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This page contains important information about how to keep your Grepolis account safe and secure from potential intruders. It is highly advisable you follow these recommendations as Innogames is not responsible for loss of an account due to user error.

Password Information

Your password is stored in Grepolis only in encrypted form, it is not possible to decrypt this password, the only ways so how can someone get your password is:

  • You have selected an insecure password that is easy to guess.
  • You have logged in on a public computer and save the password.
  • Someone has watched you enter your password.
  • You have fallen for a hoax.

Tips On Protecting Yourself Against The Above

Here are a few tips on how you can protect yourselves against the things mentioned above. The tips may sound silly or perhaps an exaggeration, but we know from the numerous support tickets that we receive that alot of users have their account stolen by failing to follow simple and common sense security measures.

  • Your password should not correspond to your first, last or user name. Also, it is not advisable to use a password like "1234" or "password" or even "qwerty" as these can be easily guessed. It is best to combine a word with a number and special characters. The number or special character should be chosen as randomly as possible. This sounds complicated, but just adding one special character or number significantly increases a password security.
  • If you're in a public place, for example logging in at school or in an internet cafe, make sure you do not log in permanently. If you're asked in the browser whether you want to save the password it is critical you select no. Also ensure that no one stands behind you and watches you enter your password,
  • The Grepolis Support Team will never ask you for your password. If someone wants to have your password, be suspicious in any case. On some pages, it is possible that you will be prompted to enter your Grepolis username and password. If there is "External Authentication" and the address bar contains "", then it is a secure validation. These pages use an interface from Grepolis, they therefore have no way to get to your password.
  • You should generally not use your Grepolis password on any other website. It is particularly important that the password to your Grepolis registered e-mail account are different. If your password is cracked in the game somehow, you can change it by using the e-mail address. If your e-mail account was also stolen, there would be almost no chance of recovering your account.

Should you wish to change your password so you can do it here: Change Password.