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What Is This Event About?

Democritus, an alchemist and philosopher by trade, kindly offers his services to you. You can hand scary ingredients over to him and he will mix them into helpful rewards.
The event will run for two weeks from the 29th October to the 12th November.

Collecting Ingredients

To pursue your career as an alchemist, you will need ingredients. The primary way to get them is by finishing Island Quests. The amount of ingredients which you will earn depends on your overall points:

Points Ingredients per Island Quest
Under 10,000 1
10,000 - 50,000 2
Over 50,000 4

The ingredients you will receive are random, but some are rarer than others. When you complete an island quest, in addition to the regular reward, you will also be presented with a screen like this that tells you which ingredients you have collected:


Another way to receive additional ingredients is by purchasing them with gold. Keep in mind that the price of an ingredient will double with each purchase. The price will be reset once a day (at midnight).

The Ingredients

Image Name Image Name
HarpyClaws.png Harpy Claws UnderworldGrass.png Underworld Grass
Quicksilver.png Quicksilver CerberusTeeth.png Cerberus Teeth
HydraScales.png Hydra Scales PegasusFeathers.png Pegasus Feathers
CentaurHoofs.png Centaur Hoofs Ambrosia.png Ambrosia


  • In order to craft a reward, you will have to put three ingredients of your choice onto the alchemy table- The order of the ingredients doesn't matter though.
  • As soon as three ingredients have been selected, a "Brew" button will appear. Clicking on it will consume the ingredients and a reward will be created. If you have used that specific combination for the first time, it will be added to your recipe book.
  • You can either stash the created reward in your inventory, use it instantly on your currently selected town or trash it.
  • In case you use an effect which generates units over time, please make sure that your town has enough free population. Otherwise, the generated units might get wasted.

Recipe Book

Recipe book.jpg

The recipe book lists all recipe combinations you have discovered so far. It also comes with two convenient filter options:

  • "Show all recipes" will list all recipes, even the ones you cannot currently craft due to missing ingredients.
  • "Only show available recipes" will list those recipes for which you have all necessary ingredients available.

In the recipe book there is a box on the lefthand side which lets you select specific ingredients in order to filter recipes that include selected ingredients.
If there is a reward for which you need to know a recipe immediately (instead of experimenting), you can also choose to buy a random recipe for that reward by paying 50 gold.


There are also some keyboard shortcuts for those of you who would like to increase their efficiency. Hold the ALT key and click on an ingredient to instantly add it to the alchemy table instead of having to drag and drop it. Holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on an ingredient will put as many units as possible of the same ingredient onto the table.


There are two awards available for you to win by completing certain tasks within this event.

Title Description Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Alchemist You already completed X alchemical processes! Alchemist 1.png Alchemist 2.png Alchemist 3.png Alchemist 4.png
1 Mixture Made 5 Mixtures Made 20 Mixture Made 45 Mixtures Made
Philosopher You already discovered X alchemical recipes! Philosopher 1.png Philosopher 2.png Philosopher 3.png Philosopher 4.png
1 Recipe Found 5 Recipes Found 10 Recipes Found 20 Recipes Found

Video Demonstration