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Important.png'Grepolis Classic' is a special game world for the 10 year anniversary of InnoGames!
Please be advised that support for this special game world is limited. The only available language version is English.

For more information, please refer to "3. Special Conditions"



In celebration of the 10th anniversary of InnoGames, a special game world based on a classic version of Grepolis was opened on July 3rd. This version was based on version 1.26.9 - the last version before the transition to Grepolis 2.0.

This world has special conditions (e.g. no payment shop available) and a special configuration in remembrance of what playing Grepolis felt like in 2011.

World Configuration

Setting/Event Value
Game Version 1.26.9
World Speed 6
Unit Speed 6
Trade Speed 6
Alliance Limit 200
Beginners Protection 3 Days
Conquest Type Conquest
Morale Inactive
Heroes No
Militia Time 3 hours
Conquest duration 8 hours
City Foundation duration 8 hours
Night Bonus 00:00-06:00 CEST
Active Gods Hera
Starting Gold 5,000
Opening Date July 3rd, 2017
End Date July 31st, 2017

Special Conditions

Grepolis Classic was a limited time only special world for the celebrations of InnoGames' 10th anniversary.

Limited support

The game is available in English language only.

The world is run separately from most of the regular InnoGames infrastructure and hence not connected to the Support system or payment shop. Premium purchases are not available. Individual customer support is unavailable for this game world. Bugs may occur. Play at your own risk.

Limited functionality

Grepolis Classic is running on version 1.26.9 of the game. In this version a lot of current features are not available. They include:

  • Heroes
  • Gods: Hades and Artemis
  • In-game events
  • Phoenician Trader
  • World Wonders
  • Battle Point Villages
  • Attack planner
  • Island Quests

Free Premium

Every player starting on this world receives 5,000 gold to use at their own discretion. Further premium purchases are not possible.