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Hades is the lord of the underworld. He reigns over the realm of the dead and guards the treasures of the underworld. Hated by gods and men alike, he mercilessly imprisons the dead as he spreads disease and suffering. The entrance to his kingdom is guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed hellhound.

Hades' Divine Powers



The population is afflicted with a horrendous epidemic.

Reduces the basic resource production of the selected city by 50% for 6 hours (Speed 1 World). There is a cool down timer for this spell, in which time it cannot be used on the same city. This time is 4 hours on a speed 1 world, and so 1:20 hours on a speed 3 world.

250 Favor.png
Return from the Underworld

Return from the Underworld

Hades lets your bravest warriors leave free from the underworld as a sign of good intent.

10% of your killed units return to their native city (can only be used on outgoing attacks).

400 Favor.png
Treasures of the Underworld

Treasures of the Underworld

The earth beneath you opens up and grants you access to incredible riches.

The selected city receives 500 silver coins.

30 Favor.png
Helmet of Invisibility

Helmet of Invisibility

Hades lends a mythical helmet to keep big armies undetected.

Your troops are invisible to the enemy for 10% of their journey.

120 Favor.png

Hades' Mythical Units

Name Description Stats


Armed with sharp teeth, this three headed dog guards the gate to the underworld. If anyone dares to sneak past him, Cerberus will bury his teeth deep into the trespassers skin, leaving him in agony. No one has gotten past him alive. Weapon Type Weapon type: Blunt

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 210

SpeedSpeed: 4

PopulationPopulation: 30

FavorFavor: 180

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 825

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 300

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 1575



Erinys are the dreadful daughters of Hades and Persephone. Goddesses of vengeance, they fight mercilessly to avenge the dead. Poisonous blood drips from their eyes, horrifying screams drive opponents to insanity. These beasts are a feared foe. Weapon TypeWeapon type: Distance

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 1700

SpeedSpeed: 10

PopulationPopulation: 55

FavorFavor: 330

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 460

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 460

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 595

The Gods