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What is this?

Please keep in mind that this feature is in its early development stages, and we plan to improve it!

Gold Trading is a feature that allows players to give their resources in exchange for gold to other players. This way, players that usually accumulate several resources can now help other players in need and still get a useful reward.

How does it work?

Gold trade.png

The gold trading is quite easy to use, it works like all other market offers. One just needs to enter the market and create an offer.

You get make offer that you are ask for gold and offer resources or get resource by giving some gold.

You can find, or create, offers from 50 gold coins up to 200 gold coins, as for the resources being exchanged it works exactly like before you are limited by your merchants.

The minimum amount of resources you can offer is 100 and the maximum you can offer is 2000 regardless of the amount of gold.

In order to promote the opportunity for players to earn gold, the gold trades will be listed first. We hope this way you will not miss out on the great deals other players are offering.

When do I get the gold?

This all works as it was before, once the trade begins you will have to wait until the merchants arrive at their destination and the trade is completed at that moment.

Are there restrictions?

There are two very important restrictions, for security reasons per trade offer you can only trade a maximum of 200 gold coins.

Also, only gold that was bought can be used in the gold trading. This means that all gold gained in the game cannot be used, except the gold earned through gold trading.

Is it available on my world?

Currently gold trading is only available on worlds released after February 10th, 2015.