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If you would like to request a change to a help file, please post the suggested code here. I will not read every individual discussion page, however I shall try to monitor this page.

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Within the Italic text I have made some content changes by adding some information to the warehouse and barracks description. Also I have amended some context/grammar/spelling.

First Steps

In the beginning, your city requires one thing above all others: Resources. The lumberjack produces wood, the quarry produces stone and the silver mine produces silver coins. The favour that the Gods will grant you in the course of the game is very important, but in the very first steps, it is unnecessary. The further you expand the production buildings, the higher your hourly production becomes. This expansion is of primary importance and you should focus your attention on that in the first few days.

As you develop your resource buildings it will be necessary to upgrade your farm and warehouse. Each time a building is upgraded it requires more people to keep the building in good working order. Equally as your resource production grows it will be necessary to expand your warehouse capacity to store the increase in materials produced. After this the security of your city will be a great task to start working on as you will want to protect your freshly acquired resources from the greedy hands of your neighbours. Resources can be looted by an enemy attack, the warehouse offers some aid here as 10% of the storage capacity is protected from looting. The higher the capacity of your warehouse the more resources are protected making it harder for your enemy to take it all. A larger warehouse ensures you will have the resources needed to build up your Polis to defend your self against your enemies. You should work on these tasks early especially if there are other strong cities on your island. In addition you should expand your city wall. Following these steps should be enough protection during the beginning phase of your Polis and help you defend against a greedy aggressor trying to take your resources.

After the Polis production reaches a level you are happy with you should begin to produce troops and also begin trading. With a barracks you can train swordsmen without any additional research. These are not ideally suited for attacks, but they offer the opportunity to raid very weak players or demand tribute from farm villages.

You should also consider becoming a member of a strong alliance. Joined together, players can have better defenses and promote trade. In addition you can become acquainted with other players and develop friendships. It makes more sense for a novice to join an existing alliance in your vicinity, than to establish a new one.

--Krayakin 14:33, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

The following is the text / changes needed to the Construct Buildings section. I have re-worded some sentences and corrected spelling errors.

Construct Buildings

If you want to construct or expand a building, you must click on the Senate and then click on the blue bar under the building that says "Expansion to X", where X is the upgrade level you wish to build. You must have the correct quantity of wood, stone and silver coins to perform the expansion. The amount needed depends on the building type and the current expansion level. The higher the level you want to make the building, the more resources you require.

In addition the construction of many of the buildings in Grepolis have a dependance upon the current level of other buildings. For example, you can only construct a Market place if your Warehouse and your Cave have already reached a certain level. In the Senate, these pre-requisites are shown next to the resource costs.

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I think the spelling of the word 'favor/favour' should be consistent in the wiki. At the moment it is a bit random.

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