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The Agora

The Agora is a key building in the growth of your empire. In the Agora, you may get an overview of what units are inside and outside your polis, a simulator which you may use to predict the results of battles and the Culture menu, where you can choose to start a festival or event in your city in an attempt to boost the cultural level of your empire.


The Agora is almost like the rally point of your polis as here, you may see the locations of troops as well as simulate battles you may encounter.

Defense and Outside

Using these tabs, you can see what units are currently defending your polis as well as where your troops are. These two tabs are key when supporting. Through the defense tab, you can send other player's support back. Alternatively, through the outside tab, you can withdraw your own support from other player's villages.


Using the simulator, you can accurately predict the outcomes of battles and the losses you may suffer. It allows you with ease to input your own as well as enemy troop values in order to calculate losses. You can also add different factors, such as how many losses you will have with good luck and bad luck, Commander or a Divine Power. It is by far the best way to estimate battle outcomes.


Main Article: Please See Culture

In the culture tab, you may enact an event to raise the cultural value of your polis. You can choose one of four; City Festival, Olympic Games, Victory Procession or Theatre Plays. The higher the cultural value of your empire, the more cities you may conquer.


The Agora is available throughout the game and cannot be destroyed, meaning you will never have to build the Agora.

Building Levels

The maximum level of the Agora is 1. The Agora cannot be demolished, bolted or by any other means destroyed.

Level 1

The Agora cannot be expanded; all the Agora's abilities are available at level 1.

Level Wood.png Stone.png Silver.png Pop.png Building Time

(with Senate level 1)

1 - - - - - 33