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During the event "Sparta vs Hades" the dead have amassed in Hades’ realm of darkness. They were buried outside of the city years ago, but they rose from the dead. Cold and dead, they tried to cut their way through our ranks on behalf of Hades. Now, Hades has sent them forth through one of his portals, to spread chaos and destruction. You have decided to call Lysander of Sparta and his mighty Spartan warriors who will follow your command. Now it is up to you to rid our beautiful islands of these dreadful creatures and close the ominous portal that Hades has opened to release them.

The Campaign Map

Spartavshades map new.png

The attack plan against the undead is shown on the map where you can see all the different battlegrounds. Each battleground is marked with a symbol depending on its status:

Symbol Meaning
Spartavshades symbol attack.png This battleground can be attacked by your Spartan warriors.
Spartavshades symbol cooldown.png The battleground has been attacked recently and some time must pass before new enemies arrive at the battleground.
Spartavshades symbol locked.png You have not yet progressed enough to attack this battleground. You need to beat the previous battleground at least once in order to unlock it.
Spartavshades symbol lootable.png There is still a reward on this battleground for you to pick up. You won't be able to attack this battleground again until you have claimed your loot.

From time to time you will be given the opportunity to choose between two paths. It is up to you to decide which rewards you are aiming for! You are also free to clear every battleground!

Below the event timer in the top left, you can find two buttons:

Spartavshades maximize window.png

The first button increases the event window size to the largest possible size, depending on your screen resolution. This should give you a better overview about the map, the different battlegrounds and their connections. We also implemented a zoom functionality to the map. Just scroll with your mouse wheel and the map will be scaled up and down.

The second button below the event timer is a small "i" which stands for info. Pressing it opens a popup window where you can click through all tutorial steps again.

Battle against the Hades enemies

If you select a battleground that can be attacked, the attack window will open. The enemies that are stationed there and their strength will be displayed at the bottom, with their purple uniforms. You can select your own Spartan warriors in the upper part of the window. They are clad in red gear.

Bettleground 2018.png

Please keep in mind that each battleground has its own limitation on how many units you can use. If you have more soldiers under your command than the battleground allows for, you have to make a tactical decision which type of unit and how many you want to send into battle. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against specific units.

An example:

Spartan swordsmen deal 50% additional damage against Riders of Hades. If there are 50 Riders of Hades at the battleground and you have 70 Spartan swordsmen ready to engage, it is a good idea to only select 50 of the Spartan swordsmen. The damage bonus does not count for surplus Spartan swordsmen. Let's assume the battleground limits you to use 80 soldiers, you can then use the remaining 30 slots (50 are already occupied by the 50 Spartan swordsmen you selected) according to your personal taste. However, it wouldn't be wise to send Spartan archers, as the Riders of Hades would deal bonus damage against them!

As you can see, quite a bit of strategic thinking is required.

Spartavshades unit1.png
Spartavshades unit2.png
Spartavshades unit3.png
Spartavshades unit4.png
Spartavshades unit5.png

Should you be victorious, you will receive the respective reward for that battleground. Alternatively, you can leave the reward at the battleground until the end of the event to claim it at any later point in time. If you collect your reward, enemies will repopulate the battleground again after 4 hours, but every time their forces will become even stronger than before. Think of it as if Hades has noticed a weakness in his defense and wants to reinforce it. This way you can repeatedly get the same reward while the challenge continues to grow.

Another noteworthy feature is that, even if you are defeated when attacking the enemies, the casualties on the enemy side are permanent. This means that you can wear down the enemy with many smaller attacks until you are finally victorious.

Spartan Captain

When you attack a battleground, you can choose the Spartan Captain to support your attack. It will lift the morale of your warriors, making them more effective and raising their combat power by 20%. After supporting you the captain is unavailable for some time, but by spending gold you can bring him immediately back into the battlefield.

Spartavshades captain.png
Spartavshades captain info.png

The Spartan warriors

Although you already start your path of conquest with a handful of loyal warriors, you shouldn't rely on such a small force. The following activities in the game will demonstrate your power and prompt a random group of warriors to join your army:

  • Attacking and defending
  • Recruiting units
  • Research
  • Constructing or upgrading a building
  • Casting spells

Spartavshades units overview.png

If a group of soldiers joins your ranks you will receive 80-120 random fighters. (Spartan Swordsmen, Spartan Archers, Spartan Slingers, Spartan Riders, Spartan Hoplites). Keep in mind that you can find a maximum of 10 groups of soldiers per day. You may also buy 100 soldiers for gold who will stay with you until the end of the event. The gold price for one type of unit increases by its base price every time you make a purchase. The price will reset at midnight every day.

You will never lose the soldiers you recruited from the battlefield. Thanks to a highly skilled healer, the soldiers that were wounded in battle will recover from their injuries after some time. Every 6 hours the healer will visit your military camp to tend to all your wounded fighters. If you want to have your army ready for action again immediately, you can pay the healer some gold, and he will arrive instantly.

Spartavshades healer new.png


Spartavshades ranking.png

All players can compete against each other in terms of completed battlefields. Every time you complete a battlefield, you will get a random amount of Honor Points (up to 10 pts). The ranking is based on these Honor Points. No matter what reward you gather or how many enemy troops you defeat, you always have the same chance to get Honor Points.

Daily Ranking

Immediately after you have completed your first battlefield on a day you will be placed in the daily ranking list. The winner of each day (Rank 1) will earn an award and an effect. Every day at 8PM, the ranking gets evaluated and reset. The rewards are handed out as soon as the evaluation is finished.

Award: Living Legend

Spartavshades award daily.png

Overall Ranking

The overall ranking works much the same as the daily ranking, but it will not reset. It will run until the event ends. The top 10 players in the overall ranking list will receive several bonus rewards as soon as the event ends. The rewards are subdivided by position in the ranking list, meaning that the top 4 players will for example win exceptional attack improvements of different strengths and very special, unique awards.

Awards for the top 4 players of the overall ranking:

Heroic Spartan

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Spartavshades award overall 1.png
Spartavshades award overall 2.png
Spartavshades award overall 3.png
Spartavshades award overall 4.png

Rewards for the top 10 players of the overall ranking:

Rank Reward
1 Overall lightshipattack30.png 20x 30% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)

Overall culture level.png One entire culture level

2 Overall lightshipattack30.png 12x 30% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
3 Overall lightshipattack20.png 15x 20% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
4 Overall lightshipattack20.png 12x 20% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
5 Overall lightshipattack20.png 10x 20% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
6 Overall lightshipattack10.png 14x 10% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
7 Overall lightshipattack10.png 12x 10% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 2 days)
8 Overall lightshipattack10.png 10x 10% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 1 days)
9 Overall lightshipattack10.png 8x 10% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 1 days)
10 Overall lightshipattack10.png 6x 10% Increased Light Ship Attack (each effect lasts for 1 days)

Additional Awards

Redeemer of the Dead

Killing 2.500 units Killing 15.000 units Killing 50.000 units Killing 100.000 units
Spartavshades award crusher 1.png
Spartavshades award crusher 2.png
Spartavshades award crusher 3.png
Spartavshades award crusher 4.png

Battleground Strategist

Clearing 3 battlegrounds Clearing 8 battlegrounds Clearing 20 battlegrounds Clearing 50 battlegrounds
Spartavshades award captured 1.png
Spartavshades award captured 2.png
Spartavshades award captured 3.png
Spartavshades award captured 4.png

Commander of Spartans

Command 500 soldiers Command 2.000 soldiers Command 5.000 soldiers Command 12.000 soldiers
Spartavshades award commander 1.png
Spartavshades award commander 2.png
Spartavshades award commander 3.png
Spartavshades award commander 4.png

Final Stage Reward

You will receive a special reward the first time you clear the final stage (stage 33).

Spartavshades victory noneheroworld.png

On worlds without heroes, all players will get an entire culture level for free.

Spartavshades victory heroworld new.png

Depending on the version of the event, on worlds with heroes, you may get a new exclusive hero on top of the culture level.