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The Crane decreases building times by 10%. The crane can transport and lift resources faster than men, so the builders work more efficiently. For Example, expanding your Cave to level 6 takes 0:33:30 without a crane. If you research the crane, this will be 10% less. 0:33:30= 2010 seconds

2010x 0.10= 201

2010- 201= 1809

So when you have the crane, it will only take 1809 seconds to complete, which is the same as 0:30:09.


Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 10
Building crane.png Crane Increases the Senate building speed by 10%. Holz.png3000 Stein.png1800 Silbermünzen.png1400 Research Points.png4

-- By Skullyhoofd

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