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World Settings

A world is another word for a game server. Each world contains the same fundamentals of Grepolis except for minor changes in settings (see below). A player can join multiple worlds with the same account, however you can not play the same world with two different accounts. A list of all worlds and their settings can be found by clicking the links below. You will be redirected to a page with all the worlds for your server.

World Speed World Speed determines how fast all actions in a world take. This includes buildings generating resources, limited time divine forces, mood and strength regeneration, etc. Range: 1+
Default: 1
Unit Speed Unit Speed determines the speed at which units travel across the map. Range: 1+
Default: 1
Trade Speed Trade Speed determines the speed at which merchants travel across the map. Range: 1+
Default: 1
Night Bonus The night bonus provides a bonus to the defender when attacked at night. The exact "time of night" differs per world, however this bonus is always 100% of a defender's total defense value. Range: On / Off
Default: Deactivated
Beginner Protection The time from when a player joins a world during which they can not be attacked. The duration listed in linked to Server Time and therefore unaffected by World Speed. Range: 0+ Days
Default: 7 Days
Conquer System Either Revolt system or Conquest system. N/A
Morale Morale weakens the advantage of a stronger player when attacking a severely weaker player. Range: Active (on every new world unless otherwise specified
Alliance Cap The maximum number of players allowed to be in one alliance at at the same time. Range: 2+
Default: Unlimited
Heroes Whether or not heroes are on the world. Range: Active/Inactive
Default: Active
Gold Trading/Instant Buy Whether or not gold trading and instant buy are active. Range: Active/Inactive
Default: Active


Sometimes there may be a special event/holiday going on where you will be away for a few days. A peacetime is a period of time where a player may not be attacked. Please check the forum for the announcement of a peacetime. The following rules are active during peacetime:

  • 24 hours before the peacetime, it is not possible to send a Colony Ship (both conquest and revolt systems);
    • It is not possible to land a Colony Ship, or infact send one 24h before peacetime_start
    • This also applies for Ghost towns
  • During peace time, ongoing attacks only visit their targets and sending new attacks is not possible;
    • Any attack due to land after the peacetime begins turn back on arrival
    • It is possible to send attacks during peacetime, if they land outside of the peacetime
  • Town foundings during peacetime are not blocked because there is no battle involved in this process;
  • All interactions with the world wonders are blocked:
    • Resources: players can send resources but if peacetime is active upon the resource arrival time, they are given back to the origin town instead of being added to the wonder. This is similar to attacks
    • Expansion: expanding a wonder during peacetime is not allowed. It is not possible to start the level expansion of a world wonder if peace time is active during or upon the completion time
    • Build: its also not possible to start world wonder building
  • During peace time, offensive spells can't be cast on enemy's town
    • Affected spells are: "Lightening bolt" from Zeus, "Earthquake" from Poseidon, "Plague" from Hades and "Illusion" from Artemis.

World Information

This is the new world information section. You can find information about EN (International), US (United States), and ZZ (Beta) worlds by clicking one of the below links.

International Server Worlds
Description: This page contains the information for the International Server worlds.

You may play the International Server here.
You may access the International Server Forum here.

United States Server Worlds
Description: This page contains the information for the United States Server worlds.

You may play the United States Server here.
You may access the United States Server Forum here.

Beta Server Worlds
Description: This page contains the information for the Beta Server worlds.

You may play the Beta Server here.
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