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Each of the following awards are handed out once a day to the player who best achieves the awards' requirements. For example, the person who loots the most cities in a day, more than anyone else in the world (server), will get the "Looter of the day" award. However, they only appear once 30 days have passed on a world (non-dependent on speed). If two or more players loot/conquer the same amount of cities, the award is assigned randomly.

Daily awards look like a tombstone and have the date engraved on them, along with a picture representing the achievement:

Medal Title Description
Attacker of the Day Attacker of the Day Collect the most battle points in a day as an attacker
Defender of the Day Defender of the Day Collect the most battle points in a day as a defender
Looter of the Day Looter of the Day Loot the most resources in a day
Great Power of the Day Great power of the Day Conquer the most cities in a day
Supporter of the Day Supporter of the Day Collect the most battle points as a supporter.

You can collect large numbers of these daily awards - each time you're the best on the server for one of the requirements above you'll be awarded with a new tombstone! Note that these only appear 30 days after the World opens (non-dependent on speed).