any more, you won't be able to attack the Bandit's Camp. You have to reconquer a city on this island again in order to be able to continue interacting with the Bandit's Camp.

Attack Rules

  • You can attack the same stage multiple times, including from different cities on the island.
    • As soon as the stage is clear, all ongoing movements will return immediately.
  • The cool down starts as soon as the stage is cleared.


Resources that can be taken from the farming villages are calculated as follows:

  • The resources are independent of the attacking player and other players on the island
  • Units carry the same amount as when attacking island quests or other players
  • The amount of resources that you can loot is calculated as follows:
    • Bandit camp level 1-10: Bandit camp level * 5 * Random number (0.8-1.2), commercially rounded
    • Bandit camp level 11-100: Bandit camp level * 25 * Random number (0.8-1.2), commercially rounded
    • The above formulas always relate to one type of raw material (i.e. wood, stone and silver) and not to the total amount of raw materials.


Status Map Symbol Hint Popup
Ready Bandit map.gif Bandit attackspot hint.jpg

(Troops already en route to camp)

Bandit attackspot.png Bandit attackspot hint.jpg

(Wrong City Selected)

Bandit attackspot.png Bandit attackspot hint2.jpg
Collect Reward Bandit attackspot3.png Bandit attackspot victory.jpg
Cool Down Bandit attackspot4.png Bandit attackspot hint3.jpg