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Island Quests depict random events in the life of a ruler. You get to make your own decisions on how to react to a specific quests, this will supplement your role as a ruler. We, as players, have been after a feature that made the game a bit more realistic in this way and we have received it!

What are Island Quests?

Island quests are a new addition to the game (May 2013) that further your grepolis experience by giving you decisions to make, just like those that a real Ruler would have had to make.

The frequency at which the quests appear changes depending on how many points you have.

Points Frequency
Under 10,000 Every 2 hours.
10,001 - 50,000 Every 4 hours.
Over 50,000 Every 8 hours.
  • Note that world speed does not change the frequency.

As soon as an Island Quest appears it will be placed on a random island with on of your cities. You can only have 2 Island Quests active on each island, so if you had 5 cities on one island, you could still only have 2 quests active on that island.

  • Islands without farming villages cannot contain any Island Quests.
  • Furthermore, there can only be 10 active Island Quests on your islands.

To make this a bit more clear... A player can have a maximum of 10 quests available for them to accept at any one time, however they can only accept 4 quests at the same time (so you have to decide which quests you accept). You can have 2 quests active on one island, however no more than 2 and you cannot get island quests on islands with no farming villages.

How do I find the Quests?

InnoGames is well aware that the thought of scrolling through all of your 90 cities to find the island quests may be a bit tedious... So, I am happy to say that you don't need to search all your islands for available quests, you can simply check your city list instead (by clicking on your city name in the top left corner). Every city with an available Island Quest on its island will have a corresponding icon next to it.

What do Island Quests look like?

Available Island Quests look like this on your map.

Quest marker.jpg

How do I do the quests?

Clicking on the quest marker on your screen will open the relevant quest window:


First you will be introduced to the Quest with a short descriptive story to set the scene for the Quest, underneath you will find two boxes, each representing a viable option to react on the given situation. You must decide which path you take.

Each option also has a reward attached to it which you will receive upon successful completion of the chosen challenge. The type of challenge can be seen directly on the icon of the "decision button". If you hover over the 'Decide' button, you will be told what your task will be should you choose that path, hovering over the image in the centre of each path will show you the reward that you will receive when you complete the quest. Before making a decision for the selected quest you also have the possibility to exchange this quest for another one by clicking the "rotate" button (this action will cost 50 gold).

The Different Paths

You must decide which path you take, one will typically be a 'aggressive option' (i.e. "Hunt down the heretics...") and one will be a peaceful option (i.e. "Spare the lives of the heretics..."). Which path you take is up to you, you need to decide which sort of ruler you want to be.

Each path will give you a different task and a different reward. For example...

Path Example
"Aggressive" Violent.png
"Peaceful" Peace.png

So the different paths give you different bonuses, you decide which path you take just like the ancient greek rulers had to.

Accepted Quests

If you make a decision, the option to rotate and the other decision for this quest will not be available anymore, at this point the quest has been accepted.

Island quest challenge.jpg
  • An accepted Island Quest will be displayed on the right-hand side of your interface, so you're always informed about all accepted quests.
  • You can have a maximum of 4 Island Quests active at a time.
  • Once a quest has been accepted, you can either try to successfully complete it or wait until it automatically disappears.
  • Island Quests will disappear after 24 hours if you do not continue to work on its progress. In case you have sent troops to support your Island Quest goal, they will return to you upon termination of the quest.

Completing Quests

In order to interact with an Island Quest simply click the "challenge" button to get access to the corresponding pop-up window:

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 22.22.17.png

This menu will vary depending on the type of challenge for your quest. As soon as all requirements have been met and the progress bar reaches 100%, the quest is complete and you don't need to fear that this Island Quest will automatically disappear. You can claim your reward at any time you want. You can choose to directly apply the effect on the currently selected city or stash it in your Inventory.

Levels of the Rewards

Many effects also have a Roman number displayed in their icon indicating its level. The level usually affects the duration or quality of an effect. Reward levels depend on Island Quest difficulty levels, this is determined by your average city score on the island that the quest has spawned on.

Average Score Quest Level
Below 301 1
301-600 2
601-1000 3
1001-2000 4
2001-3500 5
3501-6000 6
6001-9000 7
9001-13000 8
More than 13000 9

Note: Keep in mind that some rewards may not have any level because its power already scales with the total points of the city it is being applied to. Basic production of wood which is being increased as a percentage will be improved more greatly if the city has a level 30 timber camp instead of a level 1 timber camp.

Important.pngA Note About Rewards
Island Quest rewards do not cancel each other out. So if you had taken a Reduced Loyalty Spell and in exchange were given some units, the effects of this spell (-5 mood per hour for 5 hours) could not be avoided by simple using a Forced Loyalty spell

More Info

To read what Marcel, one of the grepolis developers and creator of the Island Quests, has to say about them, click here.

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