Phoenician Merchant

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Every 24 hours, Velerios, The Phoenician Trader will visit one of your harbors. This harbor is chosen at random. When The Phoenician Trader arrives in your harbor, you will receive a report as well as noticing a ship in the your harbor.


By clicking on his ship, you can access the menu of goods. Everytime, he'll offer you three different types of troops and two different resources for the trade ratio of 1 to 1.5. The three troop types are calculated, with each one having a chance of being with the Phoenician Trader. This includes Divine units, such as Manticores or Cerberus', though this is very rare.


Once you have completed an offer with the Phoenician Trader, you may not do that same offer again. However, you can do the other offers, if you wish.

The Phoenician Trader will stay in your polis for 8 hours. After 8 hours, he will leave your polis, returning to another of your harbors 24 hours after he left. You may also dismiss the trader early, so that he will return the next day 24 hours after he left you.


For 50 gold, the player may summon the Phoenician Trader to a village of his/her choice instantly. This can prove helpful for trading resources, or building up troops.