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Grepolis runs special events for some of the major holidays around the world. At Easter we have an easter egg hunt, at Halloween we hunt pumpkins and at Christmas we open advent gifts...

April Fool's

UFO April Fool's.jpg

In 2010 players all over the world awoke to an invasion. Aliens had made their mark across the oceans and in each World. Thinking that the cows on the farms were the dominant species, they quickly and promptly began to take them away for experimentation.

In addition to taking the cows, the UFO's left a friendly reminder of their presence: crop circles. To this day, the strange markings baffle scholars across the oceans as to what they mean. Are they telling us how to get our cows back? Or is it a warning that they shall return again? All we know is that players are waiting for the cows to come home.


For April Fool's 2011, Grepolis introduced a new unit into the barracks - the Trojan Horse. It was explained that it was a glitch and was meant to be implemented with 2.0, however it required 10 more wood than the maximum warehouse space would allow.

Easter Egg Hunt

Map Egg Frame.png

In addition to the release of Grepolis 2.0, 2011 also saw the first Easter Egg Hunt in-game. Players could search the world oceans looking for eggs which contained gifts. The gift ranged from units, spells and resources.

As a player opened an egg, they received a hint to the location of the next egg. By finding all of the eggs, a player was given a special award for their efforts.

As this event was a success, we hope to see it again in the coming year.

Easter Event 2012 is a departure from the normal egg hunt that we've all grown to love. 2012 has the players hatching golden eggs in order to collect rewards in-game to help them defeat their enemies and expand their empires.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Halloween Banner.png

Map Pumpkin Frame.png

2011 was the first year to see the pumpkin hunt take place. It was not available on the 1.26 Worlds as the coding was made specifically for the 2.0 Worlds. Players were given the task of hunting for pumpkins in the oceans within a specific time, and received awards for completing this task.

In-Game Event To start a "pumpkin hunt" click on a pumpkin in the ocean. Each pumpkin hunt lasts 60 seconds. During this time you must scroll over the map and collect as many pumpkins as possible. For each pumpkin you collect in the 60 seconds, you will increase the duration of the special Halloween spell on your current city for one hour. The Halloween spell increases your production of all your resources by 5%.

  • Example 1:

I activate the "pumpkin hunt" and find 3 pumpkins in 60 sec. My current town will receive a 5% increased resource production spell for 3 hours.

  • Example2:

I activate the "pumpkin hunt" and find 8 pumpkins in 60 sec. My current town will receive a 5% increased resource production spell for 8 hours.

Additional Information

  • You can only collect each pumpkin once. Also you may not conduct a "pumpkin hunt" as long as the Halloween spell is active. A maximum of 10 pumpkins can be collected during each "pumpkin hunt".

Christmas Advent Calendar

Holiday Banner

Map gifts.png

2010 was the first year that InnoGames held the Advent Calendar event. It was a big success and was the inspiration for all of the other holiday events. 2011 saw the return of the Advent Calendar as well as graphical changes to the game itself. Unlike in 2010, the 2011 Advent Calendar event was not giving out an award for finding all 24 gifts. As another bonus for 2011, InnoGames has given .EN a lovely nighttime scene for the first time to help celebrate the holidays.

Presents can only be opened on the day that they are marked for, so players cannot go back in on the 24th and receive all of the gifts at once. Also, with the change to 2.0, the source code trick no longer worked. It was removed from the code itself and placed into the map data.

Christmas Eve Lights.png

Gifts ranged from:

  • Spells
  • Units
  • Double BP for 24 hours
  • Resources
  • City Fesitval

Additional information:

  • The time used for this competition will be the server time GMT +1
  • The hint for the day is updated every day at midnight at 00:00 GMT+1
  • Each world has different gift coordinates.

New Years

New Years Forum Banner.png

To ring in 2012, InnoGames created a special banner for the Forums and also gave out a nice resource bonus to all players in addition to the regular Daily Resource Bonus.

New Years Bonus.png