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What are BB codes?

BB codes allow you to format your messages and forum posts in game. Below you can see all of the codes that you have available to you.


What do they do?

Image Function Code Note
Bold.png Bold [b]Your Text Here[/b]
Italics.png Italics [i]Your Text Here[/i]
Underline.png Underline [u]Your Text Here[/u]
Strikethrough.png Strike Through [s]Your Text Here[/s]
CentreText.png Centre Text [center]Your Text Here[/center]
Quote.png Quote Text [quote]Your Quote Here[/quote]
URL.png Post a link [url]URL Link Here[/ulr]
Player.png Link to a player's IG profile [player]Player Name[/player]
Flag.png Link to an alliance's IG profile [ally]Alliance Name[/ally]
CityBB.png Link to a specific city. [town]City Code[/town] If you click this icon in-game, a window will open in which you enter the city that you wish to link to. You do not need to know its code.
FontSize.png Change the size of your font. [size=9]Your Text Here.[/size] In game, if you click on this icon you will be presented with 5 different options for sizes. However, you could just change the number manually. It should be between 6 and 25 (it could be any number really though!) Those are simply the limits that i recommend
Image.png Post an image. [img]Image URL[/img]
FontColour.png Change the colour of your font. [color=#A00000][/color] In-game, if you click on this icon you will be able to choose the colour that you want from a wide range. However, the code is simply HTML, so if you know the colour code for the colour you want, just paste it in.
Scroll.png Post a report. [report]Report Code[/report] You can only link to reports that you have 'Published'. Once published, you will be given a code that you can simply copy and paste.
Award.png Post one of your awards. [report]Report Code[/report] If you click this icon, you will be able to select which awards you wish to show people.
Island.png Link to a whole island. [island]Island Code[/island] If you click on the icon in the middle of the island that you wish to link to, you will open the menu from which you can generate the island code.
Table.png Post a table. [table]Table Code[/table]
Font.png Change the font that you are writing in. [font=serif]Your Text[/font] You only have a choice of 3 fonts IG.
Reservation.png Post up a city that has either been reserved or that you want someone to reserve. [reservation]City Code[/reservation] You will be able to simply enter the city name into a bar that opens, you do not need to know the city code.
Spoiler.png Put something in a spoiler [spoiler]Your text[/spoiler] You'll be able to put your text/reports in a spoiler. When clicking on the 'Spoiler' button you'll open or close the spoiler.