Thracian Conquest

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The event "The Thracian Conquest" is a whole new type of event in Grepolis. Some insurgents started to cause chaos in the Thracian realm. This is a good opportunity for you to bring peace to the lands by leading an army of mercenaries against the rebels and to come by some good loot on top of that.

The campaign map

Thrace map.jpg

The raid against the Thracian realm is shown as a map on which you can see all the different battlegrounds. Each battleground is marked with a symbol depending on its status:

Symbol Meaning
Symbol attack.png This battleground can be attacked by your mercenaries.
Symbol cooldown.png The battleground has been attacked recently and some time has to pass before new rebels arrive at the batleground.
Symbol locked.png You have not yet progressed enough to attack this battleground. You need to beat the previous battlefield at least once.
Symbol lootable.png There is still a collectable reward on this battleground. You won't be able to attack this battleground until you have claimed your loot.

From time to time you will be given the opportunity to choose between two paths. It is up to you to decide which rewards you are aiming for!

Battle against the rebels

If you select a battleground that can be attacked, the attack window will open up. The rebels that are present there and their strength will be displayed at the bottom, and you can select your own Thracian mercenaries in the upper part of the window.

Thrace attack.jpg

Please keep in mind that each battleground has its own limit on how many units you can use. If you have more mercenaries under your command than the battleground allows, you have to make a tactical decision which type of unit and how many you want to send into battle. Each Thracian unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against specific units. An example:

Tribal Axmen deal 50% additional damage against Peltasts. If there are 50 enemy Peltasts at the battleground and you have 70 Tribal Axmen at your disposal, it is a good idea to select 50 Tribal Axmen. The damage bonus does not count for surplus Tribal Axmen. Let's assume the battleground limits you to use 80 mercenaries, you can then use the remaining 30 slots (50 are already occupied by the 50 Tribal Axmen you selected) according to your personal taste. However, it wouldn't be wise to send Spear Throwers as the enemy Peltasts would deal extra damage against the Spear Throwers!

As you can see, quite a bit of strategic thinking is asked for.

Thrace unit.jpg

Should you be victorious, you will receive the respective reward of that battleground. Alternatively you can leave the reward at the battleground until the end of the event to claim it at any later point in time. If you collect your reward, rebels will repopulate the battleground again after 4 hours, but every time their forces will be even stronger than before. This way you can repeatedly get the same reward whereas the challenge continues to rise.

Another noteworthy feature is that, even if you are defeated when attacking the rebels, the casualties on the enemy side are permanent. This means that you can wear down the enemy with many smaller attacks until you are finally victorious.


Hercules himself, the famous and imposing hero, joins your forces to restore order in the Thracian realms. When you attack a rebel battleground, Hercules can help you in that attack, which in turn will lift the morale of your mercenaries and raise their combat power by 20%. After his heroic act he needs to rest for 12 hours to recover. But you can also motivate him to go right into battle again with some Gold.

Thrace hercules.jpg

The Thracian mercenaries

Although you start your path of conquest with a few mercenaries (which were given to you by their leader Tenia), you shouldn't stick to such a small force. The following activities in the game will help you to find new groups of mercenaries at random and therefore to build a stronger army:

  • Attacking and defending
  • Recruiting units
  • Research
  • Construction of buildings
  • Casting of spells

Thrace mercenaries.jpg

If you find a group of mercenaries, 8-12 random fighters will join your forces (Peltasts, Tribal Axmen, Spear Throwers, Elephant Riders, Veteran Warriors). Keep in mind that you can find a maximum of 10 groups of mercenaries per day. Of course you can also buy 10 mercenaries for Gold which will remain with you until the end of the event.

If your mercenaries get severely wounded, this is no reason to discard these tough, able fighters. Why? Because every 7 hours a healer will arrive at the camp of your mercenaries to tend to every injured mercenary. If you want to have your army ready for action again as fast as possible, you can pay the healer some Gold and he will arrive at once.

Thrace healer.jpg