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Welcome to our tutorial, an instruction manual for using a wiki.

Basic Guidelines

Before you begin editing the wiki there are a few basic principles you should know:

  • Follow the Wiki Rules at all times.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary edits.
  • Be friendly! The wiki is a community project and moderators and other users do not appreciate abuse.


Before you can create and edit pages as well as taking part in discussions, you must login with a wiki account. To create an account:

  • Click the log in / create account button in the top right of the page. On the login page click "create an account".
  • Enter your desired username and password, then re-enter your password into the password confirmation box. It is a good idea to enter your e-mail so we can restore your account if you forget your password. You may opt to provide your real name, which will be used credit you for your contributions.
  • If your chosen username is already taken or your entered passwords do not match you will receive an error message. Otherwise you should receive a "registration successful" message and automatically log into your new account.

Unless you ask to save your account details, you will need to log in every time you return to the wiki. To log in:

  • Click the log in / create account button in the top right of the page.
  • Enter your username and password, then press the login button.
  • If your username and password do not match, or in the rare circumstance your account has been banned, you will receive an error. Otherwise you will be logged in and redirected back to the page you were last viewing.

Once you are logged in you will see new buttons along the bar on the top right. These are:

  • Your Profile, where you can fill out any personal text of your choosing.
  • My Talk, similar to a "visitor messages" system.
  • My Preferences, user options of the wiki.
  • My Watchlist, a list of pages you have chosen to monitor for changes.
  • My Contributions, a list of all changes you have made to the wiki.
  • Log out, sign out of the wiki.


Main article: Help:Editing

Anyone who is logged on (excluding banned users) is able to edit the wiki. Note some pages are "protected" against edits, this is usually for important files or pages prove to vandalism.

Creating a Page

If a page does not exist you have the option to create it.

  • Always make sure a similar article does not exist before creating a new one. It may be under a different name, category or tag.
  • Make sure you choose a suitable name for a page. For example it is entirely useless to have an article about Research under the name "Unlocking Stuff", as it will not appear when other users search for it.
  • If your article could come under multiple titles (eg Swordsmen and Swordsman) you may wish to create a redirect page to help users find your page more easily. To create a redirect page use the following code: #REDIRECT [[Page title]]
  • Remember to use headings and images appropriately, as they can really improve or detract from an article.
  • Most importantly, follow all the practises listed above for editing!

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