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As the ruler of Olympus, Zeus is the mightiest god of all. Even the beginning of his reign was bloody: He gained the throne of Olympus by killing his own father, Kronos. Today his anger still flares up on occasion; his gleaming lightning reduces human structures to ashes.

Zeus' Divine Powers

Divine Sign

Divine Sign

A ray of light breaks through the clouds; a chariot descends and follows the city.

The selected city receives a chariot.

50 Favor.png
Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Darks clouds appear over a city; A lightning bolt strikes down and leaves a damaged building behind.

Damages a random building in the selected city.
There is a cool down timer for this spell, in which time it cannot be used on the same city. This time is 4 hours on a speed 1 world, and so 1:20 hours on a speed 3 world.

200 Favor.png
Favorable Wind

Favorable Wind

The voice of Zeus echoes through the air; the wind tightens the sails on the ships; the arrows and bolts whirl towards the enemy with precision.

Attacking naval forces gain a 10% bonus to their strength during their next attack.

250 Favor.png
Zeus' Rage

Zeus' Rage

Zeus tears up the sky with lightning bolts and tosses soldiers through the air; some cling to trees, others are swallowed by the sky.

Destroys 10-30% of the attacking land units.

300 Favor.png

Zeus' Mythical Units

Name Description Stats


Minotaurs are huge creatures, half human, half bull. They strike with powerful blows using an axe. Their toughness makes them a difficult enemy to overcome. Weapon Type Weapon type: Blunt

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 650

SpeedSpeed: 10

PopulationPopulation: 30

FavorFavor: 180

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 750

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 330

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 640



Manticores have a head of a lion, the wings of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. They plunge from the sky, grab their prey with their claws and sting them with their infamous poisonous stinger. Manticores can fly to other islands without transport ships. Weapon TypeWeapon type: Sharp

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 1010

SpeedSpeed: 22 (Flying)

PopulationPopulation: 45

FavorFavor: 270

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 170

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 225

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 505

The Gods