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Please note: This page will soon be redirected after 2.0 is in force throughout all the worlds. 2.0 players, please see Farming.

Farming villages are a key element in the game. Without knowing what they are standing for you lost the game already.

Farming villages

Every island has 8 farming villages except for Colony Islands, You will know if an Island has farming villages because you will be able to see them. The mean distance to all the villages is equal to all players: 27.30 minutes.

A farming village has three different stats: the mood, the strength and a ratio.


Mood at 100%
Mood at 74%

Mood is the way a village feels towards you. This is different for every player, the inhabitants of a village can like you more then they like another player.

The mood affects the chance a village will defend itself when you attack. Between 100 and 74% the people in the village are smiling towards you and there is no chance they will attack.

Below 74% the image changes, and there is a chance people will attack you. The chance is rather small so unless you’re very unlucky it is safe to attack. Once the mood drops below 64% there is a real risk that the people will defend their village against you.

The mood goes up slowly (rate unknown).


The strength of a village is equal for every player on the island, and it affects different things:

  • The maximum amount of loot you can take.
  • The drop of the mood after you loot a village
  • The drop of the strength after attacking a village
  • The number of troops defending a village (doesn’t affect the chance of defending)

The strength is always moving to 50%. When it is lower it will slowly rise, when it is higher it will slowly drop (rate unknown). This means a village will never be stronger than 50% unless you or any other player have strengthened the village.


This is important if you want to trade with a village.


There are four different interactions between you and farming villages. Trading, resource looting, increase strength or demanding troops.


See trade

Resource looting

Resource looting is a way to get more resources and element in the game. To go resource looting do as learned in the tutorial:

  • Go to the island overview and click the farming village you want to attack.
  • Choose the attack tab and select the amount of troops you want to send.
  • Click the attack button.


When your troops arrive in the village the inhabitants can either defend themselves against you or welcome you. This depends on the mood of the villages.


When they don’t attack you, your soldiers demand an amount of resources and return to your village. There is no way you can tell or influence the ratio between the different resources taken.

The amount of resources taken depends on the amount of troops send and the strength of a village.

Every troop has a stat called booty which tells the maximum amount of resources that a unit can take. This determines the maximum loot you can take. The maximum loot a village can give is determined by the strength (before or after the attack?).

For example:

Sending 20 swordsmen (each with a booty stat of 16) makes you able to steal 320 resources. 

A village of strength 20 is able to give around 900 resources. As a result you steal 320 resources.
A village of strength 10 is ablee to give around 250 resources. As a result you only steal 250 resources.


Looting resources makes the strength and the mood drop. The amount it drops depends on

  • The strength of the village,
  • The numbers of troops that attacked
  • The sort of units (this isn’t proven yet, but is logical troops who loot more will have a bigger influence).

Increase strength

To increase the strength of a village:

  • Go to the island overview and click the farming village you want.
  • Choose the attack tab and select the amount of troops you want to send.
  • Above the attack button are 2 pictures. Click the right ones that says increase stregth
  • Click the attack button!

As you can see increasing the strength of a village is seen as an attack. This means a village can decide to defend itself against you.

Strengthening a village will only raise the strength. The mood will stay unchanged. The amount the strength raises depends on the number of troops send to that village. Influence of sort of unit isn’t researched yet.

Demanding troops

You can only do this if researched Demand Forces in your academy.

Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 7
Units claim.png Demanding Forces You can Demand Forces from Farming Villages. Holz.png600 Stein.png600 Silbermünzen.png600 Research Points.png4