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Militia Costs
WoodWood 0
RockRock 0
SilverSilver 0
FavorFavor 0
PopulationPopulation 0
Unit Info
Weapon TypeWeapon Type Sharp
Attack DamageAttack Damage 2
Defense against bluntDefense against Blunt 6
Defense against sharpDefense against Sharp 8
Defense against distanceDefense against Distance 4
CarriesCarries 0
SpeedSpeed 0


  • None, they are available from the start of the game


The Militia are your most basic defense unit and can be enlisted during emergencies from your Farm menu. When called upon they will be withdrawn from your buildings and are armed. The militia remains active for 3 hours. Enlisting Militia in times of war has the following effects:

  1. Your raw material production is decreased by 50%.
  2. You will get 10 militia for each level of Farm built. (15 if you have researched City Guard in the academy)
  3. After 3 hours your inhabitants return to their normal duties.

These units are purely defensive and cannot be used for attacking.

Q & A

Q: What happens when the militia all die?

A: Nothing. You do not lose population. However, your resource production is still decreased by 50% for the remind of the activation. (3 hours from the time you activated militia).

Q: Do you get BP (Battle Points) for killing militia?

A: No.

Q: If all my militia dies, can I reactive them?

A: Not until the 3 hours from the last activation has expired.

Q: Will my militia be activated if I am attacked and not online?

A: No. The militia has to be manually activated by the player.

Q: How do I active the militia?

A: When you are in "City Overview" mode click on your farm and you will see a button that says "Enlist". Once you click the "Enlist" button your militia will become active immediately and will remain for 3 hours or until killed, which ever comes first.