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Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 19
Cryptography.png Cryptography By developing Cryptography enemy spies have it 20% harder. Holz.png2500 Stein.png3000 Silbermünzen.png5100 Research Points.png6

In essence, this means that it will take your enemy 20% more silver coins invested into an espionage action to successfully spy on your polis.

You have 9,000 silver coins in your cave.

An enemy invests 10,000 silver coins into an espionage attempt.

Since you have Cryptography, the enemy's espionage attempt is now 20% weaker.

10000 * 20% = 2000

10000 - 2000 = 8000

Since you have more than 8000 silver coins in your cave, your enemy failed in his/her espionage attempt. Without Cryptography, this would have been a successful espionage attempt.

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