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Information (1).pngPlease Note
This is a guide written by swarren102 for the .EN forums. Please not that this guide can differ from someone else's thoughts. Everyone uses different techniques, but this can help.

Advanced CS Sniping With Anchors (Conquest Version)

Ok so as we all know the easiest way to defend from an incoming CS is to stack your city with both Biremes and DLU. But it is not the best and most productive way as it costs alot of resources to do.

So instead I will be showing you how to snipe extremely well and kill that CS with minimal losses.

Step 1

Firstly you need to identify the CS so you can defend against it. . The CS will be the slowest and usually the last attack and the one the support lands after. Although a good player/alliance will send multiple CS's. The best thing to do is use your notepad to list all attacks and times according to the attacking players. This will almost give you a 100% chance of finding the CS landing time. When you are confident you have found the CS time write it down or post it in the defence tab. If you are not online when the attacks were sent don't worry as the notification icons appear in chronological order so in easy terms they are displayed in order of attack as sent so pay attention to them.

Step 2

Posting for help. When you have the incoming CS time use the format in the defence tab to get assistance to maximise your chance of getting the timing right.

Step 3

The snipe. Ok so this is the most important part of defence. It is best to land as much Bireme as close to the CS landing time as possible or land LS as close to the time after CS has landed.

In the ideal scenario we would like to land support 1 second before CS landing or LS 1 second after CS has landed. eg

  • Clearing attack: 00:01:00
  • Clearing attack: 00 01:01 <---This is where support needs to land
  • CS attack: 00:01:02 <---LS snipe needs to land here
  • Enemy support 00:01:03

This example would be a guarantee snipe in the perfect world.

Now as we know the game adds a random +10 or -10 second anti-timer so it is difficult do time right...or is it? No it is not. The next step will explain tips on how to get that crucial timing right.

Step 4

Getting your timing right. Now this is the most important part. Firstly get an idea of what times you get by sending and cancelling supports to get a feel for the anti-timer (refreshing the page makes no difference).

To give yourself extra chances at getting a successful snipe use what we call "Anchors". Anchors are a slower travelling unit such as LS, Slow transports and Trireme.

  • -A Biremes Travel speed is Bireme TT.png
  • -A Slow transport's travel time is Slow transport tt.png
  • -A LS travel speed is Ls tt.png
  • -A Trireme travel speed is Trireme tt.png

So the clever thing to do is delay the Bireme's/LS real speed by as much as you can to give you as much chances to give you timing your happy with. By adding and removing slower travelling units this is easily done.

You will only need 1 of each of the slower travelling units "Anchors" in your Bireme/LS city as to not wast population.

So all in all the best info is that i have given but the rest is up to you and the bireme's/LS ....the best advice i can give is keep calm and do your best. It is only a game.