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Premium is a feature of the game which allows a player to gain certain advantages in-game through the use of various advisors, reducing the time it takes to build buildings, train troops, and research at the Academy. It also allows you to gain Culture Points, and summon the Phoenician Trader to a city of your choice. Each of these features costs gold. The following will explain how to acquire gold, and also the benefits of the premium features.


There are a number of ways in which you can acquire gold. Each of them are different and provide different amounts. They are:

Note: Gold is not linked to a particular world. Any gold purchased will be available on any world in which you have an account. Gold is linked to regional servers however. For example, Gold in EN servers is not available for use in US servers.

Purchasing Gold

Once you open the Premium window, you will see three tabs - Use, Buy, and Advantages. Under the Buy tab, you will be able to select the amount of gold you wish to purchase. Make sure that the currency is set to your currency. You will then be able to select the method by which you want to make the purchase. After that, you will just need to follow the steps and once the transaction is complete (this usually takes no more than a few minutes) you should receive a report letting you know that you have been given your gold.

Gold Trading

You can trade resources for gold in the market window. Your market must be at least level 5 for you to be able use Gold Trading. For security reasons, you can only send/receive 200 gold in one trade. This feature is live on all worlds released after February 10th, 2015.

Inviting a Friend

This is a new feature and allows players to invite new players into the game. New players are defined as those who have never played the game before and do not currently have an account on any other worlds. Should the invited player reach 3000 points, then the player who recruited them into the game will be given 200 gold for their efforts (Players who share an internet connection will not be able to collect this reward). There are three ways in which you can invite a new player to the game: by email, with a direct link, or through banners on websites.

Email & Direct Link

With these options you can choose whether to start your friends in a specific location of your choosing, or to allow them to start in a specific direction or randomly spawn a city. The methods are fairly straight forward and allows a player to begin their journey with Grepolis almost immediately.

Web Banners

Web Banners work differently as these are not directed towards a specific person. As any player can place a banner for the game on a website, the banners are specific to that person and carry the link which identifies the inviting player. This method does not allow the inviting player to choose the location of the new players, but can allow a player to earn more gold as more people will see the link.












Under Premium on the sidebar, you will find the option to enlist the help of 5 Advisors in the game. Each of these advisors provide you and your cities with various benefits. In order to start using these advisors, you will need to have enough gold in your account to activate them.




The administrator supports you during the development and organization of a huge empire. With his help you can add 5 additional building orders to the building queue, and receive detailed resource, troop, trade, culture, gods, caves, and city overviews. He will also grant you access to the Quick Bar as well.

Quick Bar

Quick Bar.png

This bar is quite useful and probably the single best reason to activate the Administrator. The bar is completely customizable and can be edited with a wide variety of java scripts to give instant access to different parts of your city. For an in-depth guide on how to use the quick bar, click here.

Advisor Overviews


  • The trade overview helps you to send resources between your cities quickly. You can see current trade activities in your cities and can also sort your cities according to the various products traded. An intuitive drag-and-drop feature makes this very easy.


  • The command overview shows you all of the current activities in your empire. This can give you a quick summary of how your commands have been executed. You can also cancel any erroneous commands here, if your troops have not moved too far along yet.


  • This overview will give you a summary of how many units are stationed in which city, what resources are available there, and how much additional population you can feed. You can also train new units and build boats with just a few clicks. The more cities a ruler owns, the more time they will save with this overview.


  • Here you can see an overview of your troops and check in which cities your barracks or harbor are idle. You can also see how many resources and available population you have in your cities.

Troops Outside

  • Here is where all the cities you have sent troops for support are listed. You can recall individual troops or all your troops to their native cities by clicking on them.


  • The building overview helps you get a quick summary of the developments in your cities. You can see your current resources in the individual cities, along with the costs of the individual buildings. With just one click, you can construct new buildings or demolish old ones.


  • The culture overview gives you a summary of the cultural developments in your cities. You can see your empire's cultural level and any current festivals in your cities. In the culture overview, you can also initiate new festivals with one click.


  • In the gods overview, you can see information on the gods worshiped, favor of the individual gods, and temples and statues in your cities. You can also cast spells on your cities quickly and easily. That way, you can always have an eye on the gods of your empire.


  • This overview displays all your caves. It allows you to conveniently distribute your silver coins in your cities.

City Groups

  • In the city group overview you can create groups and can assign your cities to them. That way you can always keep an eye on your most important cities, no matter how large your empire gets. You can get details about your individual cities, such as information about available resources or the troops you have stationed there. Once you have selected a group, the other overviews will only show you the cities in that group.

City List

  • The city list will show you all of the important information about your cities at a glance. You can instantly see if there are attacks on any of your cities or whether any buildings are currently being constructed. You can monitor your resource capacities and control your troop size. With this list, you can always keep watch over your empire and are able to react quickly.




The merchant optimizes your economic cycles. He increases your base resource production by 30%.

High Priestess



The High Priestess has an especially good relationship with the gods. She increases your favor production by 50% and supports your mythical units. Your mythical units fight 20% stronger.




The commander enjoys the highest regard among your troops. He is able to increase your troops' motivation even further. The land units fight 20% stronger.




The captain is an experienced seafarer who has already defeated many enemy fleets. His experience allows your naval units to fight 20% stronger and your trade products reach other islands twice as fast. He also makes it possible for you to use the attack planner. In addition to that he simplifies the resource collection with the farming villages overview.

Attack Planner

The attack planner helps you plan and coordinate your attacks on and support of other players. You can strategically assemble your attack waves in just a few clicks, giving you even more control over your troops. You can create large-scale battle plans - either alone, with allied players or entire alliances. You can also put your planned commands directly into action from the attack planner.

Farming Overview

The farming villages overview makes it easier for you to control the delivery of resources and supplies to fill the warehouse of your cities on the respective island. With one click, you can collect all completed loads from your farming villages, or you can simply choose individual farming villages to maintain more control. Additionally, with this overview, you can loot your various farming villages on the respective island.

Additional Premium Features

In addition to the 5 advisors, there are a few other premium features that can help give an advantage to players in the game. These features can be categorized as follows: Reductions, Summoning, and Cultural.

Instant Buy

You can instantly complete a building, recruitment, hero healing, or technology with gold. Any building/technology under 5 minutes may be completed for free. Instant completion of recruitments and hero healings are disabled in the last 5 minutes of an incoming attack. Instant buy replaced the halving feature in 2015.

Divine Power Extension

For 20 gold you are now able to extend the time that a divine power will be active for. Simple click on the spell icon that appears under your city name when the spell is active.

Summon Phoenician Trader

Through the Harbour window, you will be able to summon the Phoenician Trader instantly to any harbour of your choice. This will cost 50 gold per summoning, and so it can get quite costly if used frequently.

Olympic Games

While not a purely premium feature, the Olympic Games is an event which can help you to gain additional Culture Points. To host the Olympic Games, you need to have a Level 30 Academy and at least 50 gold. Each Olympic Games last for a total of 24 hours and grants you one additional Culture Point.

Vacation Days

For the cost of 50 gold, a player can purchase additional vacation days. A total of 14 days can be purchased. For more information about this go to the Vacation Mode page.