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During the event "In Demeter's Name" there is war raging on the islands, and many people are on the run. Help them and be kind to those who are in need. Feed the young as well as the old. The goddess Demeter will shower you with rewards for your generosity and hospitality.

During the event you are owner of a tavern wherein you will have the opportunity to serve meals! You will be able to use 8 different types of provisions to unlock prizes that will help you dominate your enemy. You can collect provisions performing every day, by one of the following in game actions: attacking and defending, constructing buildings, researching, casting divine powers or recruiting units.

Once you have enough provisions, you can mix them together on the main event screen, and you will be rewarded with a specific bonus. The served meal for that combination will then be stored in your Book of Meals for future reference.

In addition to the rewards you receive from serving meals, you will also have the opportunities to compete against your fellow players in the daily rankings. The top player of the day will be given the Master Innkeeper award, and the top 4 players of the event will be given the prestigious Lord of Innkeepers award!

Serving meals

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In order to serve a meal you must first gather three provisions. It does not matter which provisions you use, and you may use more than one of the same type. Once you have the necessary ingredients you may put them on the plates by dragging them on an empty plate located on the main event screen. Once all 3 plates are filled you can click "Serve".

After you click "Serve" your ingredients will be combined, and you will receive a reward from the guest. You may use the reward immediately, or store it in your inventory if you have space. You will not be able to serve another meal until you have collected your reward.

How to collect provisions

Demeter provisions.jpg

You can find provisions for your meals just by playing the game. Below are some common actions that will award provisions:

  • Attacking and defending
  • Recruiting units
  • Research
  • Construction of buildings
  • Casting of spells

The amount of free provisions you can receive daily for free is limited to 10. You can buy as many additional provisions as you want by spending gold, although the price of each ingredient will increase with each purchase by the base price (and reset at midnight).

Image Symbol prov1.png Symbol prov2.png Symbol prov3.png Symbol prov4.png Symbol prov5.png
Symbol prov6.png
Symbol prov7.png Symbol prov8.png
Name Goat cheese Kykeon Soup Roasted fish Vegetables Steak Skewer Red wine
Base price in gold 40 40 40 40 60 60 90 90

Book of Meals

Demeter meals.jpg

The Book of Meals will automatically save the combinations of provisions that you have completed, so that you can easily reference back to them! Meals, in the Book of Meals, will be ordered by the type of reward, and you will be able to filter through your provisions by availability or needed provision.

If you wish to unlock an unknown meal without experimenting, you may do so for a small amount of gold.


Demeter ranking.jpg

All players can compete against each other in terms of served meals on a daily basis. Every time you serve a meal, you will get a random amount of Hospitality Points (up to 10). The ranking is based on these points. No matter which meal you create, you always have the same chance to get points.

As soon as you serve the first meal in a day, you will be listed on the daily ranking. The winner of the day (rank 1) will earn an award, and an effect. Every day at 8pm (Server Time) the ranking gets evaluated and reset. The rewards get handed out as soon as the evaluation is finished.

Award: Master Innkeeper 2016 (Daily Award)

Demeter award11.png

The overall ranking will work much the same as the daily ranking, but it will not reset. It will run until the event ends.

The top 10 players in the overall ranking list will receive several bonus rewards as soon as the event ends. Additionally the top 4 players of the event will be awarded the Lord of Innkeepers award to display on their profile!

Awards for the top 4 players of the overall ranking:

Lord of Innkeepers 2016

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Demeter award21.png Demeter award22.png Demeter award23.png Demeter award1.png

Additional Awards

Feeding the poor

Served 1 meal Served 5 meals Served 25 meals Served 50 meals
Demeter award31.png
Demeter award32.png
Demeter award33.png
Demeter award34.png

Most Creative Cook

Discover 1 meal Discover 5 meals Discover 25 meals Discover 50 meals
Fresh Meat! (Served 3x Skewer in a row)
Demeter award5.png
Cheers! (Served 3x Red Wine in a row)
Demeter award6.png
Fed them all (Served all different guests)
Demeter award7.png
Land of Milk and Honey (Served every possible meal)
Demeter award8.png

Progress Rewards

All players that have served a specific amount of meals will get the following bonus rewards:

Amount of served meals Reward
25 Administrator reward.png You will get the administrator for 2 weeks.
50 Overall culture level.png You will get an entire culture level.