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Premium Guides

Premium Guides

On this page you will find all of the Premium guides that we have on the wiki. There is a short write up on each guide and a rating from the wiki team. These guides are about premium features that you can only access if you have purchased them with gold.
Note: Please read the Wiki Guides Disclaimer before copying any of these guides.

Attack Planner Guide
Author: Tanuki7
Description: The attack planner is not a simple feature really, but it is a very useful one. This guide is a great little walkthrough and if you are struggling to get to grips with the attack planner, this should help.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Organising Messages Guide
Author: IcedDragon
Description: A nice guide to talk you through a handy feature that many people aren't really aware is available.

Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Quickbar Tutorial
Authors: FotNS & Pythagorus
Description: A very good guide that explains one of the most useful features of the Administrator advisor, it provides you will everything that you need to create your ideal quickbar.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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