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Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 25
Breach.png Breakthrough Breakthrough is a naval attack where ships form a formation so that the likelihood of transport ships getting to the shore are higher. However, combat ships will be 50% less effective. Holz.png8000 Stein.png8000 Silbermünzen.png9000 Research Points.png6


Researching Breakthrough will enable the ability to declare a special attack, where ships are put into a formation that protects transport ships, but sacrifices 50% of the naval attack power. It can have its advantages; the ability to double the chances to get the shore and damage land support, for yourself or an alliance mate though will leave the opposing player with a strong naval, whilst your may be depleted.

It is rarely used, due to the fact that if you ever want to take the city you must clear the navy. Most people would rather do this first, then clear ground units.

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