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World Settings

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The Worlds

A world is another word for a game server. Each world contains the same fundamentals of Grepolis except for minor changes in settings (see below). A player can join multiple worlds with the same account, however you can not play the same world with two different accounts. A list of all worlds and their settings can be found here.

World Settings

World Speed World Speed determines how fast all actions in a world take. This includes buildings generating resources, limited time divine forces, mood and strength regeneration, etc. Range: 0+
Default: 1
Unit Speed Unit Speed determines the speed at which units travel across the map. It is the only speed setting that is independent of the World Speed. Range: 0+
Default: 1
Night Bonus The night bonus provides a bonus to the defender when attacked at night. The exact "time of night" differs per world, however this bonus is always 100% of a defender's total defense value. Range: On / Off
Default: Deactivated
Beginner Protection The time from when a player joins a world during which they can not be attacked. The duration listed in linked to Server Time and therefore unaffected by World Speed. Range: 0+ Days
Default: 7 Days
Morale Morale weakens the advantage of a stronger player when attacking a severely weaker player. Range: Active
Default: Inactive
Alliance Cap The maximum number of players allowed to be in one alliance at at the same time. Range: 2+
Default: Unlimited
Peace Peace indicates times during which players are unable to attack each other. These times are scarce, only usually occurring during major holidays such as Christmas. Range: On / Off
Default: Deactivated
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