Grepolympia 2016

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As decreed and ordained by Zeus himself: Let the Games begin!


Experience the Olympic Games of ancient Greece through Grepolympia. There are four different disciplines taking place over 3 days each from 25th October to 7th November 2016. With each discipline, you have an athlete that you can train each day and enter into the competitions. The prizes for participation are laurels, and these can be traded in at the shop for additional resources, spells or other effects. The best alliances will win unique effects at the end of each discipline. In order to be the best and come out on top, you will need to teach your athletes the skills to win through the use of training points.


Days 1-3 Days 4-6 Days 7-9 Days 10-12
Hoplite Race.png Hoplite Race Archery.png Archery Javelin Throw.png Javelin Throw Chariot Race.png Chariot Races


For each discipline, you have an athlete that you can train. In order to train him, you need units (land or mythical units) to assist. You can rely on any unit from any city to help with the training, but be warned - Units used for training will be permanently taken from the army.

The Training Grounds offers 2 free training slots, and another 2 can be purchased for 100 and 200 gold respectively. These slots remain active throughout all disciplines. The number of units that can be trained in each slot is limited, and this results in the training time being 1.5 hours per slot.

Once you begin training your athlete, you cannot cancel it and you cannot get the units back. Think carefully whether you wish to use that unit. Each unit used will provide training points for your athlete, and each unit provides a different amount.

The table below provides information about each unit and the training points given. You can also use gold to allow your athlete to train 20% more effectively over 12 hours. This allows you to gain more training points than would be normal. This effect carries over to the next discipline if started towards the end of the discipline's time frame.

Unit Hoplite Race Archery Javelin Throw Chariot Races All Competitions
Points/Unit Points/Unit Points/Unit Points/Unit Unit Limit/Slot
Sword 40x40.png 112 93 93 93 22
Slinger 40x40.png 102 123 112 102 20
Archer 40x40.png 102 131 112 102 20
Hoplite 40x40.png 152 117 152 117 18
Rider 40x40.png 373 373 373 410 6
Chariot 40x40.png 497 497 597 646 4
Divineenvoy.png 375 312 312 312 7
Uz1.png 3824 3476 3476 3476 1
Uz2.png 3890 3890 3890 3890 1
Up1.png 4134 4134 4134 3757 1
Uh1.png 2937 2937 2937 2937 1
Uh2.png 3094 3094 3094 3094 1
Ua1.png 2837 3687 2837 3120 1
Ua2.png 3159 3159 3159 3791 1
Uhades1.png 3476 3476 3476 3824 1
Uhades2.png 4142 4142 4142 4142 1
  • The values for training points are relative to the game speed (formula: training points/game speed).
  • The amount of units per training slot is also relative to game speed (formula: units*world speed).


There are 3 skills for each discipline which your athlete can learn. Your goal should be to gain as many skill points as quickly as possible and to distribute them amongst the different skills. This is the only way for your athlete to perform better. For every 1000 training points you will receive 1 skill point.

Event Hoplite Race Archery Javelin Throw Chariot Races
Skill Sets Speed, Strength, Endurance Accuracy, Intuition, Concentration Technique, Momentum, Throwing Power Control, Horsepower, Strength
  • Note: As there is a different skill set for each discipline, the training points gained from each discipline will reset after the completion of the discipline.

If the distribution of your skill points is not working, you can reset them for 50 gold. This lets you find the optimum distribution of points to help your athlete reach the top of the table.


Your athlete can enter into a competition once every 12 hours. If you wish to use gold you can enter as often as you like, however, entry costs will increase with each entry. The outcome of the competition will depend on how many skill points you have allocated during training. You'll have to try your best to find the optimal combination.

Depending on how well your athlete performed in the competition, you will receive laurels as a reward. The laurels can be exchanged in the shop for various items. The table below shows how many laurels your athlete will receive based on their performance.

Laurels Hoplite Race Archery Javelin Throw Chariot Races
40 0 - 1199 m 0 - 39 pts 0 - 44 m 0 - 2499 m
50 1200 - 1499 m 40 - 49 pts 45 - 49 m 2500 - 2999 m
55 1500 - 1799 m 50 - 59 pts 50 - 54 m 3000 - 3499 m
60 1800 - 2099 m 60 - 69 pts 55 - 59 m 3500 - 3999 m
65 2100 - 2399 m 70 - 79 pts 60 - 64 m 4000 - 4499 m
70 2400 - 2699 m 80 - 89 pts 65 - 69 m 4500 - 4999 m
80 2700+ m 90+ pts 70+ m 5000+ m


The player ranking is based on the athlete's best result from the competitions, so each player will appear only once in the ranking.

For the alliance ranking, the results from the competitions for the ten best athletes of an alliance will be considered, and an average value will be calculated. In case there are less than 10 alliance members taking part in a discipline, each missing member will account for "0" points in the calculations.


In addition to the rewards alliances and players can receive, there are various awards that can be earned as well during the Games.

Player Rewards

Depending on the results of the competition, a player's athlete will earn a certain amount of laurels based on their performance. These laurels can then be exchanged in the shop for personal reward items.

Alliance Rewards

At the end of each discipline, the top 10 alliances will receive an 'effect' as a reward. This effect is tied to membership within the alliance. When joining or leaving the alliance, the effect is thus activated or deactivated respectively. The strength, or intensity, of this effect will depend on where the alliance places in the rankings. Duration: 14 Days from the enactment of the reward.

Event Reward Effect
Hoplite Race Olympic torch.png

The Olympic Torch

Grants up to +20% defensive bonus in all cities

Gründer.png1st Place: 20%

Gründer.png2nd Place: 15%

Gründer.png3rd Place: 10%

Gründer.png4-10th Places: 5%

Archery Olympic acumen.png

Olympic Senses

Grants up to +40% battle points

Gründer.png1st Place: 40%

Gründer.png2nd Place: 30%

Gründer.png3rd Place: 20%

Gründer.png4-10th Places: 10%

Javelin Throw Olympic merchant.png

Olympic Merchant

Grants up to +40% resource profuction

Gründer.png1st Place: 40%

Gründer.png2nd Place: 30%

Gründer.png3rd Place: 20%

Gründer.png4-10th Places: 10%

Chariot Races Olympic sword.png

The Olympic Sword

Grants up to +20% attack strength, land or naval

Gründer.png1st Place: 20%

Gründer.png2nd Place: 15%

Gründer.png3rd Place: 10%

Gründer.png4-10th Places: 5%


After your athlete begins to earn laurels, you can take them to the shop and exchange them for the various items listed below:

Item Price Description
Unit training boost archer.png

Archer Reinforcement V

30 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Archers
Unit training boost hoplite.png

Hoplite Reinforcement V

30 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Hoplites
Unit training boost sword.png

Swordsman Reinforcement V

30 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Swordsmen.
Instant resources all.png

Mixed Resource Package

30 Laurels The gods grant you some resources.

Your currently selected town will instantly receive wood, stone, and silver coins.

Unit training boost attack ship.png

Light Ship Reinforcement IV

35 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Light Ships.
Unit training boost bireme.png

Bireme Reinforcement V

35 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Biremes.
Unit movement boost1.png

Improved troop movement X

100 Laurels Units from your city are traveling faster than usual.
Longterm defense boost.png

Tyche’s Encouragement I

100 Laurels Tyche animates your troops to defend your city with a vengeance.

Defending units in the city are 5% more efficient for 7 days.

Longterm attack boost.png

Tyche’s Enlightenment I

100 Laurels Tyche ignites the inner flame of your troops.

Attacking units in the city are 10% more efficient for 7 days.

Longterm festival resource boost.png

Tyche’s Celebration of Joy I

100 Laurels Tyche lifts the morale and evokes the joy of living amongst your people.

The cost of city festivals is reduced by 20% for 7 days.

Unit training boost harpy.png

Harpy Reinforcement IV

150 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Harpies.
Unit training boost manticore.png

Manticore Reinforcement I

150 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Manticores.
Unit training boost fury.png

Eriny Reinforcement I

150 Laurels Your city will continuously receive Erinys.
Shopitem grepolympia effect population boost.png

Great Land Expansion

500 Laurels 100 extra population will be permanently available in your town.

Limit: 300 population per city


Heightened Senses

500 Laurels Preternatural energy flows through the bodies of your troops, giving them particularly keen senses for the following hours.

The battle points you receive will be multiplied by 2 for the next 12 hours. This effect is applied to all of your cities.

After the Grepolympia ends

If you still have laurel leaves left over at the end of the Grepolympia, don't worry because you can still spend your remaining laurels for a little while afterwards! The shop will remain open for 2 days after the event has ended to give you time to decide which items you want to buy.