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Hephaestus, the legendary blacksmith of the Gods, will offer his service to you during this year's summer event. Make use of his trade to gain unique rewards!

Hephaestus forge 01.jpg

Divine Orbs

In order to let Hephaestus craft rewards, you will need orbs which are enriched with divine energy. Your people may find such Divine Orbs on a random occasion simply by letting them pursue their daily tasks. This includes the construction of buildings, researching, recruitment of units, casting of spells, as well as attack and defend.

Hephaestus forge 02.jpg

The probability to get an Orb depends on several factors, like your overall progress in the game (owning just a few cities means you are rather limited in the amount of possible actions, so the chances are slightly increased), the world speed and the scale of the action. For example, if you recruit a large group of units, the chances are higher compared to recruiting just a small group of units.

Please be aware that you can only obtain up to 10 Divine Orbs per day. This is to guarantee that no one feels forced to repeat nonsensical actions over and over.

On top of that, you can buy a package containing 5 Divine Orbs with Gold. The price is set at 50 Gold initially and it will increase with each purchase, whereas the overall price will reset at midnight back to the default value of 50 Gold.

Opening Chests

Hephaestus offers three different chests and it's up to you to decide for one of them. Each chest has its individual price and its own set of rewards. The more expensive a chest is, the better and more powerful the rewards will be.

When you open a chest the respective amount of Orbs is subtracted and you will immediately get one out of ten different rewards. The result is random. Each reward is as likely as the others in any given chest. There is a 10% chance to get a certain reward out of a chest.

The reward which has been crafted by Hephaestus will hover above the chest until you claim it. Unclaimed rewards will disappear when the event ends. Keep in mind that you can only open another after you have collected the previous reward.

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Progress Bar

Depending on the amount of invested Divine Orbs, the progress bar for the event will fill up. By reaching set milestones you are eligible to obtain special rewards:

Invested Orbs Rewards on normal worlds Rewards on worlds with Heroes
40 High Priestess for free for 2 weeks 30 Coins of Wisdom & 30 Coins of War
85 A whole culture level The exclusive hero Jason (who comes with his own hero slot)