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Battle Point Villages allow you to collect troops and resources on your islands to progress your empire. There are 6 available ruins for you to take on an island (you do not start with any). Once you buy the ruin with battle points it will turn into a Battle Point Village and you will be able to collect resources and different types of troops.

Summary of the New System

With the new battle point villages and the bandits camp we want to improve the early game phase in order to keep more players in the game and motivate them to come back on the following days. To achieve this we simplified the usability of the old farming villages, and reduced their complexity. We want to offer you more possibilities to fight during the first days on a new world. As a result, we have integrated a new feature on the island of your first city, the Bandits Camp. It will contain a total of 100 PvE fights. As a new player it’s important to perform several PvE fights in order to understand how the battle system works, and to figure out the pros and cons of the different units. This will allow you to be better prepared as your beginner's protection wears off.

BPV island.png

Comparison Chart

Feature Old System New System
Number of villages per island 8 6
Number of farming villages that you start with 1 0
Color of the flag - not in your possession (ruin) Red Grey
Color of the flag - owned by you Green Yellow
Looting Yes No
Happiness Yes No
Cooperative upgrading Yes No
Number of upgrade levels 6 6
Ability to cycle through farm villages No Yes
Costs for upgrading a farm to a next level Resources Battle Points
Time for upgrading a farm Instant Delayed

Farming Village is still usable while upgrading

Requirements for upgrading a farm None You need enough battle points
Unlocking new farming villages Killing Units Spending battle points
Max. options for demanding resources 8 4
Diplomacy technology +

Booty technology

  • +4 additional demand options
  • Increases the amount of resources you receive from farming by 15%.
Both technologies have been combined to one technology:
  • New effect:
    • +115% resources
    • Double cool down times
  • Costs: 1300 of each resource + 6 research points
Amount of Resources per Demand Speed 1 / farming level 1:
  • 5 min: 10 resources
  • 20 min: 23 resources
  • 90 min: 51 resources
  • 240 min: 100 resources
The previous values will be increased by 33%
Requesting units has influence on the daily capacity Yes No as long as the village is ready

Obtaining Battle Point Villages

In order to obtain a battle point village you will need to spend your battle points. Once you have the required battle points available, you can click on the ruin and build your village. After clicking the build button the village will immediately be built to level 1.

Build FV.png

Below is a table with the associated costs:

Number of Villages Cost (in battle points)
1 2
2 8
3 10
4 30
5 50
6+ 100

Once you unlock your sixth village the cost to build a village will be 100 battle points. This number will not reset and counts for all of your cities.

Village Symbols

Village Status Graphic Tooltip
Not In Your Possession


Bpv ruind1.pngBpv ruinn1.pngBpv ruind2.pngBpv ruinn2.pngBpv ruind3.pngBpv ruinn3.pngBpv ruind4.pngBpv ruinn4.pngBpv ruind5.pngBpv ruinn5.pngBpv ruind6.pngBpv ruinn6.png Bpv tooltip3.png
In Your Possession

(ready to farm)

Bpv demand.png Bpv tooltip4.png
In Your Possession

(cooldown after collection)

Bpv level1 flag.png Bpv tooltip1.png
In Your Possession

(cooldown after upgrading)

Bpv level1 flag.png Bpv tooltip2.png

Obtaining Troops and Resources

BPV accept units.png

Since you will only be able to obtain 6 villages instead of 8 like the old system, we have increased the amount of resources by 25%. Each time you demand resources it is subtracted from the daily total (which is dependent on the level of the village). Additionally, if you demand resources you will not be able to demand troops until the cool down period has ended.

Total Daily Limit

Village level Old Daily Limit New Daily Limit
1 Bpv level1.png 6250 2500
2 Bpv level2.png 7500 3000
3 Bpv level3.png 8750 3500
4 Bpv level4.png 10000 4000
5 Bpv level5.png 11250 4500
6 Bpv level6.png 12500 5000
New values are multiplied by world speed.

Collecting Resources

You will have several different collection options to choose from, ranging from 5 minutes to 8 hours. In order to unlock the different options you will need to upgrade your warehouse accordingly:

Option Warehouse Level
1 1
2 5
3 7
4 10

The following options are available to you once you have the appropriate warehouse level:

Village Level 5 Minute Cool Down 20 Minute Cool Down 90 Minute Cool Down 4 Hour Cool Down
1 Bpv level1.png 13 31 68 133
2 Bpv level2.png 16 36 79 155
3 Bpv level3.png 18 41 91 177
4 Bpv level4.png 21 47 102 200
5 Bpv level5.png 24 52 113 222
6 Bpv level6.png 26 57 124 244

Additionally you will have the option to research the technology "Villagers Loyalty" to unlock a different set of times:

Village Level 10 Minute Cool Down 40 Minute Cool Down 3 Hour Cool Down 8 Hour Cool Down
1 Bpv level1.png 28 66 148 286
2 Bpv level2.png 34 78 171 334
3 Bpv level3.png 40 89 195 382
4 Bpv level4.png 45 101 219 430
5 Bpv level5.png 51 112 243 477
6 Bpv level6.png 57 124 267 525

Collecting Units

Collecting units no longer counts against the daily limit when collecting from battle point villages. They do, however, require a cool down just like when you are collecting resources. Below is a table with the respective values, which are affected by world speed:

Village Level Swordsmen Slingers Archers Hoplites
1 Bpv level1.png 2.43 2.25 2.25 1.95
2 Bpv level2.png 2.87 2.65 2.65 2.29
3 Bpv level3.png 3.27 3.02 3.02 2.61
4 Bpv level4.png 3.62 3.34 3.34 2.89
5 Bpv level5.png 4.05 3.74 3.74 3.24
6 Bpv level6.png 4.48 4.14 4.14 3.59
The cooldown time for collecting all types of units is 3 hours.
The values are relative to game speed (formula: game speed*unit number, rounded down)

In order to unlock the above units you will need to increase your farm level. Each unit option requires a minimum farm level before you will be able to collect that unit.

Option Requirement
1 Farm level 5
2 Farm level 7
3 Farm level 10
4 Farm level 15


You will be able to trade with battle point villages with a maximum ratio of 1.25. The minimum amount of resources that you are able to trade is 100 and the maximum is 3000.

BPV trading.png

Once you trade with a battle point village the ratio will drop. Over time it will recover slowly at a rate of .02 per hour * world speed.

Village Cycling

Bpv toggle.png

It is now possible to cycle through your battle point villages to farm resources. You can do so by clicking the arrows pictured above.


With the introduction of Battle Point Villages there is a new technology available Villagers' Loyalty that will increase the amount of resources that you obtain by 115%.

Villagers' Loyalty
Villagers loyalty.png

Requires Level 7 Academy

Effect Cost
  • Increases the amount of resources you receive from farming by 115%
  • Doubles the cool down times for collecting resources.
1300 of each resource and 6 research points