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In the Academy, you have the ability to research new technologies. These technologies may improve an existing action, may make new units available to you or can improve certain unit types. These researches are unique to a city, so every city that any player owns could have different technologies, therefore inducing strategy!

Technologies can be researched with normal resources and an expendable resource called Research Points. For every academy level you build, you get 4 research points which can be used to research even more technologies.

To find out more about particular researches, use the tree or the table below.

Read About Researching Here!

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 Research Tree    
1     ·     · 4     ·     · 7     ·     · 10     ·     · 13     ·     · 16     ·     · 19     ·     · 22     ·     · 25     ·     · 28     ·     · 31     ·     · 34     ·     ·
Fire Ship
Fast Transport Boat
Stone Hail
Battle Experience
Light Ship
Temple Looting
Strong Wine
City Guard
Divine Selection
Set Sail
Colony Ship
Democracy (Conquest Worlds Only)

Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 1
Slinger.png Slinger Enables the training of Slingers. Holz.png300 Stein.png500 Silbermünzen.png200Research Points.png4
Archer.png Archer Enables the training of Archers. Holz.png550 Stein.png100 Silbermünzen.png400 Research Points.png8
Town guard.png City Guard The city guard strengthens your militia with an extra 5 warriors per farm level. Holz.png400 Stein.png300 Silbermünzen.png300 Research Points.png3

At Level 4

Hoplite.png Hoplite Enables the training of Hoplites. Holz.png600 Stein.png200 Silbermünzen.png850 Research Points.png8
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy Increases the amount of resources you receive from farming by 15%. Holz.png100 Stein.png400 Silbermünzen.png200 Research Points.png3
Meteorology.png Meteorology All troops recruited in the barracks move 10% faster. Holz.png2500 Stein.png1700 Silbermünzen.png6500 Research Points.png4

At Level 7

Espionage.png Espionage Spies will automatically be 20% stronger. Holz.png900 Stein.png900 Silbermünzen.png1100 Research Points.png3
Booty.png Booty You receive 8 resource options instead of 4 when farming Holz.png1200 Stein.png1200 Silbermünzen.png1200 Research Points.png3
Pottery.png Ceramics Your Warehouse can store 2500 more Resources. Holz.png700 Stein.png1500 Silbermünzen.png900 Research Points.png4

At Level 10

Rider.png Horseman Enables the Training of Horsemen. Holz.png1400 Stein.png700 Silbermünzen.png1800 Research Points.png8
Architecture.png Architecture Through the development of architecture, the cost of raw materials in buildings can be reduced by 15%. Holz.png1900 Stein.png2100 Silbermünzen.png1300 Research Points.png6
Instructor.png Trainer Trainers encourage the training of your Soldiers. Your Barracks works 10% faster. Holz.png800 Stein.png1300 Silbermünzen.png1600 Research Points.png4

At Level 13

Colonize ship.png Colony Ship Allows you to build a Colony Ship. Holz.png7500 Stein.png7500 Silbermünzen.png9500 Research Points.png0
Bireme.png Bireme Allows the construction of Biremes. Holz.png2800 Stein.png1300 Silbermünzen.png2200 Research Points.png8
Building crane.png Crane Increases the Senate building speed by 10%. Holz.png3000 Stein.png1800 Silbermünzen.png1400 Research Points.png4
Shipwright.png Shipwright Shipbuilders support your shipyard workers. The Harbour works 10% faster. Holz.png5000 Stein.png2000 Silbermünzen.png3900 Research Points.png6

At Level 16

Chariot.png Chariot Allows the construction of Chariots. Holz.png3700 Stein.png1900 Silbermünzen.png2800 Research Points.png8
Attack ship.png Light Ship Allows the construction of Light Ships. Holz.png4400 Stein.png2000 Silbermünzen.png2400 Research Points.png8
Conscription.png Conscription Introducing Conscription reduces the cost of Land Units by 10%. Holz.png3800 Stein.png4200 Silbermünzen.png6000 Research Points.png4

At Level 19

Demolition ship.png Fire Ship Allows the construction of Fire Ships. Holz.png5300 Stein.png2600 Silbermünzen.png2700 Research Points.png8
Catapult.png Catapult Allows the construction of Catapults. Holz.png5500 Stein.png2900 Silbermünzen.png3600 Research Points.png8
Cryptography.png Cryptography Through the development of cryptography, it is 10% more difficult for enemy spies to obtain a report. Holz.png2500 Stein.png3000 Silbermünzen.png5100 Research Points.png6
Democracy.png Democracy Your people are behind their leader. It takes 10% longer to overthrow your city. Not available on Revolt Worlds. Holz.png3100 Stein.png3100 Silbermünzen.png4100 Research Points.png6

At Level 22

Small transporter.png Light Transport Ships Allows the construction of Light Transport Ships. Holz.png6500 Stein.png2800 Silbermünzen.png3200 Research Points.png8
Plow.png Plow The Farm can provide for 200 additional residents. Holz.png3000 Stein.png3300 Silbermünzen.png2100 Research Points.png4
Berth.png Bunks Your transport ships can carry 6 additional units. Holz.png8900 Stein.png5200 Silbermünzen.png7800 Research Points.png6

At Level 25

Trireme.png Trireme Allows the construction of Triremes. Holz.png6500 Stein.png3800 Silbermünzen.png4700 Research Points.png8
Phalanx.png Phalanx Your troops form a powerful Phalanx and thus fight 10% stronger than normal. Holz.png4000 Stein.png4000 Silbermünzen.png15000 Research Points.png9
Breach.png Breakthrough Makes it possible to attack by breaking through. Your ships enable a better breakthrough of your transport boats to the land. But this reduces the fighting strength of your ships by 50%. Holz.png8000 Stein.png8000 Silbermünzen.png9000 Research Points.png6
Mathematics.png Mathematics Through the development of mathematics, raw material costs for vessels are reduced by 10%. Holz.png7100 Stein.png4400 Silbermünzen.png8600 Research Points.png6

At Level 28

Ram.png Ram The fighting power of your ships increases by 10%. Holz.png7900 Stein.png9200 Silbermünzen.png14000 Research Points.png10
Cartography.png Cartography Through the development of cartography your ships can navigate better and are 10% faster. Holz.png10000 Stein.png6700 Silbermünzen.png12500 Research Points.png8
Take over.png Conquest Allows you to conquer enemy cities. Holz.png12000 Stein.png12000 Silbermünzen.png16000 Research Points.png0

At Level 31

Stone Hail.png Stone Hail Your catapults now have a chance of destroying the level of a building (excluding special buildings). The chance increases by 10% with each catapult included in the attack. Holz.png8500 Stein.png5900 Silbermünzen.png6600 Research Points.png4
Temple Looting.png Temple Looting Mythical units can now loot an enemy’s favor in addition to resources. (5 favor per mythical unit; except the Hydra). Holz.png9200 Stein.png5300 Silbermünzen.png10000 Research Points.png6
Divine Selection.png Divine Selection Your mythical units receive a boost of 10% to their stats (offensive and defensive). Holz.png10000 Stein.png8000 Silbermünzen.png12000 Research Points.png10

At Level 34

Combat Experience.png Battle Experience You gain additional battlepoints after a battle, worth 10% of lost units. Holz.png9800 Stein.png11400 Silbermünzen.png14200 Research Points.png6
Strong Wine.png Strong Wine The City Festivals and Olympic Games duration is reduced and only lasts 10 hours instead of 12. Holz.png8000 Stein.png6500 Silbermünzen.png11000 Research Points.png4
Set Sail.png Set Sail Your colony ships are 10% faster. Holz.png13000 Stein.png9700 Silbermünzen.png15500 Research Points.png8