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Behold mortal! The skies have opened, and the gods have bestowed upon us their divine gifts. The Gods’ Gifts is a new event in Grepolis. You have asked for a more cozy event based on gifts in this special winter time. That's why we didn't repeat last year's also new winter event, but created something new that fits better into this special winter season. In this new event, the gods have prepared divine gift for you to uncover. You can find special keys to open boxes. In those boxes you can find gifts prepared from the gods themselves. Every god has packed his favorite things. Now it is up to you to collect all their blessings. Keep reading to find out more!

It’s time to open your boxes!

GF GridAB.png

Upon opening the event window, you will see a 5x5 grid of locked boxes. The gifts are hidden in those boxes. It is up to you to find them!

GF TakeShot.png

Click on a keyhole of a box and use your divine keys to open it. No matter if you find something or not, you'll still snag yourself a prize! If your have had the right smell for it, you will find a gift! Some are smaller, fitting just in one box, whilst some are larger and require multiple hits to be fully unveiled. Each unlock you take costs 10 keys. You can find keys for completing regular actions ingame, such as attacking, casting spells, trading and building. You can find keys up to 10 times each day, but if you need more, you can purchase some in the event window with Gold.

GF Ammunition.png

Every reward earned from the boxes will automatically be added to a temporary system known as the 'Event inventory'. This storage has 6 spaces and can be used to temporarily store rewards until you decide to store, discard or use them. You can only open a box if you have at least one space in your event inventory.

GF NoShot.png

Uncover Gifts!

GF SinkRewards.png

Each opened box will give you a reward, but you will also get additional rewards whenever you completely uncovered a gift. These rewards are known as 'Reveal rewards'. On the right hand side of the event window, you can see the list of gifts, as well as the rewards you'll get for successfully unveiling those gifts. You have the choice to try and find every single gift, or pick the ones you want the Reveal rewards for, and save your keys for later. If you want, you can search for brand new sets of gifts at the cost of keys. You can also search for new sets of gifts for free if you open all boxes.

GF NewWave.png

Each day during the event has a daily special reward. This reward will be a high value reward which appears one time per set of gifts, and changes each day. The daily special reward can be obtained multiple times if you open all boxes and start a fresh one, or if you refresh theset of gifts using keys.

GF DailySpecialAB.png

Lit the tree

Each time you find a gift or part of a gift you also receive honeycomb GG Icon map currency.png. Honeycomb can be used to create candles for the tree on the left side of the event window. Once you placed all candles and reached the gift at the top, you'll unlock the coveted Grand Prize.

GF Compass.png

Using one honeycomb will create between 1 and 3 candles on the tree. At the top of the window, you can see the current Grand Prize, as well as the next 2 prizes after it. Once you reach the gift at the top of the tree, the tree resets, and you're given the opportunity to start on a new tree, and earn a new Grand prize.


The Gods’ Gifts event offers you the opportunity to bag yourself some exclusive new rewards:

Reward Image Description
Soteria's Shrine
GF AresRage.png

Defending units in this city are 0.7% more effective per level of this power.

This is an upgradeable power, when you use it your selected city will get 1 level of this power. The maximum level is 10. This power is permanent.

Sneak Peak
GF icon bonus scout.png

If you find the Sneak Peak power in a box, you can immediately choose 2 boxes to see the prize and if there is a gift in the location.
Double Prize
GF Icon bonus double.png
If you find Double prize in a box, the next box you open will give you 2 of whatever prize you find.

This does not apply to Grand Prizes and Reveal rewards.

If you don't have enough space for both rewards in your event inventory, the surplus will be added to your extended inventory.


Below you can find a full list of awards available for the gods' gifts event, and what you need to do to achieve these awards:

Blessed Explorer

Find all gifts of a single gift set.

GF Awards battleships sunk all lvl4.png

Zeus's Blessing

Find 1 gift from Zeus Find 2 gifts from Zeus Find 3 gifts from Zeus Find 4 gifts from Zeus
GF Awards battleships hydra lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships hydra lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships hydra lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships hydra lvl4.png

Wisdom's Triumph

Find 1 gift from Athena Find 2 gifts from Athena Find 3 gifts from Athena Find 4 gifts from Athena
GF Awards battleships trireme lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships trireme lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships trireme lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships trireme lvl4.png

Ocean's Treasure Trove

Find 1 gift from Poseidon Find 2 gifts from Poseidon Find 3 gifts from Poseidon Find 4 gifts from Poseidon
GF Awards battleships fireship lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships fireship lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships fireship lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships fireship lvl4.png

Nature's Blessings

Find 1 gift from Artemis Find 2 gifts from Artemis Find 3 gifts from Artemis Find 4 gifts from Artemis
GF Awards battleships bireme lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships bireme lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships bireme lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships bireme lvl4.png

Shades' Bounty

Find 1 gift from Hades Find 2 gifts from Hades Find 3 gifts from Hades Find 4 gifts from Hades
GF Awards battleships transport lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships transport lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships transport lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships transport lvl4.png

Matron's Honor

Find 1 gift from Hera Find 2 gifts from Hera Find 3 gifts from Hera Find 4 gifts from Hera
GF Awards battleships transport fast lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships transport fast lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships transport fast lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships transport fast lvl4.png

Desire's Embrace

Find 1 gift from Aphrodite Find 2 gifts from Aphrodite Find 3 gifts from Aphrodite Find 4 gifts from Aphrodite
GF Awards battleships brander lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships brander lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships brander lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships brander lvl4.png

Shining Star

Reached 1 Grand Prize Reached 5 Grand Prizes Reached 10 Grand Prizes Reached 15 Grand Prizes
GF Awards battleships grand prize lvl1.png
GF Awards battleships grand prize lvl2.png
GF Awards battleships grand prize lvl3.png
GF Awards battleships grand prize lvl4.png