Nature's Wheel Of Time 2016

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What it looks like

Nwot 2016 main screen.png

Event Period

02.06.2016 - 26.06.2016


The event Nature's Wheel of Time contains 24 wheels. Every day you can open a new wheel. After clicking on a day, the corresponding wheel for the day appears on the right side of the window. Each wheel contains six different rewards and one sacred branch. Collect five sacred branches to get all five advisors for one week for free or, if you are playing on a world with heroes, your reward will be the exclusive new hero "Christopholus"
You spin the wheel by pressing the button in the middle and just let it spin until it stops by itself. A reward will pop up in the middle after a short animation. The first spin on the current day is always free, but you can spin more often by spending gold. The reward you get is totally random. You will need to collect the reward before you can spin the wheel again.
The wheel can be refilled with all of its previous rewards by spending gold.
After the first spin of the wheel, a decoration on the background illustration will be unlocked. Unlocking decorations will grant you the award "Turning Back Time".

How to open the event

Click on the small event icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to open the event.

Nwot2016 icon.png

How to open a day

As soon as you move your mouse over the illustrated scene, pins will pop up all over the event window, and each pin contains a number (1 to 24). If you click on a pin, the Wheel of Fortune for that day will open up on the right side, next to the tree. In order to open the wheel for the corresponding day, it is required that the appropriate number of days have passed.

Current Day

The pin for the current day is highlighted in gold.

Winter2015 current.png

Past Days

Pins of past days that still contain at least one reward are displayed in blue.

Winter2015 past.png

Store rewards

You don't need to accept the reward instantly. You can "store" it in the wheel until the event ends.

Winter2015 collect.png


As soon as you make your first spin of the day, a new (and day-specific) decoration will be added to the scenery.

Spinning the wheel

Initially, there is just one "spin" button in the middle of the wheel if you have a free spin.
Pressing this button will make a light spin over all available rewards (excluding the ones that had been already taken).
As the animation stops, the button in the middle will fade away and the reward you have won moves to the middle.
You can click the reward to either store it in your inventory, use it directly for the selected town, or throw it away. You can also leave it there for the duration of the event and pick it up later.


If you obtained all 6 rewards of one wheel, you can refill it the first time by spending 50 gold, after that the price will increase. You can also refill the wheel earlier (i.e. after you collected the most desired reward that you wish to obtain again). Keep in mind though, the price of this function will increase with each use, and it will reset back to 50 gold at midnight.

Sacred Branches

In the event, there is also the display of the "sacred branches". It shows the progress until you unlock the free advisors or "Christopholus" on worlds with heroes. Additionally once you have collected all branches you will be given the award “Natures Gift".

Nwot2016 branch.png

Sacred Branches Collection

One reward of each day will also come along with a "sacred branch". If you receive that reward, you will also receive the sacred branch.
As soon as you have received all 5 sacred branches, additional ones will not be displayed on any wheel any longer. The advisors/Christopholus will switch from grey to colored once unlocked, too.
Using the refill-function will not replenish already collected sacred branches!

Costs of Additional Spins

The first spin of the current day is always free. Additional spins cost premium.

The first spin is for free, than the second one costs 100 gold and the next one always 100 gold more than the previous one.

Spin Featureicons02 2.08.png
2 100
3 200
4 300
5 400
6 500

If you missed the spin on a previous day, the first spin on that wheel will cost 100 gold. Every additional spin costs 100 gold more than the previous one.

Spin Featureicons02 2.08.png
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600

This means that the second spin costs 100 gold only on the current day. If you miss to spin it, the costs for this spin are 200 gold the next day.


The event is only available for a limited time, between 02.06. and 26.06.2016. The remaining time is always visible, displayed as a countdown at the top left corner of the event window. After the time is up, it won't be possible to open the window any more. Keep in mind that you have to collect all remaining rewards that you might have stored in some of the wheels before the time is up. There is no way to collect these rewards afterwards.

Mobile App

The event will also be available in our mobile app, as soon as we start the event globally. Check it out, because on the app you can spin the wheel with just your finger!


During this event you can win two different awards. The first is the "Turning Back Time" award, which is granted after you have spun the wheel 3/6/12/24 times. The other award, "Natures Gift" is awarded for collecting all of the sacred branches.

Turning Back Time

3 Spins 6 Spins 12 Spins 24 Spins
Nfot2016 lvl1.png Nfot2016 lvl2.png Nfot2016 lvl3.png Nfot2016 lvl4.png

Natures Gift

Nfot2016 collector.png