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Icon Name Description
Attboat.png Attack This is the attack power of the ship. The higher this is, the stronger the unit is when attacking.
Def.png Defence This is the defense power of the ship. The higher this is, the stronger the unit is when defending.
Transport.png Capacity For transport boats only. This indicates how many units a transport boat can carry to other islands
Speed.png Speed This is the speed of the unit. The higher the number, the faster the unit.
Unit Description Stats

Transport Boat

Transport Boats do not need to be researched, you can build them right away if you have a harbour. They are the main way to transport troops from one island to another. They do not fight and should be protected by other ships when attacking a city. 500 Wood 20 Capacity
500 Stone 20 Attack
400 Silver 1 Defence
7 Population 8 Speed


Biremes are extremely strong defense units. They are bad at attacking, but essential for naval defense. 800 Wood 0 Capacity
700 Stone 24 Attack
100 Silver 160Defence
8 Population 15 Speed
Light Ship

Light Ship

Light Ships are strong attacking ships. They are the main offensive ship in the game. You should always send a Light Ship escort with your transport ships when attacking. 1300 Wood 0 Capacity
300 Stone 200 Attack
800 Silver 60 Defence
10 Population 13 Speed
Fire Ship

Fire Ship

Fire Ships are ships that can only be used for defense: they are the last defense and will only enter into battle after the regular naval battle. Fire Ships can not destroy Colony Ships or Transport Ships. Each Fireship can destroy on other ship, however it is also destroyed when it does so. 500 Wood 0 Capacity
750 Stone 20 Attack
150 Silver 1 Defence
8 Population 5 Speed
Fast transport ship

Fast Transport Ship

Fast transport ships are a faster version of the regular Transport Ship. They can carry fewer units, but travel much more quickly. 800 Wood 10 Capacity
0 Stone 20 Attack
400 Silver 1 Defence
5 Population 15 Speed


Triremes are expensive ships which can be used in both attack and defense. They are not as strong as a mixed fleet of fire ships and biremes. 2000 Wood 0 Capacity
1300 Stone 180 Attack
900 Silver 250 Defence
16 Population 9 Speed
Colony ship

Colony Ship

Colony Ships are the most important unit in the game. You must build a colony ship in order to gain a new city. 10000 Wood 0 Capacity
10000 Stone 0 Attack
10000 Silver 500 Defence
170 Population 3 Speed