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Farming Guides

Farming Guides

On this page you will find all of the farming guides that we have on the wiki. There is a short write up on each guide and a rating from the wiki team.
Note: Please read the Wiki Guides Disclaimer before copying any of these guides.

Author: Asjo
Description: A nice and simple guide talking about the best strategies for farming other players' cities. Useful to novices and pros alike.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Total War Resources
Author: G.R.O.M
Description: A detailed look at how to get the resources that you need when fighting. GROM is an excellent guide writer and there are links to many of his other guides at the top of this one.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Farming Villages Guide
Author: Unknown.
Description: A simple look at how to farm the NPC villages. A good guide for novices to read. It is also worth reading this to get an overview of the system.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png

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