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Beginners Guides

Beginners Guides

On this page you will find all of the beginners guides that we have on the wiki. There is a short write up on each guide and a rating from the wiki team.
Note: Please read the Wiki Guides Disclaimer before copying any of these guides.

Ultimate Beginners Guide
Author: Osl112
Description: This complete guide will help you to glory at Grepolis. This will teach you the ropes as well as a couple advanced techniques, so that you can become a master of the game, at one with the gods and ruler across many cities. It will guide you through the start up all the way up to being a legend in control of a considerable empire. Made especially for 2.0.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis
Author: Figtree2
Description: This is a guide meant to teach beginners and help them grow and prosper in Grepolis.
Rating: N/A
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How to get CS ready
Author: Nickossa
Description: This guide is designed to help you get conquest ready as quickly as possible so that you, as a new player or old vet, can get that great start you've always wanted.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Hagop's Grepolis Simplified
Author: Hagop Abroumian
Description: This guide is a nice and simple breakdown of several of the game's key features. It explains the city overview and goes onto talk about strategies for attacking and defending as well as for specialising your cities. Worth a read for novices.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Building a City
Author: Asjo
Description: This is a nice little guide explaining a good city set up. This is often something that newer players find hard to work out for themselves and this guide does a good job of not just laying out a city plan, but also explaining why that is a good city plan.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Beginners Guide 2
Author: Unknown.
Description: This is a perfectly good little beginners guide. However it was written for 1.26 and so may not be totally accurate. It is still useful though and is worth a read if you are after a slightly shorter Beginners Guide.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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